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  1. Pecan pies are always appreciated. I'll pm my address.
  2. We travel the same roads. Alvin's is clean and good FYI.
  3. https://www.click2houston.com/news/investigates/family-ambushed-in-mexico-linked-to-triple-homicide-in-houston-31-years-ago maybe some justice was served in a weird way.
  4. Step on their neck and pull on their feet. Never let off the gas. Sic 'Em.
  5. somehow need to affix one to a drone and fly behind the gameday desk.
  6. D line is getting their ass handed to 'em.
  7. I'd give Pat a 9.2 on the dive, there was too much splash on the entry.
  8. Why doesn't the fruit/veggie marketers go to pull top lids on everything? And while I'm bitchin', how about the potato chip makers use a ziplok top on their bags? WTF?
  9. Time for a resurrection on Jeep love. Here are some threads on my rebuilds for my kids. For faster satisfaction and to skip the labor, view the first page and skip to the last to see the baby. https://www.jeep-cj.com/forums/f98/what-now-what-you-might-call-8861/ https://www.jeep-cj.com/forums/f98/ok-so-im-slow-learner-13752/ https://www.jeep-cj.com/forums/f98/3rd-time-down-rabbit-hole-30492/ The last one is my CJ which will be my DD. I'm thinking I'll put it on the dyno and see what the numbers say. If there are more ponies to be had then I'll strip it down and go from there and re-dyno so I'll sleep better.
  10. Should have made him a sammich.
  11. So....when does the fire sprinklers kick in?
  12. very efficient, I like his style.
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