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  1. yep, you really sidestepped that land mine.
  2. if it was official policy, then why did he use the word "favor"?
  3. while in prison, you give up many rights a normal citizen would otherwise have on the outside. bt and i went 12 rounds over this months ago, so there's no need to rehash, but to oversimplify it the way you have is silly.
  4. you can have that banner when you take it from my cold, dead memories.
  5. i'm just checking in to say this has been a really fun off-season. first-rate all around.
  6. if by “dream team” you mean they’ll need lots of naps, i agree.
  7. which is weird considering many people have said he has the best memory of all time.
  8. that's not true. according to b_t, the most recent mayor of sb is a republican.
  9. if i was running a hoax investigation of someone, you know what would make me shut the fuck up and embarrass the shit out of me? having fact witnesses come forward and exonerate the target of my investigation. would be such a simple and convenient way to end it all. why is this not happening? why is he not being asked about this? we need reporters to goad him into insisting on witnesses.
  10. whoa whoa whoa, i was told repeatedly around here that "there was no crime".
  11. so i'm sure i've told this story before, but i had kinda forgotten about it... late in the season in 2015, after gomez and fiers had been acquired, we went to an astros game in anaheim, and as we typically do, sat down close in the astros friends and family section. we were having a discussion about them, and i said gomez was talented but was kind of a hot dog, but who knows, could be good for the team, energize them, whatever. but i didn't say much about fiers because there wasn't much to say. there was a group in front of us - a family with kids, but they were also with a couple women in their 30's. and most of them had some sort of brewer shit on, but obviously they had good seats in the astros section. they kinda joined in our conversation, and didn't explain how, but they definitely had some personal knowledge of the two former brewers. contrary to what i had been saying, one of the women said, "carlos is actually a really sweet guy, like, the best....but fiers is a fucking snake." and i remember thinking, that's kinda harsh language in front of a stranger, i wonder what he did to her (or to someone she knows). i did not ask. way to live up to your rep, hombre.
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