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  1. I still never got why they would be in trees.
  2. Saying that getting a two-shot vaccine is equal to "never driving again" is a false equivalence at best.
  3. Two things. 100% is objectively impossible, but I get your point. And to me, the vaccine calculus for a 5 (or 8 )-year-old is very different from the one for a 12- or 15-year-old (like mine). I wouldn't expect or want Gardasil-9 for my 5 year old daughter, but by 15, absolutely.
  4. If you don't have constant fundraisers, PTA events, happy hours, and other similar activities that supposedly benefit your children's place of learning, well, then I envy you greatly.
  5. This conversation played out last night at a happy hour for my kids' school. These are pretty damn close to exact quotes - no paraphrasing: Wife - "Glad they are supposed to open up the Pfizer vaccine for 12-15s, so my kids can get it." Drunk Mom A - "Why? Do you really think they're at any risk?" Wife - "Well, probably not, but it's not just about them, it's about who they interact with." Drunk Mom B - "But you and your husband are vaxxed. Isn't your Mom? So what difference does it make?" Wife - "I was talking about strangers, other people they're around, places th
  6. Huh. In year, what, 12? of the offensive line rebuilding project we're not good?
  7. I misread this in a way that made me extremely uncomfortable.
  8. I really like their Marionberry, especially because it makes me laugh about the idea that there's a fruit named after a crackhead former DC mayor.
  9. Yeah, but that's too old. Maybe some Blancmange - that's adrenaline pumping stuff. "Up and down, I'm up the wall, I'm up the bloody tree." Can't lose.
  10. Right. So is the idea that we wait to see a decline in the pilot group and then just figure it out and implement in the 60-90 day interim? Or is there a plan already in place but it’s just not time for it to roll out yet? That’s really what I was asking.
  11. Maybe Big Time Rush? They have a really popular documentary on Netflix right now so it's clear the kids are into that. By "that," I mean manufactured never-quite-were boybands from over a decade ago.
  12. So what's the plan for people approaching the 6 month mark post vaccination? That's coming up in 60-90 days for a bunch of folks. A booster for the variants doesn't seem to be ready, so is the idea just to get the same shot(s) again at some point?
  13. Let the players pick. Or the students. Or Tiff's Treats. It doesn't matter because someone will hate and bitch about whatever's played anyway.
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