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  1. Welcome to sunny California!!! https://nypost.com/2019/11/12/homeless-man-hurls-bucket-of-diarrhea-at-woman-near-hollywood-walk-of-fame/
  2. There are people living on the Bart trains. They ride from end of the line to end of the line, sleeping on the train. They have to piss and shit somewhere, might as well be out in the open.
  3. ajax

    Jake Smith

    a buncha Cyndi Laupers
  4. At least Bart police didn't shoot him in the back of the fucking head. Baby steps.
  5. Maybe we'll beat them by 7 points a last second field goal.
  6. Acting was top notch. Directing was top notch. It just fell a little short in the story, at least how it wrapped up. Just a little, nothing major. Agreed. She's not classically beautiful but her character is appealing.
  7. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/mexico-deploys-forces-reports-deadly-ambush-americans-n1076361
  8. Lol One judge scored it 30 27 Gastelum and the other scored it 30 27 Till.
  9. They call him the "gorilla"? Isn't that racist?
  10. He is nice but he's also under powered and has a fragile chin. He's slick as hell and gets by on skill and speed. He's got maybe 2 years left on him before the speed diminishes. Rose, grow your fucking hair back!
  11. Palo Alto is nice but when you have to drive through certain parts of SF, Berkley and most of Oakland (and you will have to at some point), just be prepared for the third-world levels of filth and deprivation that you'll see.
  12. The only time I visited Columbus I stayed in Bexley. It was really nice. Columbus has some kickass ice cream places. But yeah, OSU fans blow.
  13. True but it was a fun terrible movie. I'd much rather watch a fun terrible movie than an excruciating okay movie, like some MCU movies.
  14. So we've been bouncing on support for a while. Does anyone have a take on this market?
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