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  1. since nobody responded, i'll point it out. they were in the car where the coldplay song was playing on repeat. that made me think of the roadtrip flashback scene in how i met your mother, where the "i would walk five hundred miles" cassingle was stuck in marshall's fiero and they had to listen to it over and over again, driving them insane. i paused the show to explain that part to the wife, as it was the only time i remember seeing that type of gag. 2 scenes later, oldman is sitting in the car refusing to get out, and "i would walk 500 miles" was blaring on his car radio. that cannot be a coincidence.
  2. in case anyone was unaware, this is the new swimming with sharks. i haven't watched it all, but it gets pretty dark and very...sexual.
  3. nice little tues at the grocery.
  4. when my nephews were young, all they wanted to do was watch cars over and over. i watched it like 35x. after the first few times, you're kinda like, this is basically doc hollywood, it's fine, kids like it. then after like 10x, you start seeing all this nuance and subtlety and undertone, and you're like, it's inspired by 1940's french cinema, and i'm the only one who sees this. then after the 20th viewing, you're all, this is knockoff schlock meant for mindless 3 year olds, i'm over it. then after 30, you're like, am i missing something? is this my favorite movie of all time?
  5. it's called "swimming with sharks".
  6. not sure what you're talking about. betty isn't in my rewatches.
  7. not sure i've seen a ball hit on such a line over the monster. forgetting whatever wind they were blathering about.
  8. dude doesn’t even seem like a rookie.
  9. if you don't watch yellowstone, it's really just a sequel to 1883.
  10. coaches were overconfident. because he already transferred to texas.
  11. no commitment thread bumps are ever good news. most threads are usually also not great news. this whole website is a shitcircus.
  12. pretty much every half inning on mlb.tv they show the braves celebrating their world series victory in slow motion and then the screen says, "baseball zen."
  13. i don't have a rulebook in front of me but this cannot be right. if we took the lead in t6, they would not call the game as an astros win in the middle of the 6th no way. if the red sox were leading after 5 innings, they could've called it, presumably even in the middle of the 6th. i do feel like there used to be more "fuck it, let's start the game over some other time" in the old days. doesn't seem to happen much anymore, not sure what changed.
  14. bielak/soloman could go 4 and plan to have javier go 2-3 after. not strict tandem, just play it by feel.
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