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  1. Ohio St gets Nebraska and Illinois for cross division game, as expected Nebraska getting the BIG dick with Penn St and Ohio St as cross division.
  2. Ohio state gets Illinois and Nebraska as their cross division games
  3. About to see how good these are today. They seem promising.
  4. His first game playing a new postion and his potential at that postion imo. He will get better as the season goes and another off season imo.
  5. This is awesome. Shia’s dedication is fantastic https://youtu.be/iipzbMBfLYY
  6. That pic looks like they’re playing on Astro turf
  7. And they wonder why they’re not in a p5 conference
  8. Doesn’t our basketball team and backpacks and etc have KD’s dog shit logo on them?
  9. Michigan should purposely infect their team Week of Ohio state game so Ohio st plays onl 7 games
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