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  1. And I’ve heard of buyers switching agents last second to collect a rebate. No honor among thieves.
  2. Yep. My position is I'll eat that half a percent because if I'm all about money, would it be in my best interest to negotiate a lower price for my buyer? .5% is a nominal amount. I understand it could be a lot of work but my last RE agent gave me a rebate because she didn't do anything. I selected the home, price was non negotiable, so she was like "here's some cash handsome." If I'm buyin a million dollar home the last thing I want to do is to hand my realtor 5k, especially in this market where everything is going over ask anyway. And again, just my experience but "legwork" these days consists of sending out automted lists under parameters delivered to you by the customer.
  3. So I'm not a realtor and I've asked quite a few of my realtor buddies and it's pretty split between "I have no problem expressing my worth" to "not my style, but I get it." Personally, I probably show the 2.5% house as I assume there's not a cap the other way right? It's not a flat fee. You generally get paid more on a `.5M house than a 600K house? Is it truly more work? IDK. A lot of people who buy homes are at their upper limits financially. A .5% charge on a 500K home could be 2,500.00. Probably not fun to contemplate. I'll also say this, I do believe in tipping based on percentage of bill at restaurants. I know a lot of people don't tip a percentage on the wine, so Idk.
  4. I respect it. Many buyers are already wr the top of their budget for better or worse so interested to see how this all plays out. I expect some pushback but it’s not like 1% realtors have cornered the market. Out here I’ve had realtors offer to take my listing at 4.5
  5. is this going to be the future? I get it. Nothing worse than doing free work but In this case Jenny is saying I won’t show a house that doesn’t meet my commission threshold unless buyer makes up the commission difference. Not saying I disagree but just interesting nonetheless. realtor friends tell me in the future the buyer will pay their agent and the seller will pay theirs.
  6. Everyone else’s bingo card have Charlie’s “let’s ride” as the freebie?
  7. Any chance we see the good ole days when the rates were below 3?
  8. My shorts often fall down too. But I’m pretty sure it’s from my belly stretching them
  9. Like my brothers from south central Milwaukee's Best, they thought they couldn't handle us, bloods and crips on the same squad"
  10. Quite a few from A Few Good Men. I'll be back.
  11. Guessing the bottom tier of the ACC and PAC won't make or won't want to make the cut. What about Vandy and Northwestern? I can't see any of the Big 12 making it in except maybe BYU?
  12. Back in the day I was a waiter at a swanky downtown restaurant. The Auburn swim team came in one day, must've been nationals or some dual meet or whatever it is you people do. Anyways, sort of a cocky group and I was having a rough night. Before they started eating, they bowed their heads in prayer. That's when I took the opportunity to steal one of their hats.
  13. Remember that time he scored that touchdown? In practice?
  14. My guess is that's the respective school's choice. Plus, there would be a shit ton of brawls.
  15. Somewhat related. During road rage incidents, if someone challenges you to a fight and you happily oblige and follow him to a location, does that guy usually signal so that you can keep up or is he so livid that you just have to follow him.
  16. Not a fan but undeniable talent and the guy is fearless. Props.
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