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  1. Exact same here so far. Made it through the night. #1 dose woke me from my sleep if I rolled on it. This dosage not so much.
  2. 13 hours into Pfizer 2 and all I have currently is a sore shoulder.
  3. 1.5 hours into pfizer dose 2, no symptoms yet or shoulder soreness yet. Fiancé got pfizer 2 last Friday and within 1 hour her shoulder was sore. 10 hours later she started to get chills, then got a pulsing headache from front of head to neck, followed by body aches, then was find roughly 30 hours after second dosage.
  4. Just got Pfizer dose 2, got a free Microsoft Surface Pro for completing. Seems kind of sus.
  5. It’s not 2007 anymore. Big 12 isn’t unique to spread offenses. Every conference has spread attacks. We’ve been shit at developing and shit at scheming them
  6. We’ve just sucked at developing linebackers is all it boils down to. Look at the type of Alabama linebacker Alabama recruits and they still do well vs spreads.
  7. Big 12 isn’t unique anymore. Everywhere has high powered offenses.
  8. I hope so, its not like I dont want him to do well...but we need the best punter out there unless we score or kick a FG every possesion. Dixon was awful as a freshmen
  9. Seems like there is more competition type stuff mixed in that is applicable.
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