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  1. Did att with a couple of iPhones and a pixel. Pretty good deal to switch as much as I despise att. Since my first cell phone in the mid-90s, I have used AT&T. I'm done adding lines, so I don't get the best phone deals, but my wife's new iPhone was a decent deal.
  2. Damn, that's an impressive list of hot sauce recipes. I've only made roasted tomatillo salsa and a jalapeno sauce made with roasted jalapenos, onions, and emulsified in olive oil.
  3. About a month ago, my wife upgraded her AT&T iPhone 6s+ for a Xs. With a trade-in and installment plan the $900 phone ended up being about $300. AT&T is always having deals for adding lines - BOGO and such.
  4. My guess is that your expectation of the situation was clouded by your desire/need to drink. I know mine was - I often found my self buying rounds to keep everyone drinking with me. Good work on the nearly 6 months.
  5. This. The Surgeon General did more than discourage the use, he flat out said "Seriously people- STOP BUYING MASKS!” Adams tweeted. “They are NOT effective in preventing general public from catching #Coronavirus" The SG's statements might have been a noble lie, but a lie nonetheless. I don't have any surgical masks, but I might where a bandana like a wild west outlaw. Might not help much, but I'd feel pretty cool. Also, flatulence is your friend when it comes to social distancing.
  6. Adette: Are there any at home nail techs around! My shop of 7 years is closed 😰 Helpful Neighbor: You couldn’t go anyway - non essential! Adette: I can do as I like. But thanks! HN #2: I don't usually comment on things like this but since Greg Abbott's announcement today, people will be less able "to do what they like" HN #3: Seriously your worrird about your nails.. cut them short and move on geeze Adette: Unless you are a nail tech. No need to respond. Thanks 😁 HN #4: First of all if you have a cosmologist license in Texas to do nails etc. it is against the law to do them out of your home-unless of course that is your place of business. Adette: Lori, did you read the post. I was looking for a nail tech. Not your opinion. 👍🏾 Adette may be wrong for wanting to get her nails done in this time of crisis, but she is quite right in her approach to handling the helpful neighbors on Nextdoor.
  7. Not paying gym memberships for April is saving $180 and no fees for youth sports is another $350. Still trying to pick up take out from the regular places, because I want them to be there when all of this is over.
  8. Final product. To be paired with collard greens and mac and cheese.
  9. Just took them off. Resting for a little while. I'll try to remember to take a shot upon slicing.
  10. Saccone's Pizza was selling pizza making kits the other day. Though, I opted for a couple fully prepared pizzas and a damn good cannoli.
  11. The wife and I went for a walk at the county park by our house yesterday afternoon. I told her we were on a snake hunt, but she wasn't having it. A couple miles into our walk and on the heavily traveled, groomed trail, my wife stopped dead in her tracks and pointed up ahead. A four foot diamondback rattlesnake decided to cross in front of us. A guy on a bike was approaching from the other way and I managed to get his attention and get him stopped before he ran right over the snake. Snake wasn't agitated at all, no rattling - just slowly cruising across the path ending with about 2 1/2 inches of rattles sticking up about 45 degrees. Best walk around the park I've experienced in years. Unfortunately, I managed to fuck up taking a simple video.
  12. Beef plate ribs on at 9:00 ‐ first check and spritz will be and 2:00.
  13. Just got some sourdough starter from a neighbor. With some flour and about 15 hours of labor, we should have some sourdough bread by Sunday.
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