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  1. Not that it really matters now, but Omeire straight up dominated last year's camp. That's directly from someone who was there. And he's not named Carrington or Herman. I was underwhelmed with taking him too... until I saw his senior tape. He flipped a switch and was a different player. Oh well.
  2. Did I say that it necessarily does, dumbass? It's obviously a risk of doing it.
  3. I can't believe people in charge of public health ever thought gain of function research was a super awesome idea. It sounds like a plot device from a cheesy sci fi movie.
  4. Nah I heard it was a pangolin.
  5. We really need to drastically expand involuntary commitments.
  6. Could just say rural people.
  7. All while grousing about the state of education. Priceless.
  8. I knew this reply was coming. I don't think DeSantis came from that kind of family. In fact it sounds like they're a bunch of rednecks, wouldn't you know it?
  9. Guy is a Yale and Harvard Law grad with honors...I assure you he's not. He and Abbott act like morons, and it's worked for them so far. Their states, not so much. It's evil, not stupidity.
  10. Well...yeah, what's your point?
  11. Hahaha I forgot about that classic. Bless you. I'm going to relive that thread now.
  12. Abbott is actually a very smart person, which is just another reason it's enraging to see what he's become. Same with DeSantis, Hawley, Cruz, et. al. Their souls are dipped in dogshit, all of em.
  13. I'm really disappointed in us all that Tucker is still alive.
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