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  1. Artists were also the storytellers of the time. To go against the church was a crime wasn't it? idk but I do know that Europe was not a safe place for people who made light of anything that didn't align with Christian "fact". It's why so many things have to fit into the bible timeline. Like the age of the pyramids etc. The church owned, and in lots of ways still owns archaeology. The study of "us" is the most corrupt science. Modern archaeology started in Europe where you weren't allowed to go against the church. It meant being cast from society or worse. So naturally, according
  2. In Europe they weren't allowed to do anything that would go against the church. Any art, stories, books, etc. expressing belief in anything other than the bible would be met with violence and probably death for the sinner.
  3. That person is triggered for some reason. That person is triggered for some reason. I guess that person thinks everyone is aware of it’s preferred pronoun. If that person doesn’t ever say what it is, how can that person be addressed as it desires?
  4. I don’t care about that stuff human.
  5. Confidence in the context of diving includes a lot of things. Confidence in the ability to do day time dives is a conservative prerequisite for someone's first night dive. He's only batting .500 so far. I would recommend a guided shore dive at night. Chankanaab park, lots of hotels are starting points for a shore dive. Caribe Blu, Casa Del Mar, Coral Princess, Barracuda, etc. Shore diving means no boat stress and the transition to any current is usually pretty gradual.
  6. Everyone does it is not an excuse. People who care don't touch the bottom or the coral. It's just good policy when you're diving. https://blog.padi.com/4-things-wish-someone-told-buoyancy/
  7. You had to edit okie dokie? Maybe you're trying too hard, like with the sticker.
  8. You earn the right to put a sticker on your vehicle when you learn to love and appreciate the thing on the sticker.
  9. you can burn as much as you want to but this is a world wide problem. Worse in some places than others. You want a place to start burning down weird possibly illegal sex stuff? How about burning down pee in her butt?
  10. Calm down El Jefe. All the suckers? This is nothing to brag about. You were just participating in the local corruption culture.
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