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  1. Same here. I seriously thought about keying that non sibling discounting MFer's truck to get some satisfaction.
  2. Did you dad teach you the difference between shit and shinola?
  3. What are you gonna do about it..Don Knotts?
  4. Couple from DJ this morning. Water was up some but in my opinion not lot. Rain was sometimes hard sometimes soft, but overall not alot. The swing is now more or less floating around not really hanging anymore. Boat ramp under the bridge is under water, nothing really new there, seen it before.
  5. My bad, I think I saw a bearded dude building an ark off FM523 earlier.
  6. Tide surge so far is about as bad as I have ever seen it here.
  7. Live from DJ in Brazoria county, barely misting and winds aren't jackcrap. NHC projected rain forecast I just looked at is showing 6-10 inches for all of Texas. There was one patch of 10-15 inched South of Morgan City La.
  8. I'm gonna see if I can sneak into(and out of) Demi John today to secure up the place. If CR227 is good, then I'm golden. If not, then I get nice long ride to plan for the aftermath.
  9. Gracias, Mr Hate. I'll keep an eye on that as well.
  10. Boat captain better glad the dog didn't take a piss.
  11. just curious, which source is predicting for coastal flooding already?
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