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  1. At first I was like what a quitter, she is making excuses. Then realized I’ve been hospitalized twice for anxiety attacks, so wtf am I saying. Not sure she had an attack or whatever, but If she had anything close to one, no way she could compete. I was knocked on my ass for weeks after a major anxiety attack, worst feeling in the world. And I saw her laughing on the sideline and all that, but still, she obviously had some kind of breaking point. I grew up in a household where anxiety was a made up thing bla bla bla. I grew up thinking mental health was mainly just people complaining, was mostly BS, over-exaggerated. And boy did karma do one on my ass as I got in my mid 20’s and on. The only thing I hate is her timing, as another gymnast could have had an opportunity in her place. But, guess she thought she could overcome this.
  2. Amazing opening!!! One of my fav things to watch! Let’s fucking go USA!!!!
  3. Fuck yes. Van Gundy was right, wasn't nothing but two brothers battling during the playoffs. NBA needs more of it!
  4. It’s bad. Nice job of ESPN catching those F bombs haha
  5. Car commercials are getting worse and worse. And the Toyota one where two other cars drive next to their friend wishing her luck for a job interview and have a banner.
  6. Ugly ugly basketball here. Lobbing up horrible shots and giving zero fucks on defense.
  7. That stupid Motherfucker from Capital Chevrolet yelling in his annoying ass voice is just the worst. Biggest rage from a commercial ever. Fuck that guy.
  8. His before and after picture is truly sad to look at. Brain damage + addiction must have been one horrible and lonely road. RIP, I agree those 1AM Hawaii games were must watch. Really miss that period of college football.
  9. Elon isn’t too bad an actor surprisingly. But the writing is just shit.
  10. hundredTT


    Anyone else watching? Should be interesting with Musk...
  11. She’s been on the show like 5 damn times, don’t get it. Good riddance. Suzanne has always bugged me with her “mom approach” trying to over think and talk everything and criticize or debate every decision. Have her a pass with the two dipshits she teamed with before, hopefully she tones it down. Great first 2 episodes.
  12. Just watched with my nephew and it is fucking amazing! A lot of cussing and the gore is crazy, but my nephew is 10 and he’s heard those words before. I felt like a kid again watching it ha. Will be watching again when my bro comes into town this weekend.
  13. Yes, those are the worst. And Doug and the limu emu commercials have never been funny or clever. Just awful. There’s a guy version of the “build me up buttercup” motorcycle commercial now, pure rage.
  14. I have to literally mute the tv or else I’ll have an instant headache. Fuck you Apple.
  15. "You've got the brawnI've got the brainsLet's make lots of Money" DIE.
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