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  1. Don’t the chloroquine compounds basically escort the zinc into the cell?
  2. HEB's service is ridiculous - something like "maybe someday." Kroger's seems to be better but also not great. Shipt, Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods (which are, confusingly, two different things) all delivered on a same-day basis in the last 4 days (gotta get my 4 gallons of milk per day like all the Surly 1%). Those have been the best options for us since Instacart backed up (but it's still days, not weeks, for me if I choose HEB or Randalls). Trader Joes will deliver its repackaged Aldi merchandise through Doordash and Postmates same-day, but there's a premium there. Lots of local restaurants have started delivering produce and meat/dairy also.
  3. I'm assuming "Total" doesn't mean "New" (the 72 includes some of the 56 from 4/3). I normally wouldn't have posted to ask that, but I saw a set of data yesterday where "New" meant "in the last 36 hours" even though the data was updated every 24.
  4. Do I have to go back and read several pages to figure out why everyone's arguing about milk? Yesterday was officially "good news from reading data one way" day. Today looks like "bad news from reading data another way" day.
  5. Did she do ads for The Addiction Network?
  6. I'd like to believe the reports that we're making progress. So this question assumes we are. Exactly how does "the end" of this thing happen? If social distancing works, once we all stop doing it won't we just start this whole thing over? What (other than a cure, vaccine, etc.) would make that not happen in perpetuity? If this has been discussed I missed it. Oh, and a tiger at Bronx Zoo got it.
  7. Seems a little extreme to be intubated for erectile dysfunction, but OK.
  8. CSB-CRNA was one of those “unknown” career paths to medium-big $$ when I was looking into alternatives to law school for my nephew around 2010. He went to law school.
  9. Another interesting data point is that I have already gotten this response from two family members: “How can moving the peak closer in time be good when we were trying to flatten the curve and spread things out? I thought we wanted the peak to be as late as possible?” ”We won’t run out of beds” just blew right past them.
  10. What? I thought it was populated by women of different ages who had “gone wild.”
  11. A tiger at the bronx zoo has it. Supposedly from an asymptomatic handler. Two questions: 1. I thought animals couldn't get it? Been told 100x that you can't give it to your dog or cat. 2. If that's wrong, is it also incorrect that they can't spread it? Been told that just as many times. https://www.cnn.com/world/live-news/coronavirus-pandemic-04-05-20/h_24d6531089785e1ef18e16b569a42346
  12. Yeah, I’m not sure on delivery method, but it would be useful to somehow show the remaining “hoax” people that their brethren are actually dying. Then again, they’d likely decide the deaths were actually assassinations to shut the truth tellers up.
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