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  1. We were at war with the soviets at the time. It was cold, but it was war. Whereas we now have our DOTUS kissing all kinds of Russian ass and inviting them to the g7.
  2. Best fans in baseball! I'm a Cards fan, but that shit is gey. Thank God my dad got transferred from StL to San Antonio when I was a wee lad. The envy from my cousins is palpable. Oh and StL pizza and provel cheese are abominations.
  3. Not sure how anyone could believe that they tested that few people, much less a 100% poz rate.
  4. That's not because of the mask, it's because your head is up your ass, Bill.
  5. It's not the system per se that's the problem, it's that so many jackwagons base their identity on being a member of the team and their allegiance to the party overtakes their allegiance to the country and their ability to think critically. I'll never understand how so many people can't bring themselves to criticize or question those they voted for. God damned sheep.
  6. If only the states could get together and create some sort of national center that controls and prevents diseases. It could be staffed with a bunch of public health experts who'd advise everyone and organize the local responses. Probably too crazy of an idea.
  7. This guy is almost as big a dumbass as Dotard. Making a strong case for R nomination in 2024.
  8. She owns Shooters, a restaurant in Rifle where the staff are armed. I would have rolled my eyes if I saw that in a work of fiction. This vapid idiot winning a primary may be the best evidence yet that the idiocracy is truly upon us.
  9. Yeah but it's extreme down there in PL/POC. I drive through a bunch of rural towns but haven't seen anything like that area, where there is dotard shit everywhere you look.
  10. I'm going down there this weekend and all this bullshit is going to trigger me bigly. Why is everyone in that area so fucking ignorant? Is that just how all of rural Texas is?
  11. Well, at least we definitely don't have to worry about any significant portion of the military siding with dotard if the shit really hits the fan.
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