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  1. The HBO one is spot on. I remember my grandparents having HBO and it was like the sacred grail. Funny how priories seem to have changed. My parents could have afforded HBO back in the day, but that was like an extreme luxury, hell cable was even pushing it. Now everyone has HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Disney +...etc. and it’s like deemed a necessity. When I was an investigator, every poor persons house I would go into sometimes didn’t even have working water, but that Netflix app on the smart tv and kids with iPads were always prevalent.
  2. All the rich kids in middle school had like new shoes every month, my time as a teen in the early 2000’s that’s when Iversons, Shox, tmacs were all the craze. Of course Jordan’s as well. I would just get my basketball shoes at famous footwear, my parents laughed when I asked for $200 Iversons lol.
  3. Fuck YouTube tv for doing this during a horrible recession. Canceling this shit, not worth it with all the issues that it comes with.
  4. That fucking pisses me off. This body positivity shit is such insanity. My biggest rage of the moment is the “safe drivers save 40 percent” commercial.
  5. They don’t hurt, like someone flicking you really hard. I shot my brother on the back when he was sitting, he retaliated later. As long as it’s not in the face, you’re good.
  6. My 2.0 just shot a huge fly hard enough, it’s guts stuck him to the wall. The auto safety does suck though, but love it either way.
  7. With grill season full in effect, just bought this baby out and been having a blast. One of my fav toys. Anyone have some kills this season?
  8. I have been slowly tapering off since May, from an every day vodka drinker to finally completely sober - day 5 today. Not been a fun 5 days at all. Sick first 3 days, sleep was a pure nightmare until finally last night, but still woke up like 10 times last night. Been through it before and get it. What is different this time is I'm just sad a lot of times. The last time I got sober, I was loving life almost immediately and felt so upbeat and determined. I've just been very up and down this go around. Like right now it is Friday and I've just been in my bedroom all day fucking around. Have no urge to go outside, no urge to even answer my phone, nothing interests me. I want this to pass so bad, really depressing. But I know it is not supposed to be easy.
  9. Just watched Beautiful Boy with Steve Carrel. Having a similar story dealing with addiction, I balled my eyes out at times. Very well done.
  10. That’s what throws me off. I clearly see the woman, but the dude still ain’t matching up ha.
  11. I still don’t get it, is there a dumbass breakdown for me haha. I see heels and tight white pants on a dude.
  12. Suzanne is no doubt a freak in the sack. Total milf.
  13. I’m torn on Suzanne. She’s seems so badass at times. And I get Seth is basically a useless clump. But damn she seems like the Karen who just never gives any credit and is always bitching. The type of gal yelling because you want to sit down and watch football instead of help her vacuum. Basically Debra from Everybody loves Raymond. Got this vibe from her on her last 21 day Challenge. And thank god the beast is gone! She really is psychotic, with her unstable ass. Doesn’t she run a wilderness survival company? Maybe I’m mistaken, but damn she sucks. And Bulunt or however you spell his name has to be the most unhappy person alive, does the dude ever show joy or just bitch and criticize people? I do almost respect his bluntness, but dude is miserable.
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