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  1. eh, i'm not sure about this. technically, you have to actually be working on something to "quit". he basically called in sick on his first day of work and nobody has heard from him since.
  2. i mean, they're basically just stealing bits from veep now.
  3. so by my count, that's a trumpkin, a never-trumper republican, and a bernie-bro all living in the same house. i'd watch that shit.
  4. just so we’re clear, the president aced a test where questions include a picture of a lion and a rhino, where you have to identify the lion? also 6 points were awarded for knowing the correct date and what city and state you’re currently in? is this the test we’re talking about?
  5. it will be seen as one of the first dominos that led to the dissolution of the united states. the battle of tropicana blvd will be in history books as the west broke off first. eventually, the confederate flag will have an accurate number of stars again.
  6. west coast time never helps either. thought the dumb and dumber gif may have been a little excessive but whatevs. i also don’t go on the epstein thread.
  7. ghislaine maxwell just got arrested. this is a crazy season of tv we're having.
  8. yeah, we went through a british grisly murder show phase a few years ago. broadchurch, the fall, collateral, several others.
  9. didn't somebody cut their hand open a while back opening a cd case or some shit? probably was over 10 years ago, i mean, cd's. if i'm remembering it right, brian anderson (the pitcher) had several weirdo injuries.
  10. her questioning of barr back when is starting to get extraordinarily relevant, now that they removed the top guy at sdny.
  11. wouldn't he also be "recording" his scores, or whatever people do to track them with the course? i'm sure there's a rick reilly article somewhere about this, but i thought i remembered reading that trump, while often boasting about his scores, rarely actually turned them in to be counted.
  12. lee strasberg, martin scorsese, and william goldman could spend a month on the warner bros backlot with donald trump and not get a one minute clip as believable as this.
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