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  1. Man who knew annie would take the trump tax news so poorly, this is more bluster than usual whenever there's negative trump news
  2. I'd bet 19 over 17 for most common glock at least in range and carry time. Maybe even most common pistol too, but you can never count out a hi point
  3. Defense really bailing us out here holy shit
  4. Special teams really showing off their special side today
  5. Hes one of the preferred sources to be posted followed usually with a sarcastic "peaceful protesters" quip. His favorite tactic is to misrepresent or withold context from his pictures and "reporting" on various civil unrest events. He's a professional victim and attention seeker, but someone who's reporting is apparently beyond reproach. At least you get name-called if you challenge his credibility
  6. Wait wait wait, I knew you were in the DB business but I didn't know that y'all WROTE Percona! Goddamn
  7. Jesus fuck you lawyers. Just cryptographically sign the package with your key to prove ownership. Why do the lawyers have to get paid to make new software? Lol I think the patent lawyer just wants more blood in the water
  8. I agree and that is the crux of the issue. I don't know where to find the files to look myself, but in court filings, Google argued that in submitting the code to the court, Oracle "redacted or deleted...both expressive material and copyright headers." Google called these omissions "significant elements and features." Edit: source for the claim, can't find the actual filing...
  9. You're missing the point. The copyrightable thing isn't the idea of doing something (the header and declaration), it's the actual implementation (the function itself). Do you have a technical background, or have you only litigated IP law?
  10. This is a common misconception. Thousands of lines of code means very little when you're writing foundational code for a massive sprawling service, like an operating system. Shit, the toy pintOS that I wrote in undergrad had thousands of lines of code - and much of it was similar in structure and repetitive, but that's what headers and function declarations are. To illustrate my point, here is a header file from the aforementioned pintOS that handles frames and multithreading: #include "threads/thread.h" #include "threads/palloc.h" struct frame{ void* page; tid_t tid; struct list_elem elem; void* uaddr; bool done; bool pinned; int count; // checks which frame is the oldest for eviction policy }; struct list frames_list; void* frame_allocate(enum palloc_flags flags, void* uaddr); void frame_init(); static bool add_frame(void* frame_addr, void* uaddr); void* evict_frame(void* new_frame_uaddr); struct frame* choose_evict(); void age_frames(int64_t timer_ticks); void frame_set_done(void *kpage, bool value); void frame_free (void *frame); That's what it comprises. It defines the structure of the underlying function, and the variables that will be used when invoking and using the function or data structure. It's entirely and expressly utilitarian. It does not define the underlying behavior of the function - or in this case the frame. In my OS course, we were given these header files and had to design against them because the hard thing is the implementation of functionality, not the interface to that functionality. If you're writing a cross-compatible runtime environment for code, there is literally no other way to accomplish that but to use the same headers (or at least headers containing the same information, but on a machine code/compiled level it doesn't make a shit) - because it's simply the transactional interface to the underlying functionality. edit: and if you really wanna turbonerd, here's the Stanford pintOS user guide. It outlines the assignments as "Implement the following system calls. The prototypes listed are ‘lib/user/syscall.h’." It even gives plain-english descriptions of what those functions do, because the creative and hard thing is making it actually work. Not how to invoke it.
  11. Again, not answering my question or supporting your original assertion of "opposing opinions get you crowdsourced in CR".
  12. so, not an example of crowdsourcing? Would you like to see my pages and pages of negs from stone oak and CTJ and the rest of the PLANDEMIC gang? Do I ascribe that same behavior to all of DT? No, because I don't get my panties in a wad because the number under my name went down a bit. It sounds like you just want a reason to dismiss the people who think differently from you based on the actions of a small subset of an unorganized group. Which considering the thread we're in, is *chefs kiss*
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