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  1. The sad part is many conservatives have privately stated this has been part of conservatives circles for years. They were hiding that a lot of their base felt this way so trump didn’t start but only embolden and expanded on what the true conservatives thought but knew not to say publicly.
  2. Thought the old board has demographics on gender, age, income of average site visitor but can’t find it here.
  3. This is how we got here because centrist always thought if you met the republicans have way then they would be reasonable. This group of people will always play the persecution card, etc. you can’t meet them half way. Deplatformining works. Should have ave been done a long time ago and only politically expedient for the tech companies to do it now bc Ds will be in charge.
  4. Lots of rumors when Ant financial IPO was cancelled. Who really knows but noise is that it goes all the way to the top of China government to take this action given Ma’s importance.
  5. Need to replace my surface. Will become my default work computer
  6. Need a new laptop. Any suggestions ?
  7. Centrism doesn’t work. Dems miserable performance with a pandemic and economic crisis shows that Biden and team doesn’t resonate. Dems need to expand the base not go after voters that wound vote D no matter what.
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