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  1. I like Morey a lot. He gets a pas from me as a Rockets fan, just as Harden does, because I’m absolutely certain I’d rather squeeze my dick in vice grips than have Tillman Ferntits, the worlds 2nd worst fake Billionaire, as a boss. So, I was kind of rooting for Philly and DM. But, watching Philly fans get shit all over is pretty satisfying too.
  2. Look, we might not have the bats to beat legit aces but we have the arms to make it through the losers bracket, so... fuck this hurts.
  3. Joe Harris, the new Kyle Korver. Never hits shit when it matters. Fucking white people.
  4. Yeah, I mean he’s clearly massively hobbled. If this is the regular season that’s a 6 or 8 week injury.
  5. Really going to spike the ball on a guy playing at 40%?
  6. Harris should be horsewhipped at mid court after the game.
  7. Leonard out for the playoffs right? Torn acl? Brooklyn was going to pants them sans injuries
  8. They should fire Bud before the parade.
  9. Duck. Milwaukee about to be the least deserving NBA champ in my lifetime.
  10. That’s my play of the game right now.
  11. These TO’s no longer have any strategic point to them. Purely about rest. for all the shit Middleton gets that might have saved their season.
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