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  1. Right and Bill Cosby didn’t roofie every lady he met at a party. I’m sure phylishia rashad will vouch for his character 14 of the 22 women are refiling and will reveal their identities
  2. I'm not one to defend Watson, but did he ever say NOTHING happened? I don't remember that.
  3. Kind of important for repeat business though.
  4. Eh. You don't need game if you're an NFL QB who doesn't look like Quasimoto. This is something else. Not all rapists are thirsty ugly dudes that can't get laid normally. This is about power and control
  5. And Nick Foles beat Tom Brady in the super bowl.
  6. Or we’ll just take your head coach again.
  7. It was adams doing the work. Beard was hanging out at Joe’s Crab Shack eating oysters and drinking them fancy drinks with the tiny umbrella in them
  8. Sark wouldn't be dumb enough to do that. However, if I were an Iowa St fan and Campbell left for ou or Texas, I would understand.
  9. Is Kendal still offering white girl tang to recruits?
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