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  1. It’s what I was trying to say. Swallow your pride. Yes you’re in a crap situation but taking a big upfront payout ain’t gonna help you in 2025. Work it out with espn
  2. Tuxedo yoda? Dude and swaim were lying shitbags. Said we were locked into acc. I think even the dabo commented on it
  3. The LHN gave most of these schleps five more years of power five relevance
  4. Seriously right? Especially applying through LI.
  5. We need one of the remaining big three to get desperate.
  6. It's all negotiations, but this is basically "don't break rank." But yeah, I'm sure KU will hang up if B1G calls.
  7. Like getting the fat chick at the bar. Only forever
  8. Where do you live again? I gotta stay away from you sick fuck
  9. Yeah, you won't get both and at this rate you'll be lucky to get 1. Careful.
  10. So take the money from Texas, ESPN and ou and then ruin any chance of getting into a conference with an automatic bid. What's that proverb again? Nose something something face?
  11. Cam Diaz? Can't be her. She's got flap jacks.
  12. Deloss was behind that I think. If he were still AD we wouldn't leave.
  13. Here's the funny part, the lawyer is representing the remaining 8, but every one of the remaining 8 is looking for a side door.
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