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  1. I know of two such people. I’ve heard it’s 4% of the country- which is almost nothing. It’s an odd person indeed. The ones I know, anecdotally, are conservative Democrats who never were liberal but had inherited the D vote, and are not comfortable with the protests. There are, clearly, way more people going the other direction from red to blue, but the great sorting in America continues on.
  2. Sure. It's not fact checkable. It's just something you'd have to do and see what the answer is- this is just me speculating. I run a business I have almost nothing to do with. But I keep the books and the people are on profit share. They were like- I don't understand- why aren't we profitable. I knew we were going out to too many lunches or spending too much on stupid shit. I was like- nah- that's not it- we can't really spend our way into lack of profitability- most of our costs are baked in. We went over the budget line by line for 3 months and they found $2,000 or $3,000 that they could excise. This is on a $65,000 a month budget. I told them basically- don't worry about that shit- it makes your lives and the employees lives a little better (premium coffee service buying lunch for the office once a week when we are busy- cleaning crew coming 2 times a week so they don't have to do it) almost all of our costs are pretty structural to running the business. Go focus, instead, on landing 2 new customers next month and grow revenue $10k instead of cutting costs 2k. They got it. I suspect the federal budget is much worse but still operates the same.
  3. It's acceptable to make the second out of the inning at 3rd base. It's worth the risk b/c of the groundball or sac fly that can get a run in. that ball hopped 18 times in the infield. Bregman should have given it a go.
  4. But by the by- Bregman has to get to third last inning or die trying. It's a 1-1 game if he makes it there as Yuli drives him in.
  5. Yeah man, Reddick is wearing the goat horns today big time.
  6. I'm in favor of the Oligarchy you described. How do I apply to be an Oligarch? I think that's essentially what Aristotle argued was the best form of government- enlightened monarch/enlightened oligarchy. It simplifies a lot of the messiness involved in letting the sheeple have any input. The only catch is that whole enlightened part.
  7. I'm all for the most painful and uncomfortable audit we've ever had into any level of government spending. I'd welcome it wholeheartedly. It's all our money and if it's thieved from us we are all worse off for it, as well as it robbing us of ways to improve peoples lives and outcomes. And- nobody wants extra money from me? And maybe Sylvester Turner has to eat a shit burger along the way? Well sign me up- I'm certainly not in on any of the grift- I'm one that is harmed by it. But, I think if you squared everything away (and I recognize you weren't merely talking about the military but picking that out b/c it's the easiest/biggest target in the budget) at every level of the government you'd find billions upon billions of dollars. And that'd be cool. And I support your platform to do that. But the debt is measured in Trillions, the deficit is roughly a trillion a year, and the shopping list for the progressives runs into the tens of trillions over the course of their programs lifetimes. I think you'd find 100 billion a year in waste. Maybe 200 Billion. So, lets do it. It's worth doing. It's funny, my mom was bitching about how awful and corrupt Turner was and I was basically yawning about it. She was like- he's wasting tens of 100's of thousands on personal stuff and we can't get our potholes fixed. My response was- it takes $3,000,000 to build a mile of roads. I can't imagine Turner junkets are a pimple on the ass of the Houston overall budget. I'm going to continue to be more or less happy Houston has Turner as a mayor, b/c while he's focusing on feathering his own nest in a small way we don't see rampant crazy shit going on in our city like we do in Austin or Portland- so I will call that a win and leave him to it. Maybe I'm incredibly naive and he's stealing 10's and 100's of millions and not just a small level of 'run of the mill graft' and I'm completely wrong.
  8. Da Hobbes is straight ticket voting Blue. He suggests that we shouldn't let old people vote. That's the Hobbes on Hobbes violence you walked in on .
  9. Got caught completely in between like a ninny. If he fields it cleanly they have the guy at the plate. Or, like you said looks like he could have gotten there.
  10. Would Mez be a downgrade from Reddick? no.
  11. I don't think this is true at ll. It would be wonderful if this was true, b/c it would essentially mean that we don't have to make any tough choices and we can have whatever we want and cake is slimming and broccoli is bad for your health- so eat dessert instead of your vegetables. I'm not disputing that you can make serious cuts to the military. But you could cut the military to zero and still be running a deficit, let alone getting into paying down debt, and lots of military spending is on troops- it's a jobs program and a step up the ladder for many poor kids- both out in the sticks and in the inner city, and to the extent that it does that it's pretty fucking valuable as a social works program and creator of hope and opportunity and forging of character. I'm open (and would truly be thrilled) with the idea that you are right and I'm wrong, b/c holy shit that would make things so much easier and better for everyone. I don't think that we can Dave up the budget though and get rid of commercials that make us feel good about buying our cars so that we can get a jobs program passed, but if we could I'd be happy to see the math on that b/c that would be awesome. https://www.google.com/search?q=breakdown+of+federal+budget+pie+chart&sxsrf=ALeKk01dk0-zGk3omSizwWxa-GqWKvYhag:1601407062340&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=2ZACKFh7UDzS_M%2Chz_Mk2m_TD5vLM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kQhT69a1gD1FekQWIqla0kj3Z7gEw&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjslt2Yio_sAhXvmq0KHYxEAvEQ9QF6BAgDEEU&biw=1600&bih=757#imgrc=2ZACKFh7UDzS_M Keep in mind- we are running trillion dollar deficits on 4 or 5 trillion budget spends, so even cutting the military down to nothing doesn't get us to positive. I know you said start there- but look man- health and social security are damn near half the budget and there just isn't that much waste, fraud and abuse to move the needle there I don't think.
  12. First time I've ever not felt this way in the playoffs. I envy you. I wish I felt that way right now, it's what makes it fun. I'm chalking it up to the goofy ass 60 game season with all the weirdness.
  13. I'm pretty sure that the Venn diagram of things that you and I would normally agree on as a manner of policy has very very very little overlap, but this post hits me right exactly where I am and my problem with liberalism and progressives in America. I feel like the prescriptions are really of the type that can fundamentally undue lots of good things that are right with the system and there are just a lot of unintended consequences in messing with any complex system. I think it's the job of liberals to point out what's wrong and how we can be better, and it's the job of conservatives to make sure we make those changes as small as possible, and as narrowly tailored as possible, in order to reduce the law of unintended consequences as much as we can and make sure we don't throw the baby out with the bath water. I've always been of the belief that voting for conservatives is the safest course of action- because society pushes change at all times and nobody ever sees anything rolled back once change has been made, and I've always been of the opinion (maybe it's white privilege) that the status quo is maintainable in whatever form it exists, b/c we all get up and go about our day to day and the world doesn't come apart. The world feels like it's coming apart at the seems right now, so maybe that's no longer correct. Anyway, thanks for this post- it's interesting to read from someone whose 180 from me on most issues. I too have never heard of progressive conservatism.
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