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  1. So m dumb. That’s not NiL money aggy. Just stop lying you sheep fucking idiots.
  2. Fucking morons saying he’d grabbed the torch from KD. Yeah. Sure. Whatever.
  3. So if you don’t know differently I’d mentally go with spectacular until proven otherwise.
  4. I would not be opposed to swapping Bregman and Peña for a week to see what that looks like for each of them. I’m not pounding the table for it, but if you were going to move him down that makes the most sense to me.
  5. Roger. just looked up the season stats and Bregman is 6th (Brantley is 5th and close to him) well behind the top 4 (Altuve, Alvarez, Peña and Tucker- pretty much in that order). Chaz and Guriel are both basically dead as league average which is way worse than Bregman who is at like 128 on WRC and 337 wOBA, so there’s that. 4 star level bats, 2 well above average level bats, 2 average bats and then 1 abomination before Gos at the plate. It’d be nice if Jake came back and fit into the 130-150 range and if they could platoon Chaz and Brantley a little (or a lot) and create another position that’s star level. Essentially, if anyone is complaining about Bregman as if he’s a boat anchor that’s not statistically valid. He’s been well above average. Just being outshined by 4 superstar/almost superstar bats.
  6. Gurriel has been worse than Bregman for the year. Maybe Brantley.
  7. Yeah. Feels like it would be awesome to get an unprotected Sacto pick.
  8. Ok- how about Wood, Gordon and the third for the 4th and an unprotected in 26 or something.
  9. In a heart beat I’d do that. How about Sacramento- do they have anything we’d like, to move down from 3 to 4 (I want Ivey over Paolo anyway)? What I’d really be all over though is trying to get Zion from NO. No idea what that would take, but if he wants out let’s make that happen.
  10. 4 tickets (free) to game tonight. We were going for my daughters 7th birthday but she got sick. let me know and they are yours.
  11. Thanks for not trying that jinx an hour ago asshole. Or two hours ago. Was hoping he'd miss the cut. Oh well. He ain't winning I don't think.
  12. For that dude? Anything this side of the grave is his best life. He's lucky not to be dead. He's trailer trash from Arkansas and has had a heck of a ride in life. Probably a 90th percentile outcome for a dude like that, even if there's an argument to be made that he was probably the most talented dude (or at least top 10) on tour for a long time and ended with only 3 (maybe 4?) wins all time (though 2 are obviously majors).
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