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  1. yeah, it's hard to explain what goes through my brain when i watch a new show, but it often gets me in trouble on this board. i find a show that isn't going to spell everything out, a show that wants to drop bread crumbs and let me do some of the heavy lifting to figure shit out. but then when i engage and find little inconsistencies or confusing things that shouldn't be confusing, i often get hit with, "can't you just enjoy a great tv show for what it is?" he came in from county pd, had a bit of a reputation (he solved the so-and-so case), and the looks he gave when mare seemed to
  2. there's a smaller spot in that county?
  3. i think half have paid now. and in a bizarre and fortuitous twist of fate, i had a stoploss sell order set on my purchase (i had done it the first day to try and grab the best pricing) and we sold at $54k over a week ago. i am buying it back now in pieces, but our entry point will be alot closer to 44k when we're back in. we have $800 back in now ($44.6k), and i'm going to wait a min to sell a couple things to generate some cash and avoid putting more $ into my acct. bottom line - the pot won't suffer from this latest crash, and it was entirely accidental.
  4. ok, so parts of this post were really meant for after the first 1-2 eps, maybe 3rd, but i was behind, so i haven't really been able to post here at the right time. i like this show a lot, there's a ton going on, and sometimes i'm playing catch up figuring out who is who and who's related to who, and what's going on, and i love that. i don't want to be spoon-fed. but there are a few things i've noticed as i'm watching that i have either questions about, or just wondering why these elements have been ignored. -when they first found erin's body, it wasn't long before they saw the vide
  5. we needed good lance this week. we got good lance this week. the rest of the league should consider themselves lucky tomorrow.
  6. i don’t know how this will end, but gtfo with “the killing” being a great show. that was “the beating” to get through and had some structural flaws that drove everybody nuts. maybe it’s better to binge. and i say this as someone biased towards liking it. where is @Prepuce of Doom when you need him? the accents are a little distracting but i am offer that. there are 2-3 different ways this can end satisfying. right now it seems to be going the way of “the undoing” which has every episode end with a different theory handed to the viewer.
  7. eventually all the great nbc tv shows from the past 25 years (30 rock, the office, parks and rec, will and grace, friends, west wing, er) are going to end up either on peacock (nbc/univ owned) or hbo-max (warners). netflix will begin to have less and less content in the category of "rewatchable sitcom/hour long" - it's already been happening. we'll see if hulu/amazon will continue to pay for it, or if that's even an option for them. moving forward, ownership will be everything.
  8. a's already down a touchdown early. let's go pick up a game.
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