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  1. So I had a laptop stolen. A cheap ass HP laptop. Most of the content was backed up. I hadn't done a backup in a couple months....so I lost anything that was not recently backed up to other drives. A couple months worth of family pictures and videos, some diary entries, a few random funny pictures, etc. I have another laptop, and a couple external drives. But I would like to know where I can store, upload, download, and manage several up to several terabytes worth of files. Oh one other thing. My crappy hp laptop is password protected. How likely is it for something to hack through that?
  2. In most cities the bus system sucks. But in Austin it's somewhat good. I recommend parking somewhere on Burnet and take the rapid bus downtown. Ah, I remember the good old days....like 10 years ago. I would park at seventh and San Marcos for free and walk downtown.
  3. Shit.... I barely remember Leisure Suit Larry. Horn4life, yes, its important to get outside. However, on days in which it is raining or cold(I no longer live in Texas unfortunately) we may have to resort to inside exercise. Hence exercise games. And learning games. I would do more outside stuff but her mother is an outrageously spiteful, resentful beeeyotch. I could go on and on all day about that.
  4. So, here is the deal, folks. Back in the mid 90s, I played Atari, Nintendo, Super NES. Then one day I got major motion sickness playing Mario Kart and never played video games again. Supposedly there are "games" for helping you learn to play guitar and drums, video games for learning foreign languages and stuff. Any of you folks have experience with that? And video games involving exercise. Like a dancing game or some shit like that. Something that involves the use of more than just your thumbs. I have no idea, I am so out of the loop.
  5. So.....are there fingerprints on the Jeep? I would really like to see details, a police report would be great. But where and how was it stolen and where and how was it recovered would be nice to know.
  6. Lets get back on topic. The best way to fight the ticket would be to toss it in the trash, but I am curious to see how this would play out if he fights it.
  7. Hopefully by then we will have teleportation and not have to worry about where to park.
  8. Not if you change your plate number every year, or not rack up a significant amount of tickets in one city. In Austin, I pay for parking, but in the rare event I get a ticket, I dont pay it.
  9. Just throw the ticket in the trash. I've never paid parking tickets, tolls or red light camera tickets. No, you don't get a warrant or lose hour registration. I speak from personal experience.
  10. Thanks elfenix. Damn this is gonna be just as tough as I expected.
  11. Well, this is kind of tough, isnt it? Deleting my facebook, youtube, and other time wasters/privacy breaches were easy. But google is quite invasive. My current phone is a google pixel, and of course that runs on android. So when the contract runs out in a couple months I am not sure what I should do? Anyone else out there who wants to have their cake and eat it too? Sure, privacy is good, but I sure wouldnt want to go back to using a landline, a rand mcnally map, or watching movies on DVD. This article is interesting. https://spreadprivacy.com/how-to-remove-google/
  12. The latest Clinton associate dead by "suicide". I guess he can't incriminate anyone else now.
  13. South San Antonio? It's not bad at all. I like a lot of those places. Mustang Sally is really cool. Presa has a few cool bars that are not at all dangerous.
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