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  1. Let me tell you about a little thing called option contracts and margin calls
  2. What in the fuck are you talking about? We treat our poor like shit and pay them as little as possible. The utopia you describe died decades ago, there's not much mobility left in America. Bootstraps out front shoulda told ya
  3. If only there was some pre-existing pandemic response team that could have non-politically sounded the alarm bells. But if trump disbanded such a team years ago it's totally not his fault, right?
  4. Haven't seen much discussion here yet on some early challenges with HCQ treatments. Medical professionals, have y'all seen or heard much on this yet?
  5. Obesity is as significant of a risk factor as smoking is for heart and blood pressure issues.
  6. The control group still gets standard of care, it's not like they just get sugar pills and are shooed away. The entire reason for doing trials in the scientific manner boils down to knowing if it even makes a difference to be worth the side effects and other risk factors with a drug or treatment. And to help identify what those concerning symptoms are, should there be an edgecase of health conditions. It's not like scientists are trying to slow progress, it's just that when it comes to our bodies chemistry there's considerably higher stakes. And to wit, there's nothing more than anecdotal evidence that is disputed by other anecdotal evidence that HCQ+AZ is effective and safe
  7. If COVID-19 killed TABC's bullshit rules, I don't think anybody would shed a tear
  8. In a thread that’s supposed to be informative, it sure is good to have the same handful of assholes consistently derail the thread and invoke CR towards other posters who aren’t being political. I could have sworn that was against the rules from a prior post of yours, but I guess y’all are more looking at rep than actual post content for moderating. I guess since it’s the self-appointed thread police it’s all fine?
  9. Hm, SECNAV formally apologized to Capt. Crozier and the crew and is attempting to backpedal https://www.nbcnews.com/news/military/acting-navy-secretary-rips-ousted-captain-who-sounded-alarm-over-n1177676
  10. The Secretary of the Navy used the word "betrayal" in his remarks. That triggers UCMJ concerns regarding treason and dereliction of duty. There could certainly be some trumped up charges coming out of all of this.
  11. It's almost like the collective efforts to flatten the curve and push the peak out farther into the future (and lower in severity) is working or something.
  12. If only there was some national defense production piece of legislation that could be utilized in times like these to compel companies to ramp up production of critical materials for a common public good
  13. REIT's must receive 75% of their gross income from real property rent, interest from mortgages on real properties, and/or sale of real properties. There's a few different types of REIT's out there, but most have a big chunk comprising mortgage interest income. If mortgage payments are deferred, so is the interest income. You know how pretty much every mortgage is chopped and screwed and bundled and sold to investors and institutions? The most common instrument to access that market is a REIT (at least to my knowledge, if I'm wrong please tell me lol)
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