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  1. we use roku but luckily have a samsung smart tv that provides a little shortcut. it's mildly annoying, since we don't use the smart features for anything except hbo max at this point. my sister in law, however, only uses roku and has an older tv. what's the cheapest way for her to get it? amazon fire stick or something? she was all stoked to use our login info, and now somehow this is my problem to fix.
  2. it's a good news/bad news situation. trump set the bar so low that simply a qualified, competent, non-criminal is a huge upgrade. at the same time, those could be some uninspired selections that leave much to be desired by many who pulled the lever for biden.
  3. i'm starting to think this isn't going great for his reelection chances.
  4. god i hope this goes to the supreme court. that would be a really good ending to this season.
  5. yeah, i just assumed he went on several "work" trips over the 3 months, just as an excuse to see her and kill time. yeah, it was coincidental that this particular fake one happened when he really did need to skip town, but it really only bought him 8-12 hours at most. side question, maybe something only a criminal attorney would know about - but i thought the whole argument that he "fled" could've been attacked more by the defense atty. they used it as evidence of his guilt, and to blow his bond up. yeah, he was gone about 24-36 hours (i think), but did show up at his own family beach house. when the cop was on the stand, he said something like, "well, there was his dna, and he fled." if i was cross examining him, i would've been like, "oh, did you find him in south america? europe? singapore? oh, you found him at his own house a day later when his wife called 911." to me this would've presented more in line with his story of "i was in shock, knew i'd be blamed, and i freaked out and needed to see my family." going upstate for a minute then going to the beach house doesn't really paint him as a guy looking to lam it the rest of his life. also i'm sure in real life (and maybe in the book) the cops would've tracked his credit cards, passport, whatever they would normally do, but it kinda bothered me that they never even mention it in the show. they thought he was at the apartment because his cell phone was there. then they were like, oh well, hope he turns up. they didn't even go search the beach house (which i would assume maybe wouldn't be in the original warrant if it's his father-in-law's place). he also stated that he went to see her, got into a fight, then went to a bar to think things over, then went back and found her dead. were they planning on even checking on that alibi? cctv near the bar? finding out the name of the bar? asking the bartender questions about him and what state he was in? checking his credit card statement? nah, we got our guy. i know it all worked out for the cops, but they seemed pretty sloppy the way they had tunnel vision for him. and if the attorney didn't fuck up, he walks.
  6. we’re setting the bar low this morning, i see.
  7. speech content aside, if not for the absurd antics of trump and his cult-followers, it was actually a pretty boring election that took about 30 hours. i think they did it correctly, taking their time, making sure to get it right, and not making a call for 4 days, but it was essentially over on wed afternoon. and even that could've been solved if the rust belt states used whatever florida or the quick counting states used for mail-in ballots. i get it, it's new, and covid, and there are procedures, but even with the nonsense, this was a boring election that took a few extra hours to sort out, in a completely predictable way. if they counted early, trump could've had his "election day" he keeps mentioning from the 70's and 80's. and he would've lost. trump is like the guy who runs into the movie theater naked and yelling and screaming and then comes out and says "i heard there were crazy naked people in there screaming". yes, this election took 4 days to call and still isn't "over" in the minds of many. this election had wild twists and turns. this election had weird and suspect roller coaster vote tabulating. all of that was reality tv produced by trump. trump took a shit in a box and marked it guaranteed, he's got spare time.
  8. there's a liquor store at the bottom of my street and i'm being generous when i say "liquor store". it's basically a 7-11 with a decent amount of wine, and some liquor bottles behind the counter. i never go in there unless i'm grabbing a coke or quick bottle of wine for the wife. i dropped in today because i happened to be walking somewhere else. the first dude asked me what i was looking for, and i said bourbon, asked if they had anything new or interesting or allocated, anything they maybe set aside. he literally walked up to all of his bottles and said, "buffalo trace is pretty good, this four roses is good, i think this japanese one is good (all the stuff i could see myself)". so then i ask him again if anything ever comes in and gets set aside, who the hell knows, i said december is the biggest allocated bourbon month. so he goes and gets nathan, that he would know more. nathan comes out and i ask him similar questions, and he walked up to all the same bottles, "have you had buffalo trace, we just got eagle rare in, also this four roses is good". so i ask him if he ever gets anything allocated, because i know they can't order it and it just "comes when it comes" (i stole this line from my grocery store hookup, and it's amazing how everyone kinda knowingly nods when i use it). he says they get blantons every now and then, but it's been a while. then he walks back to the register, and by the lighters and gum he grabs a bottle that was already on the counter and he said, "this is pretty good, it's $60 but i can cut you a deal." so there was a bottle of stagg, jr just sitting on the counter, in plain view, for long enough that he felt the need to "cut me a deal." also after you hear me ask (twice) about anything you put aside, maybe next time open with "i have this bottle of stagg, jr", instead of taking me on a scenic tour of bottles i can see from sunset blvd. i explained to him that i would happily pay full price for it, and a nice bottle of wine for the wife, and then i gave him all my personal information and explained how close i lived. and if he ever gets a bottle again that he feels the need to set aside, to text me first, and i would literally run down there. you never know.
  9. i do not think his announcements so far have shown any progress towards proclaimed progressive goals. i think someone around him thinks that diversity = progressive, and while both are important, one does not equal the other. i think it's reductive to say "we're going to have our administration look like america" and then fill it with diverse looking people who all share the same opinions and goals. my comment was more about the mini-argument brad was having with python about stated goals and website aspirational bullshit. the first step in accomplishing some of these goals is to list it publicly so that people can know what to expect and hold you to account. it's early december and that's the only step he's taken. it's meaningless, but i'd rather he list the right goals than not list the right goals. you do you, buddy.
  10. ok, this is going to be one of my self-indulgent longwinded reviews, so as always, i'll put it in quotes to make it easier to ignore...
  11. like i said, i agree with you. i also would love a situation where the fbi director isn't considered part of the president's administration (i get that he's under the ag and the ag is part of the cabinet, but you understand what i mean). the question is how stubborn biden and those around him will be about returning to the good ole (pre-trump) days.
  12. i don't know that much of wray's background, but he hasn't seemed to be as much of a trump stooge. it would be great to go back to the days of depoliticizing roles like "fbi director" but i agree, those days are likely all behind us.
  13. wasn't sarcasm as much as me trying to communicate to brad that if he's expecting anything more than declared objectives on a website on december 1st, he's setting himself up for disappointment and frustration. there will be plenty of time for that down the road (the disappointment and frustration, not the objectives).
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