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  1. Only school I can think of is probably IMG Academy
  2. What is the high school in question here?
  3. Matt Stepp has been pretty positive there will be until recently.
  4. I want to make this now. The gut packs went hard!
  5. Playoffs? You’re talking about playoffs? I just hope we have a damn game
  6. The Freakshow collection is all pretty good too
  7. I’m trying to figure out the point of this tweet.
  8. Team all bell peppers taste the same
  9. Pretty much all of the Decoy and Kendall Jackson collections are good. Educated Guess cabs are good. The Josh wines are good.
  10. He was just named as the starter on the CFB 150 all time team this last season
  11. Lmao https://www.newsweek.com/texas-governor-abbott-caught-recording-saying-reopening-will-escalate-coronavirus-spread-same-day-1502159
  12. Dude had what could be another season more carries than Ricky, 209, and 1 fewer touchdown rubs
  13. I have been eye balling some Brazilian steakhouses that I would like to go to. Probably won’t go until at least June.
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