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  1. Baby pit vipers are usually "pretty" just like the big ones.


    Why wouldn't you just get a maxed out 3?


    Have you ever driven an all electric cross country?


    Forget that Chinese owned crap.
  5. Before I put 1000s of $ into a reef I'll spend that much on a generator. Slower start but you'll never lose anything due to power loss.
  6. This song that uses a pantam and didgeridoo
  7. This song that uses a pantam and didgeridoo
  8. It's not a challenge. #2 wins. First girl is narrow with broad shoulders. #2 looks better in a bikini, easy.
  9. Yes. Because it's so small it should be easy. Just rinse everything well (no soap). What is betta conditioner? You need something to remove chlorine and heavy metals etc. Don't overdose the water conditioner. it sounds like it reacted negatively right when you put him in. I just googled. You paid 25 bucks for that little aquarium? You can look for a tank on craigslist you should be able to get a great deal for that fish with well under 50$. 1.5 gallons will get polluted quickly. With a 20 gallon and max 3 fish it's set it and forget it as long as you have an ok outside filter on it. 5 years old is a little young she may not care in a month. If she's still into it get her a bigger tank
  10. This company is still building F1 V10 engines that you can buy today
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