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  1. I don't get the Wagyu burger thing - came up the other night when a VY Steakhouse commercial came on touting Wagyu burgers. Wagyu is special because of the excess marbling - which makes a world of difference in large muscle cuts. I don't see how Wagyu 80/20 ground chuck would have more marbling than regular 80/20 chuck?
  2. As an attorney, there is very little she could say without getting into attorney-client privilege or attorney work product information. She would not have been able to fully discuss her side of the story and would probably looked worse by even attempting.
  3. No, I don't think that's it. I think he stepped on the snake with right foot about halfway down the snake; snake moving from right to left, but not quite perpendicular - slightly askew; snake his left ankle mid-step and then spins around over the top of the right foot.
  4. Checking in with 18 months today. Wife pissed me off about 3 hours ago. 19 months ago I would have thoroughly dealt with the issue with bourbon. Not today.
  5. I purchased latest phone directly from Samsung for that reason. Every time I get something directly from AT&T, I have to call or go back a month later to have something removed. The helpful customer service person added insurance and some other damn thing when we got my wife a new iphone to the tune of $15-20 extra per month.
  6. I can't imagine the scenario where he gets bit on the outside of his right foot and inside of left leg.
  7. Cilantro. Forgot to add the queso fresco.
  8. I was a criminal defense attorney in one case, Sam Sparks called me and appointed me to represent a defendant that took a plea deal and then fired his trial attorney. I spoke with the trial attorney and he told me to allege ineffective assistance of counsel if I thought it would help the defendant. It wouldn't have and I didn't. I was struck by the attorney offering it to help his client. I ended up taking the case all the way to the US Supreme Court - defendant is probably still in prison.
  9. I ate at the place in Georgetown several times and gave him high praise. I think his volumes are so low now and margins so thin, that he is going to serve everything regardless of the quality. He should have been embarrassed to be associated with the order he served us and he sliced and plated it. It's too bad because he can cook wonderful barbecue.
  10. I used to agree. I tried JMs new set up in Granger a couple months ago and it was some of the worst barbecue I've had. Parts of the brisket were completely inedible. I think his give-a-shitter is broke.
  11. I saw that - what a douchbag.
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