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  1. First pic is ok, as the bathtub drain is vented, although the artist's depiction of how it hooks up to the tub is all fucked up. Second pic is completely fucked. That is now an "S" trap, since the trap arm (the pipe downstream of the trap but before the vent) goes up and then back down. Shit runs downhill, yada yada.
  2. So that's buttfumble's real name...
  3. It's much easier if you just do it for us.
  4. And that's how it's done boys and girls
  5. Paco

    The CHAZ

    I had an iguana named Boutros Boutros Ghali.
  6. It's for people who can't do a miter cut on pipe. I keeeed l keeeed
  7. I like this thread. Makes me want to build another smoker. Not.
  8. It doesn't have to be
  9. Did you forget to turn it on?
  10. Paco

    The CHAZ

    Did judgey's latest drunken rant just get deleted?
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