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  1. once i get on a ventilator, just give me all the drugs. and i mean all of them. at once. what do i have to lose?
  2. someone needs to ask this in question form. "sir, you're such an incredible genius, your insight into so many subjects is well known, but your son-in-law, he seemed a little over his head the other day. do you think he struggles trying to follow in your footsteps and hold his own out here, or is that just too much to ask?"
  3. he’s number 1 on the federalist right now. obama could never be number 1 on the federalist.
  4. it clearly was not a perfect letter. or a beautiful letter. those are the only letters trump concerns himself with.
  5. i keep waiting for trump to promise the nfl will be back by july.
  6. fauci seems shocked that people are actually social-distancing? some of us have governors that don’t take their cue from the fat orange man at the podium.
  7. it’s fascinating to me that trumpers think these daily briefings are good for his re-election hopes.
  8. some of these posts aged poorly. of course they were from nearly 2 weeks ago, so...
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