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  1. ajax

    Tiger King

    I don't understand the appeal at all of the exotic cats. I have no desire to pet a baby tiger. I see one of those things and I think "that thing wants to kill me".
  2. I don't think so. This one has a bunch of no names in it, including some dude playing a Canadian version of Sam Elliott.
  3. My wife is addicted to some Netflix soap opera set on a horse ranch. I can't remember the name but it's the most bland show I've ever seen.
  4. Liberals and conservatives killing each other, taking cancel culture to the next level. What's not to like? It was dumb. It was fun. I wasn't bored. Nice job acting by the lead, who you couldn't help root for.
  5. A Fall from Grace Only watch if you're desperate for entertainment. It sucked. I saw the ending coming a mile away.
  6. Rewatched Dark City last night. For a movie made in the 90s, it still looks and feels modern except for the dated 90s sound design. A few of the effects looked dated but nothing too bad. Still a great movie and peak Jennifer Connelly was pure smoke.
  7. Back in my 20s I used to ride a Ninja. Now I'm starting to get the itch again, dammit. Maybe a Goldwing, seeing as I'm no longer young and dumb.
  8. More Colton news The Bachelor’s Colton Underwood Reveals He Once Questioned His Sexuality After Years of Bullying
  9. ajax

    Black Mirror

    It took the Wuhan virus to get me to eventually watch Bandersnatch. It was engaging because I had to pay attention but not really that interesting. I still haven't gotten to the endings where he dismembers dad, kills Kitty, or the grown up Pearl ending.
  10. I'm not up on why Elisabeth Moss gets so much hate but fuck, she's a good actress. This director has now made two great movies in a row.
  11. It looks like she's got the halfpipe from the Winter X-Games under her nose.
  12. Wasn't there a show like this years and years ago, with some professional tennis player? He was in his thirties and the women were either in their 20s or in their 40s and 50s. I think it was called "Age of Love." He chose a young one btw.
  13. What about The Bachelor Vietnam, where two of the chicks dumped the dude and declared their love for each other?
  14. Check out Khabib wrestling with the #1 high school wrestler at 152. He totally manhandles the kid as is expected.
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