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  1. Congrats we won a game we were supposed to against a team that has only practiced 3 times in the past two weeks. If Matt Rhule was still their coach, we lose imo. FIRE TOM HERMAN
  2. Urban Meyer has NEVER gone 7-5
  3. Fucking anwar completely missed her point. Dude just adding fuel to the fire with his retweet and pointing it out.
  4. Maybe it’s not waking up at 5am on Saturday’s that are making them tired. Maybe it’s family Friday? https://www.instagram.com/p/CGs_cn1nqJY/?igshid=1uyhqrush372z still doing this with your job on the line.
  5. Then he rides the bench. But if its such a huge deal to that player why would he want to stay anyway?
  6. Their head coach gets fired they get a new guy and the players actually understand what discipline is. The expectations are clear as day.
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