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  1. the wife won’t let me go to the grocery store but i wonder how the “hey i’m running over to a random high school football game” conversation/fight will go.
  2. without getting too racist/racial, i personally have no issue watching a show with a white star and mostly white contestants, or black star and mostly black/mixed contestants (or any combination of people they end up with). it was my understanding that the contestants are largely based on the preferences of the bachelor/bachelorette. the format and structure of the show (or at least the first 5-6 weeks of any season) are what i like. and i don't see a reason to have a diverse pool of contestants if that's not what the star wants, just because abc thinks they're "listening" or "learning"
  3. yeah, we watched some of it last night and i just ~watched the end today. i thought it was hilarious that victoria was basically both-sides'ing the issue. "yeah, i understand that i was horrible and mean, but since then, online, people have been horrible and mean to me for how i treated everyone on the show, so i don't really feel like i owe anyone a real apology, because i feel like i learned my lesson." lulz.
  4. it's jackie daytona, regular human bartender...
  5. same. i will watch the pilot for pretty much any show. it's either good and i want to continue watching, or it's bad, and i consider it a learning experience about setting up structure for a world, a premise, and a group of characters. this was the latter.
  6. yeah, i have no idea what type of recruiter ewers is, but maalik is at it nonstop and seems to have the type of personality and attitude other top players gravitate towards. ewers could prove to be a better college quarterback, but i feel like we're in great shape with this take.
  7. the way he quickly defended the show/current contestants (which is something he always does) was the issue. he didn't really get into the specifics of what the girl did, but definitely implied that hey, some things that might not be ok now were totally cool 2 years ago and deal with it. it was a bad look at a bad time and it took him a while to inject some common sense into his response. i think it's shitty if he loses the gig altogether over this but that doesn't mean it won't happen. people need to learn to read the room, and if they're not ready to say the right thing (or think the
  8. crypto tax breaks but only for the crypto wealthy.
  9. first of all... second of all, i like how it looks like their stand-ins are waiting at the table in the back.
  10. good luck clearing tobey maguire’s schedule.
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