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  1. Yes, I've been loading up on the high side of 50 but at least I'm not using leverage. Hunkered down.
  2. Preach brother!!! (angry Beato is my favorite Beato) And fuck the guy that wrote that article
  3. Yep, looks way better than the 3 amigos. But that trailer is giving me Umbrella Academy vibes. Not a bad thing.
  4. Baron Zemo is here to do two things. To provide long plot exposition ....and to DANCE!
  5. The pacing on this latest episodes feels off. It's got high production values and the pacing of a cheesy CBS procedural.
  6. The most impressive thing about Francis's performance is that he put down Stipe with a left both times.
  7. Yep, bottom of the pyramid is Vic Mackey's wheelhouse. He's giving #1 to the girl who's dye job has grown out the least.
  8. I agree with you in that they have some really good songs, but I saw them live in 2016 and they just sounded bad. Out of sync and completely lacking any groove. It was at a music festival and they were the closing act. Their music just felt dead and we all left in the middle of their set. If I had to put my finger on it, I would say it was Chad Smith's playing that was the problem. Maybe they just had a bad night.
  9. Are you guys seeing another (mini) dip with BTC before we break into the 60s?
  10. Flag smasher of the corn. That chick have me the willies first time I saw her in Solo.
  11. Kurt and Goldie's son looks like he's perpetually dipping Skoal.
  12. Same with my wife. She was like "you told me this was gonna be ultra-violent" when the title came up. Five minutes later, and she's like "I think I'm gonna throw up".
  13. Looks like hot garbage, but probably much better than the first one.
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