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  1. yeah i made a similar point several days ago. the two people they keep complaining they can’t call as witnesses are hunter biden and the whistleblower. even under the most ideal dream gop scenario, these two are not in position to be rebuttal witnesses for the facts laid out. if that doesn’t prove republicans’ intent, nothing will.
  2. not sure what you guys are talking about, but my pager just went off, so...
  3. i'm not gonna lie. this is fucking damaging. i mean, this is the case, really. this is the one time where we actually heard (or thought we heard) the president literally say he wanted the investigation. and now that these holes have been poked, it seems like holmes just made it all up, and now we have no proof of trump ever asking for the investigation... except for everything he told sondlond. and rudy. and the multiple times he said it to tv cameras. then said it again about china. then jordan said he was joking. then trump said no, i'm not joking. then rudy said it to cuomo on air. then mulvaney said it in a live press conference. then he said jk, lol. then also it was in the transcript he released. because he thought it was perfect. but it wasn't perfect. then it came out that attorneys put that transcript in the secret server. then they said jk, lol that was a mistake. but then it wasn't a mistake. and then the attorneys told people, hey, please don't discuss this perfect call with anyone kthxbai. but really, this all comes down to cuomo's mom. game. set. match.
  4. at 0:58 seconds in, you see what kind of look a powerful boss can give to get someone to shut the fuck up.
  5. there was a doc on hbo about ben bradlee not long ago, which was pretty solid. there was a part where some co-workers basically said after the movie came out - which had robards acting a certain way - bradlee started imitating some of the mannerisms in real life. it was like he became the movie version of himself. the people who told the stories were really funny with it.
  6. once when I was reporting, lyndon johnson's top guy gave me the word they were looking for a successor to j edgar hoover. i wrote it and the day it appeared johnson called a press conference and appointed hoover head of the fbi for life. and when he was done, he turned to his top guy and said, call ben bradlee and tell him fuck you. everyone said, you did it, bradlee, you screwed up. you stuck us with hoover forever. i screwed up, but i wasn't wrong.
  7. how dangerous? well, it's not that we're using nameless sources that bothers me. or that everything we print, the white house denies. or that no other papers are reprinting our stuff. what then? look, there are two thousand reporters in this town, are there five on watergate? when did the washington post suddenly get the monopoly on wisdom? why would the republicans do it? mcgovern's self-destructed just like humphrey, muskie, the bunch of them. i don't believe this story. it doesn't make sense. figured this was topical, and this movie's been on my mind a lot recently for obvious reasons. if you haven't read goldman's adventures in the screen trade, it's worth it just for this chapter. great stories, especially about bernstein and his then fiancee', nora ephron trying to undercut his script. also robards kills it because he's awesome.
  8. he was my ticket hookup.
  9. "walmart oligarchs" is a solid fantasy football team name.
  10. every criminal i've put in prison, every cop that owes me a favor, every creep and scumbag that walks the streets for a living will know the name of donald j trump.
  11. i don't think you're quitting, because you believe all this. i think you wanna believe it, because you're quitting.
  12. i don't really give a shit about hunter biden, what he did, or what he knows. the whistleblower is a little different, because of the whole intimidation and retribution thing - since there's no other reason to 'out' him. as for hunter, he doesn't have shit to do with the held-up aid, so i'm not sure what questions they would even ask him. this entire thing is about the aid. if they can't find someone to contradict the fact or reasoning behind the held-up aid, then they have nothing. which we know, full well, full stop, is fucking obvious at this point. can we trade hunter for bolton and a ptbnl? you win the fucking pennant with that trade.
  13. ok fuck it i found it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4RDqo8gWwE won't embed, but you know, it works. brad, can i call you brad? better than yesterday when you called me reggie. okay, terry, so i looked through your books - which are actually just young adult novels you've shoved receipts into. and technically speaking, we're in some deep deuce. hey, look at that. I did have snake insurance. terry, this is just the back of a jury summons that says, "'like a good neighbor, snake farm is there' would be a great slogan for a snake insurance company. nochetussin. my mom got it from mexico because it's discontinued in the states. and in mexico. which is why the mexicans smuggle it from nicaragua. where it's also illegal. it's made in libya in a neighborhood of tripoli called "little mexico". warning: good luck.
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