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  1. I thought the house was falling down, but no, Hank just wanted a gecko.
  2. I have two English Mastiffs. Nobody but Glad makes a poop bag big enough. But the good thing is they're lazy motherfuckers so we don't walk far.
  3. You mean besides the fact he ran up and shot two people in the face?
  4. Port A is a pleasant 77° with less than 99% humidity.
  5. Make sure the dip switches are set properly for your recirc configuration, ie external pump vs internal pump. Instructions are in your owners manual.
  6. Paco

    Texas BBQ

    Any place worth a stop between Austin and Brock?
  7. HUNTSMAN CHEESE Just kidding, gooey american cheese for Tex mex enchiladas you heathens
  8. Do you know my Facebook password? Because I don't
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/CEW0GFBpwC4TvgeyDoV9kXxadKjgdRur0PnQ6o0/?igshid=jo5inav556s3 I have no idea if this will work. And probably already posted but fuck it
  10. It's not your fault.
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