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  1. 1965 Ford Mustang | Classic Car Liquidators in Sherman, TX there are more pony cars in the inventory
  2. The Pate Meet is confirmed. The 2021 Pate Swap Meet Is Certain
  3. Well, where did ya' go? How was it?
  4. With this group it is probably a good idea to keep your hog eye covered.
  5. In the future let's hear back from folks got estimates for the gen sets. If you don't have NG to your house let's hear that price quote. It would be interesting to see the differences between regions.
  6. You could use the dryer vent to tether to a gen set idea; IF there is a disconnect/isolation switch between the meter and the breaker box. It would have to be switched to stop commercial power before turning on the gen set. I would not recommend this for a homeowner who is hoping his skills are good enough. In order to install a disconnect switch one would need a licensed electrician and the power would need to be off to your home for a little bit. The electrician should everything needed before doing this and it should take easily less than a day. Carbon monoxide detectors are avail
  7. Imagine my surprise this morning when I sobered up and found I had posted this topic in this forum. After scraping off snow and ice yesterday I announced to the wife it was time for a drink. Evidently I exceeded my quota. Mr. Mod, if you find it your heart to move this please do so. I'll try to stay sober today.
  8. I went and cut off the main water to the bay haus and drained the lines. Pretty easy and confident when I turn the water back on I should be good. With that being said, I think this spring I will make a couple of valve changes on this place to empty the lines if needed. I'm also going to make some heated faucet covers. What will you do/get/change for the next time?
  9. Contact ERCOT If ya' really torqued at ERCOT, I'd suggest sending 'em a picture of your situation. CC the news folks as on it.
  10. I can't speak for the other natural gas companies, but I worked for one of the majors and we kept gas in salt domes all over the state. Most of the time it was one man trying to keep the gas coming out of the cavern and working a asston of hours in very bad conditions with little support. We had more operators than I/E techs to cover. This is what we called "peak" gas pricing, believe me the gas companies want to "sell, sell, turn those machines back on".
  11. Definitely post location if you are comfortable giving that info; no one can find ya' if all your devices go south. I always ask for a vehicle description of whats in the driveway. It's just easier that looking for some little ass haus numbers.
  12. I uncovered one of mine on the north side and it was barely froze. South side was OK. You might reconsider.
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