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  1. Markets up after hours. Will probably end up down somehow
  2. Not sure if credible, but read that guillen called out Robinson for having an affair with another soldiers wife.
  3. Didn’t have liberty passes when I was at bootcamp. Which branch of the military was she in?
  4. Connor played what, 4 games under Herman? Hard to pin that on him.
  5. And now Bynd with a huge after hour surge
  6. Yep. Should have dumped two weeks ago. Are you dumping now?
  7. Militia nuts haven’t destroyed small businesses.
  8. I'm looking new homes, I know you guyscan probably beat their rate, but some are offering 20k in incentives.
  9. I was gonna dump ino a few weeks ago. This day started great. Now it’s a fuck
  10. Ole bubba is gaining a lot of notoriety these days. Hope he’s cashing in on it
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