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  1. Leroy & Lewis today. Brisket, whole hog, and barbacoa, chicken & dumplings, refried beans, kale Caesar slaw, and cheddar cheesecake. Everything was great. My favorite was the barbacoa and my daughter's was the pulled pork. I suspect they will be in the Top 10 of the next TM Top 50.
  2. Always brisket when trying a Texas barbecue joint for the first time and usually their sausage and ribs. I also try whatever else they're known for. About the only time I don't order brisket is if I get a beef rib.
  3. The deed restrictions are not set out in most deeds, although they could be. Most neighborhoods are governed by the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs) which are commonly referred to as deed restrictions. Many properties are burdened with CCRs even if they don't have HOAs. When a neighborhood begins, the developer drafts the CCRs for the subject properties. Under most CCRs, the developer is in sole control until the lots get sold. The developer usually relinquishes control over to an HOA. The HOA is then tasked with governing the neighborhood consistent with the CCRs. HOAs enforcement of the CCRs often swings like a pendulum from strict enforcement to lax depending on the changes to the HOA leadership. Without the certainty of the CCRs neighborhoods would be anarchy. It's bad enough even with the CCRs because enforcement can be ever changing. That is why properties burdened by the same CCRs are usually given the right to enforce the restrictions without the HOA.
  4. Jamil's Steakhouse is an experience. Been around since 1945. Best Steakhouse in Tulsa. Grandparents lived in Tulsa and we spend plenty of time there. Jamil's was the goto nice restaurant. If I were in Tulsa right now, the one place I would eat is Coney Island, though.
  5. Jerry Callo


    Nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
  6. Anyone know what was/is going on with Kramer? His version is "minor injuries"; the bands version is "he has not been emotionally or physically able to perform with the band . . . for 6 months." I suspect there are addiction issues involved. ETA: In July 2019, the band opined that Kramer was not able to properly operate the pedal on his bass drum and he hasn’t performed with them since. Furthermore, the filing discloses, Kramer entered a rehabilitation clinic for dependency issues but left early “against the recommendation of his addiction counselor.”
  7. Need to try Brown's and Oseyo. All of the others are legit.
  8. My guess regarding the HOA approval. Plans submitted to HOA for approval. Plans don't conform to the deed restrictions. HOA approves plans but doesn't technically follow the procedure for granting a variance. Dick, being a former board member and all around no value added do gooder, knows the variance does not meet the letter of the deed restrictions and sue neighbors for non-conforming playscape. The wrath of the entire world comes down on Dick and Carole. Carole cries for 3 days straight because her Dick is a dick. Dick, reluctantly because he is right, drops the case.
  9. Jerry Callo


    Who's fuckin' this chicken? - a response to receiving unsolicited advice while trying to accomplish some task.
  10. 11 months ago. Just received the auto renew thing in the mail. At sometime during the year, they sent an email stating that my subscription now included streaming. They were probably setting me up for a more expensive renewal with more services. I rarely use the streaming.
  11. Back in the day, quesadillas were regularly used as a vehicle for leftovers (chicken, pork, brisket, shrimp, etc.). Now I fried cauliflower rice is my go to. A couple bags of cauliflower rice with vegs from the frozen foods section, garlic, ginger, egg, fake soy sauce and some random leftover protein. Last night - beef ribs.
  12. I've been making this pan seared salmon with a creamy spinach sauce that rocks. I don't have the nutritional breakdown, but the ingredients would make it relatively low carb.
  13. I'm paying $5 for the wife's car which includes online and app on my phone.
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