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  1. Moving to 2 gig would require, in almost every instance, new devices from the ISP. Multigig interfaces do exist, but usually that is only on enterprise grade gear. Google is rolling out 2 gig in select markets, and it requires a new router they provide.
  2. 6'2", 185, fair complexion. Cut/shaved, can host. 420 friendly.
  3. "Sir". They probably had tears streaming down their faces as well, because they get to talk to the President.
  4. For starters, you get HBO. That used to be around $12-15 per month by itself. Then add on a bunch of other stuff. I pulled this from some website:
  5. If your cable modem was previously provisioned for a different company, there are no guarantees xfinity will allow you to use it on their network, or it may not be on their approved modem list. Better check to make sure before you make the leap. If I had a choice between xfinity and ATT fiber, I'm picking the fiber. You don't need the gig service, as others pointed out. But it's nice to have that headroom, plus you are gaining everything HBO has to offer.
  6. Miami's KO coverage kinda sucks. You let the kicker and one other just recover it at midfield?
  7. #5 lit his ass up. Hell, it looked like a screen.
  8. At a minimum, you are looking at a new bumper cover (either OEM, salvage or generic part) along with any trim that mounts to it (the black strip underneath the radiator opening). Then, labor for installation, paint and supplies. Also, hood. It looks like shit, but only because the clear is peeling off. It needs painted. Are we talking about R&R on the hood as well, or just leaving it as is? In order for this to look decent at all, the paint on the bumper cover will need to be blended into each fender and hood.
  9. Yes, we have access panel. And the faucet is a Moen, so I'm assuming here it can be easily changed to this (Delta), what matches the rest of the faucets in all the bathrooms:
  10. As subject says.... We are doing a minor remodel of our master bath. Home is 22 years old, so there's a smattering of brass stuff we are getting rid of over time. The one thing I can't find though are replacement jets and whatnot for a whirlpool tub: Note: Picture for reference only, not of our tub: The faucet is easy to come across, but I have no idea on the rest of the hardware. Home Depot and Lowes sells replacement hardware, but only with purchase of new tub. I've found a few places online that sell parts, but they want the make/model, and I can't find a makers mark stamped into any of our existing hardware. For all I know, it's generic. Most of the other boards I've been skimming just say to pull out the tub and replace it with a non-jetted model. In theory, I'm down with that but...the damned labor will probably be 3X more than the tub costs. Anyone have any experience swapping these out? Thx all.
  11. Since I was a junior, the 83-84 Hoyas were something to behold (along with the entire Big East, but that's another discussion. The 30 for 30 on the history of the Big East is a treat). You wanted a big backcourt? Reggie Williams at 6'7" and David Wingate at 6'5". Small? Michael Jackson and Horace Broadnax. Need two 7 footers? Dalton and Ewing. An enforcer? Orlando Graham at 6'9". Press? Zone? Man? Whatever you want to run, they had prime Ewing sitting back. They went 10 deep. Runner up would be the 90-91 UNLV squad, or Pitino's 95-96 Kentucky team. 9 Wildcats spent time in the NBA.
  12. No, not that. After the TU kickoff, they ran Hubbard 3 straight for a first down, and then the clock expired.
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