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  1. Well my sweet slow compatriot, the state of COVID in the US and specifically Texas is significantly more severe than it was in May and June. If you didn't notice, hospitals and morgues are filling up fast than they ever have due to COVID, and it still is trending in the wrong direction. But sure, go hit up those anti-facemask protests and please report back if you do.
  2. At this point, let em fucking protest the closure. They'll figure it out once enough get sick. Personal responsibility and all that.
  3. Holy shit there's holes all over the top deck. Put a fork in her, she's done
  4. Thanks for sharing the info, can you also link the underlying sources that are being summarized? I couldn't find that in your quoted text box
  5. I wonder what those dock workers must be going through in security debriefing. The loss of that vessel is a considerable blow to US naval force projection
  6. stone oak sure has been shitting up the DT COVID thread. I've been put in timeout for less than the political shitposting he's doing right now. Must need to report the posts more
  7. Texas coach going with a prevent gameplan and losing in the second half? I've never heard of such a thing!
  8. Toss that in with increased unemployment benefits ending this month with no indication of extension and the eviction protections starting to expire... It's gonna get real ugly soon.
  9. What are the two "sides" you're taking about here? People who think COVID is a serious thing, and those who don't?
  10. Can we get a quick heatcheck on Dr Fauci from the folks who still call COVID-19 "Kung flu" or "China virus"? Think he has been mostly correct or has been mostly wrong?
  11. Did you post on TOS? What was your old handle? Actually curious
  12. Wait, is dcar actually rocko?? That would make everything make much more sense. @dcar00 how you enjoying your brand new 1995 'vette?
  13. Where are you sourcing your data from? Is it a system that could be scraped and put into a DB? It's pretty easy to collect some data and connect it to a grafana dashboard for real-time and easy visualization
  14. Damn Annie, who pissed in your Cheerios this morning? You're extra equivocating today. Must be the rush of victory from seeing ya boi Stone go free
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