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  1. I think he figured it out while playing his rusty trombone
  2. ? He takes an annual trip to the Bahamas this time of year
  3. His three hires so far look like aces
  4. So if it’s rolling should we invest some more and rode this wave. Been hot last two days
  5. This would be funny and apropo if they didn't show this guy with 4 different Longhorn hats throughout the series.
  6. Idk what this man to man bullshit but if one of his players wakes up the blue hairs going after a loose ball he’s gone
  7. I cringe every time I see joe exotic with a Longhorn hat on
  8. Houston pass Chicago in population yet?
  9. Benoit was a pretty guarded guy for sure. Sad story. Both Eddy and Benoit's bodies fluctuated often. Steroids were very helpful
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