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  1. @JGrayDBU, so you don’t live with your wife most of the year? Strong. Also, you should make friends with this dude.
  2. Maybe, but I always prefer the TV option if given a choice.
  3. So this shit is only on the TennisONE app? Last year was on TC, but it wasn’t going heads up with the French Open, their only Slam.
  4. Lehigh beat Weber, so they should be up shortly. On ESPN+ if you're real bored.
  5. Well, shit. 1:10 tomorrow, the vaunted Hearn/Huff battery.
  6. We went from a DH that can't hit (Free Willie) to a DH that can't hit.
  7. That was on Adolis, didn't come from the dugout.
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