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  1. i also noticed about 10 minutes in, trump said if biden was in charge of covid, he wouldn't have done anything and 2 million+ would've died. then a few minutes later, he said that biden wanted to shut down the whole country. i guess if you take both sides, you can never be wrong. you just sound like a fucking idiot.
  2. if biden wins florida and/or north caro, they can call it. it's over. those states will have a good sense by late tues night. pennsylvania also will be counted and have a good idea of where they stand. i'm not sure how those states handle mail-in vote counting, but someone can look it up, i think florida is pretty fast. sidenote, if you care about predictit, biden has been hovering between $0.57-$0.60 for months now. today, he's been at $0.62-$0.63 most of the day. also on the map, penn went from light blue to medium blue. north caro went from pink to light blue (for the first time in a long time), and florida went from pink to light blue (i think it's even money at $0.50). basically, for the first time in several weeks, it has biden over 270 without the help of the light blue states (ariz, florida, north caro). light blue = anything under $0.65 for biden.
  3. so much "you're gonna miss me" energy. if he would ever fucking go away, i guess we'll find out.
  4. then it really seems like unfortunate timing to cry like a toddler then shit yourself.
  5. stupid question alert - is there any rational person who didn't vote in 2016 and is getting off the sidelines and voting trump in 2020? i mean, i know there will be plenty of these people. i know they exist. but what goes through a person's brain who was indifferent enough in 2016 but has seen something over the past 4 years that says, yep, that's my guy. i totally understand getting off the mat and voting against hillary. we all know how unpopular she was, and the trump/fox/rnc machine working against her for over a decade. but biden doesn't really have that. i'm not naive enough to think that every one of these people is voting dem, but come on.
  6. there's 2 ways trump can play this - either as a choice or a referendum on his performance. he obviously can't let it be a referendum, so i expect most of what trump says will center around joe biden, hunter biden, and barack obama. there's your fucking bingo card. trump will make this all about "joe biden's america" and make it seem as if pre-covid, he was in charge, because in his brain, he thinks he was doing a good job because the stock market (ignore the whole impeachment situation), and since covid, including the blm protests, that biden somehow took over. biden needs to clearly explain that "joe biden's america" is something trump has concocted to try and distract america from his (lack of) covid response. he needs to say that despite trump's claims, that he, like millions of other americans, is unemployed.
  7. so trump has $400mm (or way more) coming due over the next couple years. the trump campaign, which raised over $1bb is now "broke" and no one seems to know where the money went. the former campaign manager barricaded himself in his house and tried to kill himself. are we going to sit here and pretend that these are 3 isolated, unrelated facts?
  8. please, some reporter or chris wallace: "in 2018, you publicly reported $434mm in gains. yet your tax records show $47mm in losses. which is it, please?" any smart person aware of self-preservation would admit that he inflated the gains in an attempt to continue to puff himself up for the public, and would admit that the losses are correct. but trump won't. he'll say the gains are correct and admit to tax fraud. i mean, he won't, he'll call the numbers bullshit and filibuster for 12 minutes, and also nobody will ask him that, but somebody fucking should. because he would absolutely inadvertently admit to a felony.
  9. is nobody going to bring up tillman audibly saying “nice” as the tech wr caught the long sideline pass that they ended up calling out of bounds?
  10. it’s not about money, it’s about tearing down something obama did. duh.
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