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  1. Went and negged a group of imbeciles quoting stumblefuck. I hope others neg as well. Tired of having insipid unoriginal shit imposed on me long after I dumped out on that stupidity. Fuck.
  2. My guy, if you believe that only hundreds of thousands were spent on the mercenaries that ATM just signed, well, umm, wow.
  3. Garth Brooks ruined country music. Just took a big, heaving, steaming grumpy all over something beautiful. I agree he should not be used as the C&W example. You and @BurntOrange&White should get together and go bowling. Just leave the rape van and incel rage against women at home where it belongs.
  4. They certainly didn't want him to take the KU visit. They knew he was doing it before he came in for last weekend's visit, so hopefully they worked on that concern while he was on campus. At the same time, KU seems like it would be tough to recruit against at the moment. Whatever happens on the Hunter end, I can say with certainty that NIL will not be a deciding factor working against Texas.
  5. I still remain a skeptic on Texas landing Addison. That said, yes, Riley was tampering with Worthy. A growing number of coaches, administrators and alumni bases are pointing turrets at Riley. I'd love to see that motherfucker crash and burn in LA.
  6. I thought I mentioned this but to be clear, Riley was full of shit with the total value of his offer. He underestimated the market and overestimated what his backers would post for a one year transfer. Does he cajole them into ponying up now that the bluff has been called? We’re about to find out. Texas won’t be losing due to NIL though, irrespective of outcome.
  7. Try to avoid the really big tourist traps on the weekend. You might still be going in a time period in which the tourism from the far east is nonexistent, which makes everything less crowded. I've gone to the Eiffel Tower every time I've visited Paris, usually because we're taking someone new with us who wants to see it. We were with a couple who had never been to Paris this past December, so there we went, to the ET. I think it is worth going up in, but the tip top of it isn't worth the added hassle. The Louvre on a weekday is usually easy. My tip regarding Versailles? Avoid it like the plague. It's absolutely a tourist trap and there's no real payoff. The hall of mirrors isn't enough to recover the day for you. I don't blame anyone for wanting to stay in a nice hotel, but you can find some great places through AirBNB or Paris services similar to it. We stayed for a week in a top floor two bedroom apartment with a badass view in the 7th Arrondissement in Dec 2021 for like $5k split between two couples. Sidenote in case it's not mentioned much in this thread - you can do a day trip to Normandy via train and then tour guide. We took the train to Bayeaux, had a guide take us to his 3 key places around the area, took the train back to Paris, and still had an excellent dinner around 9pm. We got to see them play taps and do the flag ceremony at the US memorial cemetary on the beach, visited Omaha beach itself, and so forth. Wouldn't do it again, but it was worth the full day expense and excursion to see it all with our own eyes.
  8. I can say with absolute certainty that the NIL portion of this post is wrong in both directions. UT put a legit package together and USC may not have as much to offer as Riley was claiming. Wherever he goes, NIL is only part of it.
  9. Just scheduled a trip in June the weekend after Father's Day. I'm pretty, pretty excited. (Long-winded) Question for anyone interested in offering an opinion: We're going to do Piero's and Le Cirque for two of the dinners. I assume Mon Ami Gabi for a brunch and hopefully Bardot, not giving a shit that they're both French. The only other breakfast or lunch target will be a jaunt over to Giordano's for pie and pitchers one day, then gambling and fucking around at the Cromwell and other shit over there. We're staying at Aria, it's me and wife. We normally do a steakhouse for the 3rd dinner. We've done most of them, so I'm curious - Is there a better choice than one of the nice steakhouses? Like, something pantydropper excellent similar in scope to Le Cirque? TIA and +rep for any productive recs.
