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  1. Lmao no, you’re a psychotic cunt who lives a miserable life in Galveston
  2. Well I mean that has been his entire history on every Texas site.
  3. Hardly see any mask just about anywhere in San Antonio. Maybe 1% or so of the people I’ve seen are wearing mask
  4. Also I’ve been to this HEB 4-6 times since the shelter in place was ordered. Should I notify my employer?
  5. This is going to sound fucked up but this guys train of thought is why I rarely hire ex military, they lack critical thinking process that was drilled out of them in the military which causes their decision making to suffer
  6. Instead of extending these stay at home orders for a longer time, how about implement a 2 weeek actually strict stay at home order? As I stated before the current orders are a joke
  7. Yeah well you’re just hoping you get that cunt form day right!!! I’m sure yours and you will be rooting for that!
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