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  1. Ivan is in the business of smokin' baseballs. Brother, business is good.
  2. Glad to see EK back on the field myself. I sure hope Zane has a strong outing.
  3. ^^ both of ya' should buy some goats.
  4. Hell, I thought when we went into space I was gonna get to see some alien boobies. I haz disapoint.
  5. you'll need a big ass glass.....and probably some friends. Watch: World's largest bottle of whiskey up for auction in Scotland - UPI.com
  6. I read somewhere that when they performed Secretariat's animal autopsy the heart was several pounds larger than the average racehorse. Pumping more blood is the equivalent of being able to stand on the gas longer.
  7. Was looking through some old pix the other day and ran across this one. It was so sweet.
  8. My recommendation. Home | Berlin Gardens (berlingardensllc.com)
  9. February looking pretty good.
  10. Remember when Ryan Perrilloux was gonna be the next thing? I'd prefer to see Ewers over Card. However, I will just be glad to see some football.
  11. Did you do a "one call" before digging? It's the law ya' know. Found any arrowheads, treasure or bodies?
  12. Well, I got a pitcher that can't fail. Vodka martinis is the name and he's calling for me over by the BBQ pit. Peace out boys.
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