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  1. Especially with someone who attempts to start arguments about Globals.
  2. Agreed - 100%. If Valentina's ribs aren't good, they shouldn't be on the menu, Tex-Mex BBQ or not. If it was a one off bad cook, they just shouldn't have served them.
  3. I've got that same knife, but I use this knife more - the 5" blade is much easier for me to use, especially with poultry.
  4. Is it wrong to wish that on every person who ever steps foot on a scooter?
  5. That's what you're not getting. There is no solving the problem . . . only small personal victories.
  6. 5 is the number of boxes that I choose not to bring down from the attic.
  7. I enjoyed End of the f***ing world. You'll know in a couple episodes and the episodes are only 20-25 minutes long.
  8. That doesn't work. What does work? For me, selectivity in getting Christmas decorations down from the attic. Started with one of the boxes getting a red X, now there are probably 5.
  9. That's the middle kid. Daughter is named Star and youngest son . . . Cowboy Landry.
  10. Mel's and Tejas Chocolate Factory (barbecue) in Tomball are great. Tejas Burger Joint is new in Tomball and is on my list next time I go there. Corkscrew in Spring is also legit.
  11. Nicely executed. I can't explain how many times per week I think of performing a PIT maneuver. One of these days.
  12. Missed opportunity. Limitless possibilities with a made up translation.
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