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  1. You have a good taste in both burgers and photography.
  2. I started drinking Talskers after I saw the scene in Charlie Wilson’s war. PSH brings him a bottle and tells Hanks the story of Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem about a man returning from abroad. I went out and found a 22, 18 and 12 year old. The 22 ran about $300. I tried them ( I am a bourbon drinker) and really didn’t like it. Though I can see why the peaty taste appeals to many.
  3. Nah, what he found out was no contender was going to give him the contract/money he wanted.
  4. I don’t know that I would actually use it. But the damn thing looks cool.
  5. First off Johnson, Waters and to a large part Hooker were pure blues guys. Not to mention Jimmyjazz asked for songs “that don’t sound like anything else”. True to their art, they suffered for it. And would only start to capitalize on their talents after the British Invasion. But blues sounded like blues. It pretty much could be identified in four notes. Ray on the other hand popularized an entirely new sound with the combination of the blues, and gospel. And got shit from the black community for doing that very thing. And used time signatures in ways no musician had ever done up to that p
  6. Almost 30 posts in and no Beatles, Rolling Stones or Elvis...interesting.
  7. I can’t stop watching this. I don’t even care if it is real. Something about watching that big bastard yaw and pitch is fucking awesome.
  8. I don’t know about anyone else’s experience. But when I was coming up there was always seemed to be this one fucker who could get laid under damn near any circumstances. Some mother fuckers are simply charming. They don’t have to sing or dance, just give them a hour and they will charm the panties off the prom Queen.
  9. To each his own is my motto. But her mouth looks really really big, like it should have a hook in it.
  10. Well done. I am a connoisseur of convenience store offerings. Solid choices all around.
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