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  1. Stampeder post 11248 which is two posts after the fedora to baylor post
  2. True. But now we have people bitching about fedora not being hired
  3. Thats how south Austin's mom describes me. And she's only right about 1 of those.
  4. How the hell is this possible!!! Likely three tumors, vet said in his thirty years, he's only seen two cases like this.
  5. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Iowa st could win ten straight big 12 titles and still wouldn’t be a pimple on deloss Dodd’s ass
  6. Wouldn’t there be two longhorns going in instead of coming out? Look past your racism and be thoughtful
  7. Most of these guys are way past their prime
  8. Nahlin would smoke CTJ in a race. Nahlin ain''t that old or fat. This isnt Ketch or drunk Chip Brown
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