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  1. Got an email yesterday from a fishing guide in Arkansas that said it - really, Arkansas.
  2. Oh shit. Is it supposed to sound like that?
  3. I make a sauce similar to Louis Mueller when I smoke beef ribs. More of a thin dipping sauce than a barbecue sauce - tends to balance out the fattiness of the ribs. This is the large recipe that I usually cut in half: 1 qt ketchup 3 qts water 2 onions diced 2 beef bullion cubes 2 Tbs salt 1/2 c black pepper Boil for 30-40 minutes to reduce; simmer another 30 minutes or so.
  4. Jerry Callo

    Most Meals With

    Been married for 25 years and dated 7 years before getting married, so I've had most meals with my wife. My daughter, 16 and 18, have had most meals with me. I'm the cook in the family and, even with crazy youth sports schedules, I've tried to have family meals as many times a week as possible. Wife works farther from the house and works a little later, so she misses more of the meals. (no pics of any of the above-referenced family members)
  5. We had one back in the mid-70s. Attached to the back of the black and white TV to the RF terminals in place of the antenna wire.
  6. Pancho handled the stop like a pro. Since it's Shut The Fuck Up Friday, I suggest everyone watch one the the Pot Brothers at Law videos.
  7. A sausage grinder is ideal for tallow. Much easier to grind the fat before rendering. I save most of my tallow for beef cheeks and barbacoa.
  8. I used to support an organization in Texas that raised money for license buy back and actually decommissioned some shrimp boats as well. I can't remember the name but the initials were SCAT - obviously they couldn't go by the initials. I used to follow TTMB on the regular and that is where the organization started.
  9. Dean is going to have a tough time getting rid of that one.
  10. My briskets come pre-tallowed. All I have to do is cut some off.
  11. I watched Judas and the Black Messiah a few days ago and, without much thought, watched The Trial of the Chicago 7. Worked well together for a broader picture of Chicago in that era.
  12. It didn't seem to me that the amount of tallow used by the video guy would have been enough to make much of a difference. It wouldn't hurt anything, but I doubt it would be the game changer he makes it out to be.
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