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  1. Gotcha. What did Cruz win by- 4.5% or so? Could it have been that much in Texas? Probably not. Might it have made the difference in Missouri? Indiana? Maybe.
  2. I didn’t read it that way at all. Either I’m not understanding you or you aren’t understanding me. I mean I think there was a fair number of GOP voters that were going to skip the election (over generalized dislike of how things were going) that showed up after the kavanaugh thing. I did end up sitting out the entirety of election other than getting my wife to vote for Ed Emmett for me for county judge, it I had some friends who weren’t going to vote who decided to go vote after the hearings. I think this number was less than zero. I’d say, anecdotally, that when they other guy is shooting off his own dick you should let him and not give him an out. The nomination did not help the Dems in the senate- with that awful map for them.
  3. It’s possible I’m your wife as I did this exact thing myself. It was totally my fault. That said, you should never park directly behind someone’s driveway if there is any way you can avoid it- because people (like me) are stupid and careless idiots.
  4. My Vincey knew happy hour. She’s go ducking nuts when she heard that bc she knew she was going to get to hang outside and drink beer with her humans for 5 or 6 hours. similarly whenever she saw my wife grab the cigarettes or vodka bottle. She didn’t even have to say a word- the dog would just run straight to the door wagging her tail and dancing around all happy.
  5. thats not the right question. The right question is how many of them showed up to vote that were otherwise going to skip voting (I skipped voting).
  6. They also said- do you want a bag of chips? Me- no. Them- it’s free. Me- ok then, sure. don’t know if that’s an every day thing or just bc it was the 4th.
  7. Dedicated sick days are stupid. Give everyone 15 or 20 PTO and let them use as they see fit. Office/salary positions obviously.
  8. I’m going to be disappointed if this ends like al the Hollywood assholes who were going to move out of the country whenever something happens they don’t like. Don’t be a tease. Do it and then burn the ships afterwards. It’s the only way to be sure.
  9. She wouldn’t care about you clowns. It’s my daughter she doesn’t want to know.
  10. It’s not so much about the fear of being walked in on. It’s more she doesn’t want them to know what a wanton slut she is that craves my dick on the regular and doesn’t want them to be like- oh the rv is swaying and shaking, mommy must be getting dicked again by daddy. Whereas, if we sneak out to the tent at night they won’t wake up or know any better.
  11. And I let her keep an extra $30k, even though she had no right to it and she’d made me sign a prenup. Why? Because it was worth it.
  12. If I didn’t get my teaching job 12 years ago fresh off divorce I was moving to Buenos Aires. Be a bum and teach English. I had 60k in my pocket and no commitments and figured that could last me a long ass time as a single dude down there.
  13. Trump ain’t winning NH. I also would be very surprised to see texas flip but yeah, that map looks pretty simalilar to what I imagine probably happens.
  14. It’s only one night a week at Walmart. That’s not the point though, we are both talking about accomplishing the same thing... bettering your scenario compared to where you currently are, Because you have the opportunity to do so. think about it LL, you will never have a lower opportunity cost to do whatever the hell you want then you do right now. What’s the upside to staying at home, working in a shitty home office and having your kids deal with the shit show that will be school this year, while you live inside like a hermit with no social interaction. That’s what you are leaving behind. That’s your opportunity cost. Fuck that. Roll the dice. Live! I love Australia btw but no way you should move there- time zone is awful- you will live a life out of sync with your family and it will suck.
  15. So, if you go to the food and travel page you can see that I am doing this throughout America in an RV for many of the am we reasons you are talking about. You are doing it classier than I am, it conceptually similar. do it. It’s awesome. There’s no real downside- it will be an adventure (moving abroad) for your family.
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