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  1. ajax

    The Boys

    I could do with more Black Noir, and Stormfront and less of Sparkles. She's f'n annoying.
  2. That only happens to female drug addicts who happen to look like supermodels.
  3. Damn, that should have been the title of this thread.
  4. For attempted murder, not just for the Lambo. But check out this kid. He was 16 years old, he rappelled into the dealership to steal Fieri's car. He perpetrated a drive-by shooting on the dude that was dating the girl he liked, and he had plans to do a takeover style robbery of a jewelry shop by setting off a decoy explosion at Macy's next door, having accomplices rush in to the jewelry store disguised as cops, and then his getaway vehicle was a helicopter. He had the helicopter scoped out and everything. 16 years old. https://abc7news.com/marin-county-max-wade-chef-guy-fieri-lamborghini/22518/
  5. I just took advantage of the free line. There's no catch. It's free for the life of the account. All I'm paying is the tax on the extra line which is like three bucks per month plus the new SIM.
  6. ajax

    The CHAZ

    Protesters in Portland torched a statue of an elk.
  7. Not Paki. That guy was Indonesian. That knockout was so clean that I'm sure a bunch of nationalities are claiming him. He threw a cross from the front hand, which was weird but effective.
  8. I would want the helmet for protection. Falling on your head on asphalt sucks.
  9. ajax

    The CHAZ

    Every single post you make is either talking about or arguing with other posters, totally ignoring the issue at hand. Your posts stick out because they're out of place. Fucking read the room. Are you completely dense?
  10. ajax

    The CHAZ

    I will bet any amount of money that the media and BLM won't give a shit about CHAZ security gunning down 2 black teens.
  11. ajax

    The CHAZ

    Here is more detail on the shooting: Seattle CHOP zone armed 'security' killed black teen driver, 16, and wound 14-year-old passenger when they opened fire on their Jeep as it approached barricades at 3am - but protesters inside cop-free area claim they acted in self-defense I wonder if CHAZ security folks "feared for their lives" when they shot at these two black teens (and killed one).
  12. ajax

    The CHAZ

    Not CHAZ, but another protest related shooting. https://www.deseret.com/utah/2020/6/30/21308526/gunman-shot-driver-then-hid-weapon-continued-protest-provo-police-say-blm
  13. ajax

    The CHAZ

    Another shooting. 1 dead, 1 critical. https://www.king5.com/article/news/crime/seattle-shooting-capitol-hill-chop-chaz/281-48392a9e-d760-42f3-9469-c99466ed7a9f
  14. ajax

    The CHAZ

    Is this the thread to talk about statues being toppled? Two statues in Madison WI toppled by protesters. https://madison.com/wsj/news/local/strategic-or-misguided-toppling-of-statues-sparks-latest-debate-on-madison-protests/article_c162791f-df91-5e33-b398-96b96d7bbee4.html Okay, but why topple these statues?
  15. Meet Australia's youngest billionaire, 32 years old. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8449289/Australias-youngest-billionaire-Melanie-Perkins-DOUBLES-wealth.html
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