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  1. That was a bad ou team. There may have been some fans who thought Mack couldnt' beat Stoops, but that was a talent mismatch.
  2. Pretty much that. Especially when we lost to tosu at home. Sam's a top 3 qb here. Can't take that away from him....for now.
  3. Right on cue. It’s rolling this morning
  4. Any thoughts on Bynd? Been hot lately but also prone to the plunge.
  5. You know Tim if you have to say you’re unbiased, you’re not unbiased
  6. closetohumping


    I live in OC. It's pretty much like having a Toyota Camry here.
  7. Wednesday. It's always after Tuesday, the day we dump all Bio.
  8. Nothing about him strikes me as worthy of being called up.
  9. Wonder why? Maybe because he's a big Mack fan?
  10. This just upsets me. Stoops beat Mack by 21+ 3 times.
  11. Isn't part of his job not to have an inferior opponent?
  12. I should dump everything right now and rebuy on Wednesday.
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