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  1. You and me both, amigo. You and me both.
  2. Since Crump closed, the only supply house that might have it is Josco. Otherwise I'd try the internets.
  3. I love a good burnt eyes "I can't believe everyone doesn't agree with me!" meltdown
  4. Buncha not plumbing ass motherfuckers on here
  5. Why on God's green earth would you ever give a red cunt hair of a thought about what anyone thinks of our "fanbase"?
  6. My dishwasher's cycle is about 28 days.
  7. If it's the real Bonanza Burger I'm in
  8. I know the boyfriend's ex-wife, and for what it's worth she doesn't think he's capable of killing/kidnapping/disappearing anyone.
  9. You'll cut your thumb off again
  10. That's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me
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