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  1. Ahem ... you posted the correct answer right above this post. Rapture came out in 1980 with guitar solo @ 3:54-4:22 if you're watching the video. Rock Box came out in 1984.
  2. New England is full of retards. Melanin Bias maybe. Skin color has nothing to do with race in this instance.
  3. It's like rapping over Funk music. This really reminds me of The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  4. So. Those are dumb countries. Show a smart country that does it.
  5. Just let them stay because it’s the nice thing to do? We can’t take them all.
  6. That’s one. I think that qualifies for “it” status.
  7. Everywhere in the world when someone goes to jail or gets locked up in some fashion, they don’t get to take their kids with them. The kids go somewhere else. That’s pretty much it. What do the people like AOC suggest we do with them?
  8. It’s not because of anything going on right now. It’s a strategic move to show the world that the USA will still do its job even under Biden. It’s about our relationship with other world powers and what we get in exchange for cleaning up messes.
  9. I'm sure some of these qualify. 00:00 - Opening Ceremony 03:15 - In Maidjan 15:46 - Alfadhirhaiti 23:10 - Carpathian Forest 27:08 - Krigsgaldr 37:04 - Hakkerskaldyr 40:19 - Fylgija Ear / Futhorck 52:43 - Othan 1:03:09 - Hamrer Hippyer
  10. I think it would have to be "Chip Away", or maybe "Ted, Just Admit It...". They weren't hair band spin at all. In the late 80s and early 90s it was RHCP who were the hair band next to Jane's art rock. Jane's was known as the more artistically honest band, and the Peppers were the guys in it just for the fun.
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