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  1. Not challenging, but my personal digital doctor says (adds on fingers) 36 different pneumonias: https://www.webmd.com/lung/pneumococcal-vaccine-schedule##1 There are two vaccines for pneumonia that protect against different types of the infection. PCV13 helps protect people from 13 of the most severe types of bacteria that cause pneumonia. PPSV23 protects against an additional 23 types of pneumonia bacteria. Neither can prevent every type of pneumonia, but they work against more than 30 common, severe types. People who need a pneumonia vaccine should get both shots: first, the PCV13 shot and then the PPSV23 shot a year or more later.
  2. I read that the pneumonia vaccine is only for older adults? Always been curious about that - why not for everyone? I'm sort of on the thing that if the disease has a vaccine, just give it to me unless there's a well-documented reason not to. Yellow fever? Sure. Dengue Fever? Why not? Malaria? OK.
  3. People keep clamoring for this. Honest question- what is the real effect of the WHO declaring? Is it just the pressure It puts on the individual governments?
  4. The saving grace to the off-season is that I really don’t see any commercials until I watch live sports again.
  5. I think mine had a top speed of 87 downhill.
  6. So "architectural design" = "looks like a Fuddruckers on the inside and a Shake Shack on the outside"? Good to know.
  7. Had a 1991 YJ (square lights but last year with the slanted rollbar supports and lap belts for rear seats IIRC). Bought it my junior year at Texas for $8k. Drove it through my first job and law school. Loved it. Sold it when my first lawyer boss bitched that we couldn’t take clients around in it. Asshole. But that was a decade later and I sold it for $6k even though it had been rolled twice, was missing most of the top and none of the gauges other than the tach functioned It also probably ran for 2-3 years with a mostly empty, badly cracked radiator too. No issues. Fuck I miss that thing. Ask my wife how often I tell her I shouldn’t have sold it.
  8. I hope they do. Cold water extraction of hydrocodone is such a pain in the ass.
  9. Did I miss what about this movie was even remotely scary? You knew what was happening from the “We are going to a festival at a small village in Sweden” scene. The only creeps were for her smile, the cliff thing and the opening scenes - otherwise it was just watching it play out. I guess there was a prolonged sense of dread but it played out so slowly that it kind of dissipated. The cinematography was pretty and the costumes and sets were interesting but it just didn’t seem like it was trying to be scary. Just miserable.
  10. I also enjoy that you want to keyboard fight with everyone who responds. You do you.
  11. I like the optimism. “Sports already played - yes. Sports currently being played - yes. Sports being played in the future - I have a reasonable take of no. So therefore the answer is no.”
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