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  1. The power companies going bankrupt counts as carnage right? ERCOT overcharged power companies $16 billion for electricity during winter freeze Sounds like a market-based approach is just not built to deal well with emergency situations. Whodathunkit.
  3. there's a good Scott Manley breakdown of the asplosion Notable notes from the video: the rocket didn't decelerate on one engine, it maintained a pretty constant 15mph on the single-engine descent before landing the landing legs failed to fully deploy, the above vid has a nice clip where you can clearly see three of the legs just dangling, not having locked in place the ship visibly bounced on landing, which is what probably damaged the pressure tanks leading to the RUSH the RUSH (rapid unplanned second hop) appears to be mainly from the extremely pressuri
  4. I mean, Port OConnor hasn't been taking it seriously since at least Thanksgiving lol. Over New Years while I was down there duck hunting, facemasks were less common than trump flags. Gonna be down again this weekend and I'm more or less expecting a bunch of boomers going fully covid-hoax.
  5. My wife and I have been trying to figure out how we feel about just pulling out the stops to get vaxxed, but we're both young, healthy, and not 1a/b. Guess that's what we get for living healthy and not smoking. How'd y'all get doses lined up? Did y'all have to lie about 1a/b?
  6. So about Texans staying smart and continuing to follow health practices... we gon get SICK yall!!
  7. I agree, HEB should have stood their ground on this. They hire fucking SEAL Security to walk around with german shepherds and blacked out security guards packing guns, they shouldn't have to bend to the will of the chads and karens of TX. It's just fucking idiotic to put their employees and immuno-compromised customers at heightened risk.
  8. They don't want their employees to have to deal with MAGAts who militantly refuse to wear a mask
  9. The Pentagon officials testimony claims Miller’s authorization came at 4:32 — 15 minutes after Trump told his "very special" insurrectionists to "go home in peace." Was Miller waiting for Trump’s blessing before defending the Capitol?
  10. There's gonna be some seriously cool video coming out of today's launch
  11. No facemasks isn't a COVID risk, it's the Mexicans you should fear! Fucks sake, abbott is going full trump
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