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  1. Texas is 3-0. One win over a low top-25 team, two wins over schools that sound made up. Clearly the jury is in. The next 4-5 months is just playing it out. Someone chop Shaka into that Bush “Mission Accomplished” photo.
  2. So all the scenes with him are effectively flashbacks?
  3. I thought that he was a season or so away from being let go at SMU. His agent should get a huge bonus.
  4. Reporter: "Coach, [INSERT ANY QUESTION HERMAN DOESN'T LIKE]?" Herman: "Haven't thought about it. Next question."
  5. My sub runs through EO January, but I just got a notice of a a charge for a month to month sub effective 2/1/2020. WTF?
  6. I guess they can use it for adds and drops.
  7. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of folks. I hope they pay someone like Chip Kelly $200MM to go 3-9 each year.
  8. OP's name sounds like a strain of pig flu first found in the panhandle.
  9. I like the look of the outside. Would absolutely do my banking there.
  10. If you’ve ever read the blog portion of coacheshotseat.com, you know two things. First, the guy is a bit unhinged. He regularly posts these Bob Wheeler-style, ellipse-filled rants about “real men” based on platitudes quoted from their ghostwritten autobiographies. Second, the rankings are kind of just his opinion of who should be fired, not rankings based on insider info, rumors, or anything like that.
  11. From personal experience and from experience watching from the crowd, executive search firms are such total frauds that other con men must sit back and watch in awe.
  12. This would seem like an impediment to hiring a good coach.
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