  10. One of the rumors that keeps popping up is that ATM is throwing a temper tantrum about having to play Texas every year. They want to "treat Texas like any other non-rivalry" and have South Carolina as the 3rd team in their permanent setup, because that "rivalry is now established" or some shit. Note that Oklahoma is also not someone they're interested in playing every year, shockingly. The problem for everyone else is that they know the Texas/ATM game inside the setting of the SEC and today's focus and interest in college football would be a much bigger moneymaker for the conference and sport. Texas has emphasized an interest in playing ATM and has 14 other teams supporting the premise. Allegedly, ATM is emphatic in keeping FCS scheduling and South Carolina on their schedule, and emphatic in having Texas on there as rarely as possible. They're also supposedly one of the only schools pushing for an 8 team only SEC schedule, whereas everyone else sees the obvious value and math in playing 9.
  11. Tashard Choice, Jeff Banks, and Marion are all recruiters who think they're getting everyone. That's great when they do, but they're not good sources many times because of that. Tim Brewster and Tom Herman were the same way. Herman is the only mediocre recruiter among them, but his confidence came from a general feeling of overall superiority to the world around him, whereas the rest of those guys just always believe that they can close someone if they can get them in the room.
  12. Gerry knows anyone and everyone in the recruiting world and guys on numerous staffs. I’m guessing a Hank South type passed that on and would be more current than anything I’ve posted since it’s his job and they’re all over this stuff in real time. I haven’t spoken to my friends out that way in a bit.
  13. He's reviewing the best MBA programs at https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges . He's overlaying those programs with those colleges that have potential openings at QB in a G5 conference heading into the 2022 season. Best of luck to him!
  14. "Ho, hey, whoa guys, I'm just asking questions here. Amirite? Amirite, guys?" No shit you're just asking questions. You're JAQing us off, you got called on it, and now you're whining in a tumbledown.
  15. Hahahaha. Oh come on. The notion that our BMDs are a problem is a lazy media canard and you know it. The fucking BMDs do such terrible shit as: give whenever asked; let the school leadership make the calls; and hope to win while enjoying suites they paid to build. The days of Jamail or McCombs "meddling" are long past and even then, those guys were invited by Dodds and Brown to be involved. Every school should be so lucky to be cursed with that kind of billionaire donor support.
  16. I'll try to be more cutting next time, since apparently that's what does it for you. Or you could just get your shit together and go back to being a better poster. (is that better?)
  17. My point is mostly about history, not this particular recruitment. If Bama doesn't land this guy, it's an upset. I don't care about how the news broke on the USC part of it. It would be a seismic shift in terms outcomes versus the past. I welcome it. There's an argument to be made that Bama might not be able to get close to $3million. They apparently thought $1million would blow alternatives away and be a layup when they started tampering.
  18. Bama has been confident on Addison for months, which is why I continue to bet on them. They don't whiff much when they've rigged the game.
  19. I think you've developed the syndrome I've witnessed happen to other otherwise okay-ish posters in the past. The poster begins to spend too much time in the echo chambers of the Cloak Room or The Daily Texan and they become convinced that playing the gadfly or contrarian with every post they make will be both endearing and thought-provoking to the audience. In reality, when one escapes those shitholes and lazily slings out well-worn tropes as witty insights, they wind up looking tedious at best and pathetically humorless and unoriginal at worst. This is what you've become on the sports boards. Congrats.
  20. Regarding Manning, some things to consider: -He hasn't committed yet because he's got concerns about the competitiveness of where he wants to go. If he wanted to go to Georgia, he'd have gone to Georgia already. There are family members who think that's the best choice. -He's going to have insane alumni and corporate NIL deals wherever he goes so that's actually a completely irrelevant issue now. Everyone thought it mattered, but everyone underestimated the depth of $$ interest in NIL for the big name players. -If Texas lands Addison, it sends the best signal yet that Texas will do whatever it can to land whoever it needs to land in order for the team to have all of the weapons a QB could need. Other stuff: -Not much. Anyone predicting anything for top 200 players that have "open" recruitments is just wild ass guessing. NIL has changed everything. It comes first, then everything else in recruiting follows. The guys that won't be commanding a bunch of dough for a signature are a lot more predictable. -Texas is "in on all of the right guys" so that's good news. -If Texas doesn't get guys they're on in this cycle, it isn't because someone beat Texas on money. There might be an isolated idiot somewhere who let's someone like ATM frontrun everyone else and lock them up, but almost everyone is getting wise to the wait. Until you know your market value, leave everything open. Bama: -This landscape is not attractive to Saban and he's not going to wind up with an outright competitive advantage against the market when it comes to money and recruiting, which he's had for 15 years. The dude is getting old. There's a shot that this is his big run and when he wins it all again, he's out. -Bama was the perfect choice for the Mannings. Archie Manning views Bama as a no brainer. Rumor is that Saban would not give assurances that he'll still be coaching Bama in 2025. Clemson: -There's a legitimate shot that Swinney is fucking lost at this point. Head up his ass level naïve about NIL and the portal. There are a lot of people around the sport wondering what in the fuck Clemson is doing, because they're mostly acting like this is still 2015.
