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  1. Uhmm, the entire board knows your wife is a meat lover dude.
  2. Thanks guys. I’m really surprised and don’t understand that thought process. No big deal- still a great bill, just don’t get it from a logic perspective.
  3. Do you mean for including in calculation purposes for the 2.5x or in what’s forgiveable? I could very well be wrong but I don’t understand this thought process.
  4. Verify this yourself but having read it myself I’m like 99.8% sure that yes, they are. I can’t imagine that they are including 401k and state taxes and not the federales.
  5. Sure. Recessions happen. Always will. We were probably due for a run of the mill one during the next term. But the numbers like consumer sentiment and employment were off the charts good before the CV. I think Trump could have lost, even in that environment, bc Trump, but now I believe he will lose.
  6. I have zero idea what this means. I have an extensively long history over 3 websites of talking race strategy and projections with zero regard to rooting interests or policy. I’m interested in the mechanics of a race as a thought experiment- which is 100% what my post was.
  7. Hillary tried that strategy and lost. Biden’s now going to try it without a super high number of people (especially in the rust belt) that actively loathe him. Will this be enough? My guess is... yes, since Trump is going to be presiding over a smoking ruin of an economy (that I don’t think it’s reasonable to blame him for- it’s the virus) and this was his only positive since he is personally a scum bag. All that being said- it might not be a bad idea for Biden to come up with a couple generic and boring things he’d like to see done if he wins, put a positive bow on that, and say he’s for something instead of being merely against Trump. I can’t imagine that actually hurting his campaign. This is/should be a layup, I can’t imagine Dems don’t win this in a walk and take the Senate too.
  8. If you aren’t doing health/life- I wonder if you come out better from this virus or worse from a claims perspective. I’d guess better but I could see it either way
  9. Yep. No shortage of people need help. From a human perspective that $50 to the waiter brightens his outlook about humanity and the world.
  10. Consensus here seems to be exclude all comp above $8333 a month- not that you can't get comped for an employee that makes more than that.
  11. Two tax returns filed with some portion of business income. I dont know how anxious any UW is going to be to give you a generous view of what that income looks like though. If your credit is decent you should be able to save a little bit on interest when you qualify and severely lower if not eliminate PMI
  12. There isn’t going to be any inflation you Twit- we might have to start dropping money out of helicopters and printing million dollar bills to avoid deflation. Also nobody wants to hear about how you are sitting on piles of cash and free and clear and don’t have a concern in the world other than you might have a bit of a profit margin cut. Seriously, people are beside themselves threatened with their very survival and that’s what you post? Fuck off with that tone deaf bullshit. Go back to pretending you have the virus and posting fake cures.
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