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  1. RBI for Pujols, Dodgers are geniuses.
  2. OPS+ is BR’s main offensive measurement. Here’s Haase’s page... https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/h/haaseer01.shtml For comparison, Giancarlo’s career OPS+ is 144, so 44% better than league average. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/s/stantmi03.shtml
  3. Yeah, 100 is average. It’s probably 13 or 14 now though.
  4. Ha, & that’s the fucker that homered. Baseball makes no sense!
  5. Fun with the box score tonight. You kids are carrying a 2-man bench, which is crazy thin, & Det is starting a C with a career OPS+ of 12 in LF.
  6. Looks like it gets the bill of the helmet, but still. They have Conforto, Nimmo, & Almora already on the DL. Current OFs are Dominic Smith (a 1B), Johneshwy Fargas, & Khalil Lee.
  7. Good ol’ double steal even works. Baseball, man.
  8. Well, this is certainly unexpected.
  9. Could have used that play twice in SF, Charlie.
  10. Joey breaks the record, then almost breaks himself.
  11. Where was this offense all weekend?
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