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  1. Simona & Emma are playing a Transylvania 250, but unfortunately there are no fans. Draw Emma plays this morning.
  2. That’s not exactly how you convert 4th & 28.
  3. This is the joint in the failed sub shop that also does hot seafood. They may break Crab Du Jour’s record for shortest stay.
  4. Was texting with a buddy about how most fantasy defenses are irrelevant these days. Looked it up, only one KO return TD all season, zero punts. Devin Hester ain’t walking through that door.
  5. Kevin White, the dude from WV that kept breaking his leg for the Bears.
  6. Was up 12.5 against DK, that lasted two whole fucking snaps. Stupid game.
  7. Geno v. Teddy in bad weather, this should go well.
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