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  1. I don't believe it's luck at all. Just funny to me that you took umbrage at the word myth instead of the scale on how to rank minorities. Do Indians count as Asians? What's the exchange rate on blue-collar Italians?
  2. We get it, you love the model minority myth. YOU being born healthy in America put YOU on third base.
  3. Vote before 5/24 if you haven't already done your mail ballot. It is too late to ask for an application by mail. Must vote in the same primary as you did before. If you did not vote in the primary, you can participate in either primary runoff. Ballot by Mail Tracker: https://teamrv-mvp.sos.texas.gov/BallotTrackerApp/#/login Where do I vote- https://teamrv-mvp.sos.texas.gov/MVP/mvp.do What are you watching? What I'm watching - Republican AG race Duh - South Texas - Will progressive or conservative Dem win in TX-28, TX-15, TX SD-27 (LaMantia has Lucio endorsement after retiring, also I just personally know a ton of her family), and TX HD-37 (Villareal was Lucio Jr aide) - TX SD 24 between Pete Flores and Raul Reyes - Will competitive Democratic runoffs in South Texas push Hispanic candidates over the edge in Dem statewide races for AG, Land Commissioner, and Comptroller - Does Jasmine Crockett complete the one and done in Dallas area from state house to US House - Will Sarah Stogner lead more candidates to ride pumpjacks? Wayne Christian should not ride a pumpjack - Austin area folks check in for Ellen Troxclair v Justin Berry
  4. Were you here for the Dem primary thread? Be comfortable
  5. Put the brakes on man. You can transport them to an out of state fertility clinic that’s women friendly (Dem). I work for a fertility benefits company and you’d be surprised how many companies are reaching out right now for Travel reimbursements related to reproductive health/trans conforming care/rural growth options in unfriendly states
  6. 5+ million jobs is Jack shit lolzzzzz
  7. Relief is on the way!!!! Thank you Texas Republicans for making it this easy to get in after 20 years of leadership. Biden needs these supply chain workers and Texas need more homes built with these same guys. I’m not sure where the dangerous, fentanyl induced killers hell bent on invading the country are at, but hopefully these ones invade Home Depot ASAP. Ol’ No Legs Greg leading from the front on the border
  8. No it’s pretty spot on. First vaccine shots administered in mid December 2020 after the election. Lame ducks typically use this time to help transition instead of foment doubt in the hopes of overturning an election. It was the first time there was not a peaceful transition of power.
  9. I literally bought this book for my best friend when him and his wife had a kid https://amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/may/12/mississippi-teacher-firing-upheld-i-need-a-new-butt It’s about a kid who thinks he needs a new butt cause his has a crack in it
  10. The great chicken wing crisis of 2020 was fake. Joey Thighden would never sink this low. https://amp.theguardian.com/environment/2022/may/12/meatpacking-industry-trump-downplay-covid-threat
  11. Incredulity couldn’t name 5 of the 30 stocks in the DJIA. He definitely buys on the way up. Loves crypto too
  12. 2 million more voters in Texas now than 4 years ago when Beto first ran and lost by 215k.
  13. No by doing everything he did with getting vaccines out to everyone, including mandates, he got people back to work faster than ever imagined. He is single-handedly responsible and you need to buy some ice cream today.
  14. Here at Politifact we’re going to take a quote that is true, “6.5 million jobs in one year is the most ever created” and we’re going to rate this half-true because if we decide that Joe used the phrase “percentage wise instead of raw numbers” it would be wrong. “If he did in fact say that, it’s be a half truth. He didn’t actually do that though, but we’re still treating it as a half truth.”
  15. I’ve had nothing to do with the commentary on an NPR fellow interview, besides give snark to posters who can’t do a simple Google search to find it. You wanting to make some attack on NPR is expected. Here’s an actual link, with data, from the CBO on the deficit numbers. https://www.cbo.gov/publication/57974 https://www.cbo.gov/system/files/2022-05/57974-MBR.pdf
  16. It takes two seconds to find the NPR clip/article based on the post
  17. Reckless government spending by Joey when he cuts deficits by 350 billion and then close to 1.5 trillion the next. The nerve of you Bada Bing conservatives coming in and showing off your single brain cell to us monkeys is as haughty as it gets.
  18. My first post explained it. Are you brain dead or a teacher?
  19. Yea people celebrated Rush’s death for his belief in trickle down economics and that’s bad
  20. ^^^^^* This guys thinks there were not permanent job losses in this country.
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