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  1. Absolutely false. 2 words...frito pie.
  2. Mind is blown by who posted that based on his history 😀
  3. ^^^yes, I definitely thought he was going to walk in on them
  4. Except there's 162 games a year in baseball and 16 games a year in the NFL, this is once every 4 years.
  5. What’s the best place to go for lunch with a 6 year old before the game tomorrow? Rodeo goat?
  6. Weird thing I noticed. Roy's niece said he owed her 1,236 pounds and when the therapist ask Nate their record in the game they were playing in the office he said 1,236.
  7. Was all primed to binge, now I has the sads after I finished episode 1 and have to wait.
  8. aggy only made it 10 years into their 100 year decision
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