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  1. I think we will start seeing more Dunn if Jamison keeps giving up plays like he is.
  2. Has the OL depth chart been like this seems like some changes. In the backups
  3. Yeah it was WVU during a big review of an interception if i remember correctly. Stadium was rocking
  4. Same with the first time they played jump around
  5. That’s the most Aggie saying. It’s equivalent to running out of time instead of losing
  6. That would create a Noah's ark level flooding of tears from them. Hypothetically what if Wiegman is the super secret recruit that Sarkisian text and that Perkins text about A&M.
  7. Hey buddy, let us enjoy hypothetical situations that would create hypothetical monsoon of tears.
  8. Wiegman choosing baseball would be a hilarious cherry on top of their roller coaster sunday.
  9. Reading Twitter when it comes to TCU Patterson doesn't give out much information about his team at all during the week. Most of their guys find out about it at gametime.
  10. EricNahlin Precocious Joe will have updates from the press conference in this post. While we await Sark after his throttling of Texas Tech and ahead of TCU, we’ll pass along a couple of minor notes we’ve heard after the game. Source: Sark was happy with the intensity they came out with after the Rice win. He said he knows how they respond to a loss and now how they respond after a blowout win. They need to continue to come out fast. There’s no reason to keep things close and play down to the competition level. Set the tone early and put teams away. Games don’t need to come down to the wire. If we’ve stated teams take on the personality of their coach, the All Gas, No Brakes mantra seems to be taking root. The team sure doesn’t appear to be wound up tighter than Dick’s hat band. We’ll see if that continues as competition improves. On a few freshmen: Jonathon Brooks and Barryn Sorrell, they’re getting confidence building reps that will go a long way. Sorrell is going to play a lot this year. He handles everything they put on his plate. Some of these guys, like Xavier Worthy, are more like upperclassmen when it comes to how they prepare. On Darion Dunn: “He’s embraced competition and keeps scratching and clawing for more snaps. He wouldn’t have picked Texas if he was afraid to compete. There’s two ways you can go when getting snaps like he does, where you don’t know how many you get —you either press too much and play poorly or let it all hang out. He lets it all hang out every time he’s out there.”
  11. It’s pretty dang good before Hayes as well…. Since 1900
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