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  1. But you see, his boss fucked a pornstar. Advantage MAGA.
  2. But it will work. It might not work for you, but it will work for someone. Virgin has to do something to draw attention; what with their location and Resort World coming online later this year. Best to suck up some of the media oxygen now then try to do it later in the summer. What will be interesting is if one of the majors follows suit. Virgin is small enough that it's not really competition for the major strip operators, but if one of them were to make the leap with similar changes in the coming months, you can bet your ass the others will take notice.
  3. My dad had his second Moderna on Saturday, and we knew there were people that have had some issues afterwards. He spent all Sunday in his recliner, awaiting the inevitable. Sure enough, around 24 hours after the shot, he began to get chills/run a slight fever. After a few hours it went away and he's been fine since. YMMV, of course, but anecdotal evidence is the Pfizer flavor is less susceptible for developing side effects than the Moderna. My wife had the Pfizer (first shot) last week, and she felt fine afterwards, but her arm was sore for 48 hours or so. My first shot (Pf
  4. Copy all the "pictures" to your Photos app. Just launch the Photos app, then drag over the orphaned pictures on your Mac. Macs have a program called Image Capture installed by default. Anytime you launch this program, all it will do is allow you to copy the photos from an SD card, or an attached iPhone...anything with photos on it...you just copy them to the Mac, but not the Photos app. That sounds like what has happened here. For reference, you can import directly to Photos from an SD card or whatnot, simply by plugging in the card, launching Photos, then doing an import. Once you ha
  5. These folks truly believed in the aftermath of what they did they were absolutely immune to any kind of legal recourse that might come their way. Deez Nuts guy, for example, knows it's illegal to rob a bank. If he did it, he sure as hell would not have bragged about his actions. But walking into the capitol building and doing whatever it was that he did? Why, that's in the Constitution. How dare anyone question what he and others did that day, and if they did, so what?
  6. Now close your eyes and imagine lugging up 125lbs of plutonium in the name of National Security.
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