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  1. Basketball coach seems so much harder than football. Even with the portal you rarely see a football team just starting from scratch every year.
  2. What year was it when we were #1 in February and then fell apart? 2009? That’s what I thought would happen. So he gets immense credit from me for that not happening.
  3. Sorry I missed. Can you please tell the buyer if he ever wants to unload it to contact me? Thanks
  4. I just saw Barnes vs Shaka writ large and clearly in one tournament. Advantage Barnes I guess, but…
  5. Billy Tubbs. They were basically in the tournament every year. They lost to Kansas in the final in 1988. Danny Manning. Kansas beat them in the final after OU had beaten Kansas pretty handily at least twice in the regular season.
  6. I remember the same for Mackovic and then his next team mutineed. And even for Charlie Strong at USF. It's all a proxy for the envy. We're Texas. They're not.
  7. "Hey, I bet you're still a virgin." "Well, I was a virgin until last night." "Sure. Whatever." "Not joking - just ask your sister." "I don't have a sister." "You will in about nine months."
  8. Aren’t they basically like my gas-powered flat griddle? Great for burgers for 10 or to show off at breakfast, otherwise just like cooking in a pan. It’s Benihana at your house.
  9. I still laugh at the announcers suddenly saying “best coke ever!” But I grew up in the 1980s.
  10. Texas looked really worn out in the second half. Des Moines nightlife I assume.
  11. Who has Rick Barnes in their Final Four? Me neither.
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