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  1. No need to thank me for this win. Reverse jinx worked. They scored 16 points in the final 7 minutes.
  2. We’ve scored 9 points in the 2nd half with 7 minutes left. Wtf?
  3. Just finished listening. Good show gents!
  4. Rangers win their first game of the Spring. Gallo with home run #3. Woohoo!
  5. Like I said...if it’s proven to be racist...then get rid of it. And I mean the intent, lyrics, and everything. But I want to see the facts.
  6. I know one thing...I’ll be glad to never hear the term “minstrel show” again. That’s the dumbest fucking term for an activity I’ve ever heard. Didn’t know what one was before this ordeal and don’t care to ever know either. If it’s proven by a committee of professors, historians, and experts that the song is indeed racist...then get rid of the song. But I’d sure like to read those findings. If it’s proven not to be racist...then keep it and sing it loud and proud. End of story. That’s all I got bitches. Hook’em!
  7. Elite shortstop? We shall see. Calling himself 'an elite shortstop' who is 'ready to prove it,' Isiah Kiner-Falefa eager to lead Texas Rangers https://es.pn/3r75Z7H
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