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  1. I’m sure you’re someone who has never been hit; you vagina bitch. But yes I’ve been cheap shot in fucking high school football under the pile that required eye surgery...in 2006 much less. STFU pussy, you obviously aren’t a man, please clean up your tampon blood trail as well bitch. if Rudolph presses charges, his small horrible career will be over. Get real.
  2. Oh pipe down nancy. He didn't get brain damage, fuck he didn't even bleed. I am laughing at the overreaction here, has no one seen sports fights before? No one is getting jail time, no one got hurt...It was stupid and definitely an overreaction from a dumbass. But let's stop acting like he needs to be banned for a year or jailed LOL.
  3. Yup. Rudolph was was a pure bitch. AGAIN, did he deserve to get assaulted with a weapon? No, and no one is saying that. But Rudolph is a bitch and had been at OSU, just not many people knew it. I laughed when that douche got smacked. Laughed harder when it was an aggy, who just hurt his career and image greatly.
  4. Lol, have you read some of the VY threads? The guy could fuck some people's wifes here and they'd defend him. But I get your point, brainwashed homerism is very far from this place for the most part.
  5. I'm not saying Garrett was innocent, he needs to be suspended long and good. Guy has anger issues, and is a stupid sheepfucker. But Rudolph acted like a bitch intentionally. Who the fuck tries to take a defensive lineman helmet off, just because he was sacked...even a bit late? Watch the video again. I bet he gets 4 games, let's not try and act like he will be suspended a season, get a grip people.
  6. Yup. Make no mistake Garrett took it too far. But Rudolph is a bitch, and showed it here. He had no reason to respond like that. Dumb piece of shit aggy took the bait from that clown, and well...aggy will aggy and browns will browns. Minimum 2 game suspension - but with it being the lead on all sports media, I bet he gets 4 games.
  7. Aggy and Okie St trash. Garrett is a POS, but Rudolph is a fucking bitch too, and talentless bitch.
  8. The arrogance in coaching is truly amazing. Tomlin should have benched this scrub a long time ago, change up the pace. No way it could have been worse, hell even may have caught them off guard and been sufficient for a half. But coaches pride gets them every time and they sink with their decisions. Seriously one of the worse QB performance I’ve ever seen, and Rudolph still trots out there. Should have been another int. Delay of game now 🤣 ....ok pick #4 just happened lol.
  9. Holy shit Mason Rudolph has to be the worse QB I’ve ever seen. I kept laughing about all the media jackoffs acting like the Steelers were all of a sudden legit.
  10. Youtube TV has been amazing for me, has all the sports minus LHN. $49 a month, not crazy. Fiancee gets her channels too, they do not have Hallmark or Lifetime, but most other chicks channels like TLC and E!, plus cooking channels. Been loving Disney +. Binge watching Simpsons now. Can't help but wonder if the price will stay this low for long, what a steal!
  11. She about to mess with some some settings to make it leak, and hold it over you forever.
  12. Damn, liver failure and possibly liver cancer at the age of 38? So sad, no doubt this man put his liver through the works with his addiction. RIP.
  13. Saw it again. Not to preach, but having worked with mental ill people, and it ln turn making me a loon myself - see alcoholic thread - This is one of my all times faves. Brilliant movie.
  14. Old man Rivers needs to hang it up. Dude is shot.
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