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  1. Kevin Durant is rich https://www.marketwatch.com/story/nba-star-kevin-durant-invested-in-coinbase-in-2017-so-his-investment-is-now-worth-53x-more-11618510510
  2. By that logic she should have retired in 1994
  3. Honestly this is the weakest 31 days of Oscar lineup in years, there are some good movies but theres also multiple Ronald Reagan movies and just some real crap
  4. Each host arrives at the show with their own idiosyncrasies. “Aaron Rodgers came in so prepared it was unbelievable,” Richards says. “He approached this like he was breaking down game footage. He watched a ton of episodes and he came in with questions like, ‘Now if this happens, how do I deal with it?’ And I was like, ‘Well, that doesn’t really happen.’ And he said, ‘I saw one! I want to know because I want to be prepared.’ He came in prepared like an MVP quarterback would for a huge game.” Indeed, Rodgers prepared with film study—and lots of it. He pulled up episode after episode of Jeop
  5. There is no way they can let this piece of shit walk so I'm morbidly curious in finding out how he gets away with it at the end of the movie.
  6. He'll get a bump in the final rankings once all is said and done because BOMC but climbing now won't help subs so they'll leave him as is.
  7. There are no good cops there's just cops. The so called "good" cops simply shrugged their shoulders and justified the actions of these jackasses. If these were teacher's we'd get the rights favorite talking point of blaming unions but they're cops harassing a black man so cop unions are good.
  8. Sean Connery is only 12 years older than Harrison Ford.
  9. You forgot about Temple of Doom; you know Indians, thats dots not feathers, a screaming woman and kid and some fortune and glory.
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