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  1. I’ll never think of Welch’s in the same way.
  2. Harbaugh’s strange inability to land a great QB is baffling.
  3. There is a photograph of him playing a Epiphone Broadway floating around. I found it at Equipboard. That said I have no idea what the man played, but I am interested.
  4. My quick search has photos of James playing an Epiphone? Interesting topic actually.
  5. Ain’t nothing as a bad as a Saab. Same old Saab story.
  6. Jack Spade, an American hero.
  7. Trick question....neither. As there ain’t no porn in either stack. What do I win?
  8. Best is subjective. Influential is a little different. There were two songs that were the staple of every garage band in the country when they were released. Wipe out will always be number one. Though few do it as well as The Ventures. People seldom notice just how important the guitar work is when performing that song. Bogle and Nookie Edwards are incredibly good at hitting every string EVERY time. No distortion to hide a bad night. The other is Iron Butterfly’s In-A-Gadda-Vida. This song changed the roll of the drummer in a modern rock band. It was 17 minutes of confusion, but it had that long almost conceptual drum solo that allowed a competent musician to demonstrate the possibilities of putting the drummer out front. Just my take...
  9. Appreciate it. I want to take a crack at this and needed Gumbo for dummies.
  10. Oh, I can do a Duane impression. It ain’t good, but it’s an impression. And maybe it is the high quality recording that we enjoy today. But I find a lot of what the Trucks kid does with a slide to be a little easier on my ears then Duane’s style.
  11. Other then the glaring plot hole with the train, I liked the pilot.
  12. If there is any federal financial benefit from reporting COVID-19 as either the cause of death, or contributed to death. You can bet your ass there is corruption. I don’t care to do the mental gymnastics to speculate how. I’m just relying on my 6 decades of watching humanity make a buck.
  13. Why do you think your grandfather stashed it? He knew it was shit.
  14. The JK Simmons scene made that movie for me.
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