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  1. This dude is a Republican, so I guess it belongs here.
  2. Pad of butter covered that right up.
  3. One man gathers what another man spills.
  4. Could have the sequence 666 in it. Oldest kid went through a cafeteria line once, and the cashier asked her to please buy an additional item, as the total was $6.66.
  5. True to form. While R officials endorsed the legitimacy of the election, the Big Lie was being cast, polished, and put on a pedestal.
  6. Give it up for a claim that checks out as being true. Props.
  7. In my family, dark humor keeps the tears at bay.
  8. Are you saying the 6% rule suggests we will not see the likes of Charlie Strong and Mensa Tom in the future? Because that sounds good to me, I deliberately misconstrued your point.
  9. My daughter, going into her senior year, (a half semester early,) says it’s time to “abolish” the song. I had my time on campus, this is her time. I support her.
  10. A platter of elbows, a bowl full of knees
  11. In Dallas, Gilley's Says It's Dropped Controversial QAnon Convention https://www.dallasobserver.com/news/poor-qanon-john-in-dallas-gilleys-says-its-dropped-controversial-qanon-convention-12015780 What a shame.
  12. Refraining from monkey wrenching an effective response would have sufficed. Turning CV into a political shitshow got people killed. Period.
  13. Noted. Are you saying you can no longer edit after a rep? Is that a tapa thing? On my phone. I can still edit posts that are an hour old, I’ think. Still, noted.
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