  21. I've finally had the chance to catch up on some stuff with some friends. The money is there for Addison. My view is that he's been Bama or USC the whole way, but a lot of people think Texas has the most compelling case and the money differences aren't material. More quickly than even I believed, and I've been touting the transformation earlier and louder than anyone, NIL has shaken the sport to its core. This is turning into MLB. Small market programs like Wyoming and Pitt (the A's, the Brewers) sign and develop players that become high quality FBS starters and then big market programs like Texas, OSU, Georgia and USC (the Yankees, the Dodgers) come along and fat stack the player in the portal. Texas will build through the portal as heavily as it builds through recruiting in the future. It will all hinge on NIL before it hinges on much else. This has occurred. We are seeing it right now. The great and hilarious irony is that ATM went so over the top in 2022 on the recruiting front that it expedited the current reality. There is a limit, even for billionaires. You can't out moneywhip other billionaires, and even if you do, you can't do it forever when there is no monetary return. There are other philanthropic mouths to feed and constantly throwing new money at 18-23 year old guys that not only don't say thank you, but think you're lucky to be paying them at all, gets old. It's already getting old. That implies a limit that all capable entities will settle around in the future, if not in this 2023 cycle. The logic of the black market is also fading rapidly. $50k to an uncle for a guy working on a multimillion dollar deal starts to look silly to everyone but one guy and he'll eventually figure out how to just grift it from the player like the hangers on do in the pros. The guys that aren't worth 6 figures aren't worth a dime for most schools. That's where an actual floor for the other 60 guys on a roster becomes a competitive advantage for whoever can create such a thing. I'll post some other thoughts in the recruiting thread. Anyway, my prediction on Addison is that he winds up at Bama, and if not them, USC. I also predict a fucking ton of ignorant indignance on this thread when a choice is made. Or, if he chooses Texas, we're all happy and some dildo tells me that I'm an idiot for deigning to question the pro-Texas people being "confident". BTW, all of this unfolding the way it has unfolded has been eye-opening to Bama. Turns out, the price of poker going up to unforeseen levels, rapidly, can pinch alumni bases without comparable liquidity to the big market programs, even if they've been dominant on the field. Funding $5million/year in portal money is something maybe, MAYBE, 10 alumni bases can support. It's even tougher when HS recruiting may match that kind of stack.
  22. Are you writing this stuff in the hopes that Addison is reading this thread? Your entire position hinges upon the notion that there are above replacement value players in the portal for these spots right now. There are not. Texas is not fucking around in the portal. If they see someone that improves the depth chart, they're going after them. Those guys are available currently at one spot - wide receiver. They wanted the safety from Purdue but he hasn't made enough progress towards his degree and he played all of last season with a broken bone in his shoulder that still hasn't been operated on, so he's out.
  23. With me taking the under? I’m not placing a bet that’s worse than what I can get in Vegas, for starters. Beyond that, I don’t want to bet against Texas this early. I’ll wait until they shit themselves and open 1-2 before doing that.
  24. Hahahahahahahahaha!!! WTF? With Seven Loss Steve, I would take 8-5/10-3 for a few years in the SEC before seeing him shitcanned, but I've got to hear your story about how you can just assume 8+ wins from this fucking guy, especially in that conference playing 9 conference games.
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