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  1. For clarification please tell me Derka wasn't nekkid throating Derka dogs while playing the ukulele w his toes. We all know this is a @luke duke and@Paco tradition
  2. Please tell me he wasn't nekkid and throating Derka dogs while playing the ukulele w his toes
  3. What the hell@Paco we kept coming by your tent and no Derka
  4. Come see Briscoe in our tent selling egg, 1 hr stand up and freestyle wrap w DJ Carl At midnight Fri and Sat
  5. When is Derka playing the ukulele on your main stage?
  6. We have Chad Briscoe selling an egg then performing 1 hour of stand up followed by 1 hour of freestyle wrap Rumor has it Carl and Rudy will be spinning the records
  7. I will be by with some Carney tokens for your tip jar come see us too
  8. We will be sabotaging @luke duke team by puhtting yellawood in his pit when they pass out and on Sat night we will have Roger Creager playing in our tent.
  9. Ok fellas you know the drill. Time to send some kids to skool (money goes to the Rodeo Austin Scholarship fund.) Bar Bar Que Austin is March 6 and 7, 2020 Come by the combined teams of Come and Take It Bbq, Here 4 Beer Bbq, and Dirrty swamp cookers. Enjoy some drinks an Bbq SAT night Roger Creager will be playing in the tent. Drop some money here so some kids will have a better chance at life than us! https://www.gofundme.com/f/bbq-austin?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link-tip&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet Thanks you filthy heathens
  10. Thanks for picking up on the culinary design Cumsteen
  11. That my friends is a fried bologna sammich topped w a Earl Cambell hotlink w a side of HEB chips. It was amazing
  12. Capt

    Solve the Rittle

    Nah I don't think that right. I had a friend who used to make homemade ice. I didn't get to ever see him cooking it or nothing like that but my friend new everthing they was about ice. I remember it was really good and kept all kind of drinks cold. It kept cokes cold, it kept ice t cold, it kept RC cold, it kept koolade cold, it kept grape and orange soda cold, it kept root beer cold, it kept every kind of Shasta flaver cold, it would keep fresh lemonade and powder lemonade cold, it would keep HEB soda cold, it would even keep the Sam's cola Cole, it would keep 7up cold, it would keep RC cold, it would keep Pepsi cold, it would keep sprite cold, it would keep all kinds of likker cold, And that's about it. Hell it was so cold we would sometime put it in a cooler over our beer and I am not kidding this ice would get those cans really cold. I just wish he would have shared his recipe and how too cook it cuz if he did I woulda started an icing bidness. By now it be a household name and I prolly never never to worry about money again.
  13. Capt

    Solve the Rittle

    Anyone have a good recipe for ice?
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