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  1. Pretty sad. It already feels like the end of an era. Such a fun, great run, even with all of the cheating bullshit. Memories of a lifetime. All of that said, I think Click can put together teams that will compete for playoff spots and it has been proven anyone can win the World Series if they make the playoffs (side note, I still hate the idea of expanded playoffs).
  2. Rockets have no chance tonight. Foster and NBA will be too much.
  3. Love this show. Some character parallels with Scrubs but maybe that’s just too much on my mind when watching.
  4. htown85


    Soap opera dressed up as a cowboy show with a Godfather ending. This show is terrible but I’ll probably watch season 4.
  5. Was not looking for this installment, but glad it happened. I enjoyed it.
  6. DJ has left a few. Their games are similar...when they are hitting it on line they are just on another level due to the distance they get off the tee.
  7. You could say the same for DJ
  8. Yeah I hate Trump, too....so not sure what you're going for.
  9. Assuming he survives, how much jail time will he get?
  10. Disgusting. I wonder if this will go viral like the video.
  11. I know this is the unpopular take, but this is me. In the 2020 world of media all around us...there is literally no escape from politics even if the NBA doesn’t boycott a game. I get what they’re doing and am fine with it, but I’m not sure what impact it will ultimately have other than get some people on Twitter to write some heartfelt supportive tweets.
  12. Outer Banks was fun. Only part that kept bugging me was the lack of cell phone use.
  13. I’m with you on this, and the hypocrisy of the rest of baseball (media, players, and fans) have made it difficult to enjoy the rest of the game like I normally do. Mookie Betts made a great play the other night that everyone was raving about. I couldn’t even enjoy it as a baseball fan...not because of some woke COVId reason, just because everything baseball is annoying me. I feel like it may not feel right again until this “era” ends, which blows because I still love Altuve, Bregman, etc. and want them to succeed more than anything. But all the shit around them makes it tough. I’m hoping it all feels right again when I can go see a game at MMP.
  14. htown85

    2020 MLB thread

    I wonder how everyone would be reacting if he had hit Bregman in the head? It was probably less than 5 inches from his head.
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