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  1. She corrected herself on the next tweet. Then updated with this:
  2. With the ease that law enforcement has in correlating who this person is, the IP the post was sent from, the device, etc I'm guessing the poster has no idea what premeditated means.
  3. He's said it several times over the past few years, the number bounces between 14 and 15 million. And at times, he just says "millions". In reality, since his inaguration, the US has only created (prior to our New Depression) 6 million jobs. The basis of this claim are pledges of job training by various US companies: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/icymi-bloomberg-wilbur-ross-ivanka-trump-introduce-workforce-advisory-board/
  4. I read the article. Here it is, copied directly from CNN. What was misleading about the title?
  5. She will never get the chance. He's taking up all the oxygen in the room now with his daily propaganda speeches.
  6. Speaking of, does Fox or OAN put up a tally on the death toll or how many cases are in this country? Maybe they do on their website, but on their channels? Point being, if the rubes never see an actual number, because they choose not to look around, they may not believe it's killed as many as it has so far.
  7. https://thebulwark.com/why-is-trump-obsessed-with-hydroxychloroquine/ TL;DR. In 2009 Trump bought a MLM that peddled vitamins. He renamed it, then peddled pills for diets, kids, skin care, etc. The Youtube clip of him is eerily close to what he does daily now:
  8. Ah, Mississippi. Don't ever change: https://m.jacksonfreepress.com/news/2020/apr/05/scv-gov-tate-reeves-proclaimed-confederate-heritag/ Oh, and here's the Governor speaking at the Sons of Confederate Veterans' national reunion in Vicksburg, Miss., in July 2013
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