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  1. I too struggle to understand how anybody voted for Trump over (checks notes) a third Obama term?
  2. Surprised that nobody has mentioned Arcade Fire's Funeral, especially given the Austin connection.
  3. I disagree with the month, but not the two. I just got my first shot last week, so I am five weeks out from the 2nd shot + 2 week "safety" period. Given that there are still people just now able to get their first shot, I think it is unfair to assume that anybody who wants to be vaccinated will be vaccinated for another 7-8 weeks. Nice thing is that ramps perfectly to July 4th. I think that becomes, at least unofficially, return to normal day for a lot of people.
  4. Oh shit, @ztejas is gonna go apeshit at you for CR'ing the basketball forum, seeing as how whether or not it's ok to fuck a 13 yr old can become a pretty heated discussion.
  5. I think LBJ's tweet sucked and he should have acknowledged that rather than simply deleted but calling his tweet doxxing is disingenuous. Implicit in that definition is the revealing of information that is otherwise unknown. If he posted the officer's address, phone number, etc., then yes that doxxing. But publishing his picture (when it had already been released by Colombus PD) is not furnishing new information, anymore than talking about Milana Vayntrub in IPIHB is doxxing her.
  6. I know it's a bit late but I was just catching up and noticed that wiki is missing the actual text of McKinney's letter he wrote afterwards. It is important to capture these crucial moments in Agro-american history. Commandancy of Section 15 Jones Stadium, Nov. 3rd 2001 To the People of College Station & all Agro-americans in the world -- Fellow farmers & 12th men -- I am besieged by a thousand or more of the Techsicans under Leach -- I have sustained a continual Bombardment & cannonade for 60 minutes & have only given up 12 points -- The enemy demanded passage
  7. It could be, it was just so funny to me that you didn't even leave your rep to yourself on a post with other rep to hide it. It was all by it's lonesome self. I actually respect that.
  8. That's a nice deep cut - haven't listened to Bona Drag in maybe a decade but still ring a bell.
  9. He's too busy trying to figure out how to fit a Covid death count conspiracy joke into the situation.
  10. What love letters would you write to yourself when @Iceman reps @slorch? "Dear Penthouse Forum...."
  11. Why do we need to make that distinction? I think death is pretty apple to apple. If a roofer falls off a ladder and dies, the eulogy doesn't start with "At least he wasn't assaulted."
  12. I think one of the major disconnects is that you, like half this board, are a lawyer. You can distinguish someone saying something in a legal manner (or portraying themselves as acting in a legal manner) vs doing something in a legal manner. If you were the target of something frivolous you may still want to consult a friend or go back to your class notes (or equivalent) but you can unburden yourself with relatively little effort. Others can't. I'm a reasonably smart guy and if I was the target of something anywhere on the spectrum of a legal threat, I would be freaked out. I would need to pay
  13. That is a bullshit and insulting analogy. When someone LARPs in the woods they don't impact anyone else. When Powell, this asshole, or other people abuse the legal system, it causes economic loss to individuals and organizations. If I was the target of one of these shitheads I would have to incur legal expense and be stressed as hell just because I don't know how to legally respond. I would know it's bullshit, you would know it's bullshit, but I would still have to deal with it. Dismissing it as LARPing or other hobby is just another way of ignoring the legal profession's obligation to po
  14. Of course. He's part of the DT Cabal. That is totally different from the CR Cabal. Their shenanigans are cheeky and fun! The other cabal's shenanigans are cruel and tragic.
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