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  1. PR or Marketing group needs to pick up on this and make merchandise available for the fan base while momentum is happening.
  2. Well I missed it then. I meant well. Here's the full schedule. http://31days.tcm.com/ set the dvr. I'd recommend Topper Returns as one to watch if you like funny. The chauffer is a riot, be sure watch to the credits.
  3. We'll take him. Get him a jersey and teach him to carry the ball.
  4. Giant comes on sometime this week. Long but good, if you haven't seen it.
  5. https://www.click2houston.com/features/2020/02/14/worlds-oldest-couple-lives-in-texas-celebrated-80th-wedding-anniversary-in-december/ nice story to read. TEXAS FIGHT!
  6. Calling my shot, for the men Tony, for the ladies Kim
  7. Brazos Bend SP is very close to Htown and usually plenty of wildlife to watch. As mentioned get the air mattress; and take along some corn starch or baby powder. It will help with "feeling" cooler at night.
  8. Full or divided....Mary Ann or Ginger? Why not both?
  9. Is she a relative of yours or you just mowing her lawn?
  10. I'll see your grandpa and raise my great grandma. She lacked a couple of weeks being 100. She did pretty much the stuff. She didn't smoke cigars but she did dip the red snuff shit. She'd fry enough bacon for the buffet at Denny's then soak up some of the grease and crumblings and eat that. Lastly, she was known to knock down a beer or two every afternoon. If you got good genetics you'll be alright.
  11. Possible case reported in Beaumont today. That's getting a little too close to home.
  12. Heard they make good cat food.
  13. I have a set of great grandma's china. Which we do eat off somewhat regularly. Great Grandpas .32 rim fire model 2 Winchester single shot. It has been discussed to donate to a museum, but not as of yet.
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