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  1. I must admit that I've always thought lower federal court decisions on constitutional questions were binding on states. Apparently that only goes for SCOTUS.
  2. Was held to be unconstitutional by the 5th circuit in 2008, based on the 14th amendment. I should note that decision is not binding on state courts.
  3. Taking gaslighting to a whole new level.
  4. Lulz at asking them to compile every single moderation decision over the past year. They're just harassing twitter. The only rational response to this letter is "get fucked."
  5. I want to hear the argument about why they aren't vaccines. They certainly are not gene therapy.
  6. I made a similar argument/complaint in a thread I started a while back about the San Fran govt canceling Lincoln and others by renaming schools. That shit really annoys me because the only thing it accomplishes is rallying the right. However, this shit and the muppets - private enterprises "censoring" their own stuff - isn't remotely comparable. This is not even remotely political.
  7. The dress? I take it this is like a Lewinsky situation?
  8. Just makes me want to explode everytime I see people say masks don't work for reducing the spread of a respiratory virus. I hate stupid people so much.
  9. Yeah I lied too. I felt a bit guilty, but the Abbott going full "every man for himself" has obliterated that.
  10. Biden's already spoken more intelligent statements (as potus) than dotard did in 4 years, tweets included.
  11. I do, he was in my class. Nothing memorable about him from school that I can recall.
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