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  1. While I'm at it. WTF is up with the idea of labeling plywood 23/32, 15/32 and wthever weird ass fractional size they come up with. Can't we just agree that 3/4 or 1/2 is close enough? I mean shit my tape measure don't measure that little and if it did I couldn't see it anyway.
  2. well shit then. Would it be possible to use some type of counter weighted system with a pulley or two and a counter weight placed in the appropriate spot on the cord? When not needed the counter weight would keep the plug pulled up and vice versa.
  3. Saw some smurfs doing some yard work that looked AOK.
  4. Those are all good positions to stand by. When I was Corvette shopping I was insistent on a manual also. We were over at some friends of ours for dinner and talking about cars and stuff and I was explaining what I wanted and why. So I say, yeah I want a manual for burnouts and maybe an occasional doughnut and going to tailgates...blah blah. The Mrs breaks in and stays we should get a auto. Say what! whose car is this? She counters with did you hear yourself say tailgate? Me...hmm....yeah maybe your right you'll probably be driving us after the game. I wound up with an auto. It has the paddle shifters of course, so I still can sorta run through the gears.
  5. Can I still drive with flip flops or barefooted?
  6. Wouldn't a Hide A Key be better served like in fake yellow jacket nest instead of a fake ass rock? I mean who in hell is gonna reach up and grab a nest full (live lookin' anyways) flying liquid lava MFers?
  7. All I can say is the brisket, baked tater with grilled onion and cold tea was F'n delish.
  8. Not all Mecums are over the top, it really depends on which show you go to. Dallas, Kissimmee, Monterrey are not shows to go to with a small budget. Unless you find a daily driver and buy early, like 1st day. Iowa, Denver, Kansas City seem to keep the prices within reason in my book. If you really wanna see some cash go down go to a Barrett Jackson, Worldwide or Leake auction. I'm surprised they don't charge to breathe the air. On a unrelated side note, I took out my LS swapped CJ7 today for it's first test run today. So far all is good.
  9. Pleased to announce no extreme cramps this week. Using the mustard and pickle juice routine right now and course more H2O. But not 6L worth.
  10. Querreque Grill checks out as pretty damn good. I'll go back. Didn't get to Border Foundry since they are only doing take out.
  11. your man got my vote, digging the threads.
  12. We have used the diesel and burn method with good results.
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