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  1. There are a bunch of people, not on here, who that will be a high point in their life. Sad but true. I can’t imagine more than a handful of people signing up to do this again. It will al be ok.
  2. I get it and think it’s awesome. Y’all can be a bunch of dicks but for a lot of kids senior year in high school is the best thing that ever happened to them and the pinnacle of life. These covid kids lost that. Go play sports, go to Prom, operation graduation and all that shit if you feel like you missed out on all that shit. I can’t imagine more than a handful actually taking them up on this offer and for those that do what’s wrong with that?
  3. I’ve said this story almost as many times as brisket tells the story about not shooting a homeless guy in college but I will say it again as it fits here. when I taught I had 20 kids that were going to fail for basically not turning their work in. I made an individualized packet of all their missing assignments, gave it to them, made them call their parents in my present and said- yo- mom- Johnny is going to fail if he doesn’t turn in his work. If he does it all I will pass him. I got 1 student that turned in his work- the other 19 (parents and kids) opted to fail. of those 19
  4. Yep. AI makes that team a complete non starter.
  5. We do have a golden retriever puppy. So now we can have 2 dogs along with us. Which should be awesome. But, I only get to take off for part two if I’m killing it at work. That’s the deal. I think it’s possible my entire family is rooting against me making this happen.
  6. And having the cops called on us 3 times while we were vacating. And the cops basically being incredulous with the motel owner. South Dakota man, fun times.
  7. Man- let me be the lone dissenting voice and say team 3 has a real chance against team 2. Curry will stick out like a sore thumb and the disadvantage between whoever he guards offensively vs his D is going to be the largest gap there. hakeem is way better than Robinson as he proved before. I like penny and his length giving jordan some problems. I would take Durant 1 on 1 over curry by a lot. squad 1 is severely outgunned. No chance.
  8. Why run your fastest guy second in the relay? I thought that was traditionally the spot for the slowest guy?
  9. I understand why a market needs to have the ability to short, but it’s fucking ridiculous on a solid, well run company like that. Hope they take it up the ass.
  10. If he has options left could they send him down? I kinda don’t think so, but unless they can send him down on an option no, it’s still service time and doesn’t push anything back.
  11. What the hell is anyone’s justification for being short rocket mortgage? They are the 800 pound gorilla in the mortgage industry, they AFS kicking ass and taking names, and even with interest rates likely going up this year the industry still projects to be worth 3+ trillion and have its 4th or 5th best year ever. Seriously, why short that fucking stock?
  12. Like I said- not the normal connotation of the word or how it’s most commonly used which is as an active form of really bad shit- like Active klansmen or the like.
  13. White supremecy? I’d think that goes too far with the normal connotations of that word. Maybe tone deaf.
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