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  1. The entire episode with these two looks like amateur hour.
  2. It’s fake. Seriously, using your standard few movies would make it, especially satire. The show is slow, but it has the Monty Python feel using one liners in place of dialogue. Basically a comedy within a comedy. Hell, the fact they went 3rd grade using bathroom humor should tell you what you’re dealing with.
  3. I don’t believe that. I deal with a lot of club members. And Patrick Reed (nor anyone else on the grounds including Jack) that wished to hang around the property, would behave that way to a member.
  4. Most people learn to play golf backwards. They start with the driver and work toward the green. The proper way is learn to putt and chip. And develop a fundamental short game. It may be boring, but that skill is far more valuable than getting an additional 5 yards off of your new $500 driver....that you still push to the right.
  5. Had someone do that to me on a quote to install a backsplash in my kitchen. The number he threw out was absurd. I called up my brother who builds houses and he told me the same thing about how he was testing me to see if I'd bite, but didn't really want the job. I fucking hate trying to get an honest contractor to do anything. Contractor is a euphemism for fucking crook
  6. Yeah, I would say the writing has changed considerably. Almost like the writers were finally given license to write a storyline where the park no longer had to be the primary focus.
  7. It has gone Fucking crazy. In my area it is closer to $1500. Your numbers will get you Lot B or one of the antiques (Handy, WLW, Stagg). The distilleries are in a golden age right now. They can almost release anything. Put it in a different bottle, with Small Batch label or some shit and the hoarders will buy it up.
  8. It’s cheesy as hell, but always fun.
  9. Please tell me you cover Third rate romance as well? Crowd may not dance, but they will try to sing the shit out of it.
  10. I saw them in a strip mall bar on some random weekday years after they were big. I was floored by how professional they were. Here they are in some shitty town, performing at some shitty bar. And yet they really cared how it sounded. By the third song it was fucking obvious how much they must have had to practice to get the songs that tight. Walked away super impressed.
  11. The laws of Celestial mechisnics dictate that when two objects collide there will be damage of a collateral nature.
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