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  1. Would wearing the wife's pantyhose across the face qualify as a mask to protect me from the Corona V?
  2. weekend road trips to B&Bs and finding new places to eat.
  3. I can certainly understand your feeling towards the actor. I don't like Alabama anything, but it don't keep me from watching football.
  4. at 7pm on TCM. One of my faves.
  5. The Chinese gave us the Corona From The Knack we got My Sharona the wife wanted to give some head so we made our way to the bed but instead she got da bona!
  6. Will the virus and subsequent self isolation make for a secondary baby boom during the arrival of the new year? Not in my haus, after 2 boys and 2 girls we are most definitely done.
  7. Thank god Denise dropped a pair of balls, made a decision get Sandra gone. I'm thinking heavenly music and light from heaven.
  8. My slightly regarded aggy wife(bless her heart and not sorry no pics) sent me a text with UT shirts saying the same thing. I quickly texted her back saying I know an aggy must have came up with that idea because they couldn't tell the difference between textile material and their diploma. She didn't think it was funny.
  9. Sam has achieved a lot during his time as a quarterback, mostly with a less than stellar supporting cast.
  10. Every once in awhile it would be nice to 'em go to tribal immediately after a challenge. Do it randomly throughout their stay, take away the ability to play an idol and take the scheming/planning drama out.
  11. well it was a nice stay in the top 25 while it lasted
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