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  1. Considering that it's been voted on, I'd say most of the schools in the league have been complicit. Texas just gets blamed for being the primary canvasser on the issues the losers cried about.
  2. Even if they were, not really sure why Smart would leave his alma mater to try to meet the absolutely insane expectations at Bama.
  3. Clearly. My comment was more about a hypothetical perfect world. In other words, it was worthless.
  4. More (most?) HC contracts should be as incentive based as this dude's. It's fucking ludicrous what these guys are being guaranteed and walk away with even if they completely shit the bed.
  5. Yes, there are some programs where failure is nigh guaranteed. An FBS school in the heart of Texas is not one of them. UTSA and especially Texas State really have no excuse for sucking ass. There's plenty of talent in this state to go around.
  6. I'm dubious regarding your premise that basic, fundamentally solid defenses are more likely to get torn apart by creative OCs. A fundamentally solid defense deploying defenders who understand their job and their reads is perfectly capable of limiting Riley and the ilk if the players execute. Good defense is rarely the product of tricking the offense/OC.
  7. Ketchum said he talked to the OSU Rivals guys and they pretty much sucked off Ash and said they hated to see him leave. Direct opposite of how they viewed Beck.
  8. Disagree on it being good. Check out the wiki synopsis if you're just dying to know what's been going on with characters from the original series, imo. I don't think the answer is very interesting either, so you can skip the wiki synopsis as well.
  9. How are our expectations unrealistic?
  10. He's been pretty consistently shitty. We've played really 3 good to great games in 3 years: 2018 RRS, Sugar, and Iowa State. That's about the same number of stinkers I feared he'd have over the same period, based on his UH results.
  11. My reaction would be nothing. Wouldn't surprise me at all.
  12. I was grateful to learn the definition of "strain," as well.
  13. Ugly bright orange plastic field curse. The football gods put a 1 season moratorium on it to atone for screwing us in 08.
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