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  1. Come on JD...make it happen!
  2. Just got home from taking my son to the airport. See I didn’t miss much. What a fucking embarrassment. CDC...
  3. No. Will be used for concerts, XFL, soccer, high school sports, etc. Plus, there’s still the existing business offices located where center field used to be.
  4. Makes me a little sad. It’s going to be a strange feeling going to the new park and seeing the old one across the street after having so many great memories with my family over the years. But I felt that way about Arlington Stadium too and I eventually got over that. Couldn’t they have put a damn roof on the Ballpark?
  5. I’ll save you some grief...he’s going to come at you with individual (and random) PED use.
  6. Luka nails 3 with 46.1 left in the game to put it away. Me:
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