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  1. Have any of the 4/5 starting senior linemen declared they're coming back to school?
  2. He’s more “seasoned” or than Golding at the p5 level.
  3. Lets see Sam make it longer than 7 years in the NFL
  4. Probably so.... We currently live in Helotes but debating on getting another house either up i-10 to get into the Boerne school district or up 281 to get into the Johnson high area location. According to what I researched the best public schools in the SA area are the Boerne schools, Johnson, and Reagan.
  5. surprised it took this long to make that official.
  6. For real.... But Westlake mafia will say otherwise.
  7. Or Fulmer is just a fucking idiot of an AD that rivals Steve Patterson?
  8. Bama would hire him, but we wouldn't. Interesting theory.
  9. Which combination is better? Pruitt/Anslay or Golding/Scott Fuck Saban, get the best!
  10. Unless in the agreement of taking no buyout that there is some kind of gag order or something. Who knows what the agreements will be....I'm interested to see this play out.
  11. Will Mahommes still be in the concussion protocol? That will dictate this game a lot.
  12. I cook wings at 400 for 8 minutes, flip and another 8 minutes and they're amazing in an air fryer.
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