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  1. Grew up watching Tyson fights with my pops. I got to watch another Tyson fight with him in older age while visiting for Thanksgiving. Win in my book. Fun night.
  2. Haha Robinson got jacked up.
  3. Ravens seem like they suck. Team doesn't even look like they care tonight.
  4. Full rage with this one. It doesn't make any fucking sense whatsoever.
  5. Utterly Ridiculous. Headbutt??? Bob Arum might stroke out tonight.
  6. Franco/Maloney ending is crazy. Refs still reviewing after 20 fucking minutes!!
  7. Had an outbreak in my house, I have the corona. Likely on day 3/4 into the virus. Feel good so far, just stuck here in quarantine though. What's odd is the week before I felt like shit, had no taste or smell, cough, non-stop running nose and got tested one instant and one lab and was negative on both. Sis/Bro-in law have been staying over until their new house is built. He tested positive yesterday after feeling really lethargic. I pretty much knew at that point I had to be positive and bam, came back positive today, this time. No symptoms yet, I hope it stays that way. Sister is positive as well.
  8. That's the logical thing to think...but fuckkkkkkkkkkk the Steelers and their dick sucking of the refs. Wanted this win badly.
  9. I really hate Zeke now, can't stand to see his happy ass shaking players hands after the game. Fuck off you overpaid loser.
  10. Ugh, can't make this shit up. We all knew he'd make the second attempt.
  11. hundredTT


    This episode has been pure dogshit, minus a few Chappelle laughs.
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