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  1. The Catholic Church probably needs to shut the fuck up about anything given their penchant for covering up child sexual abuse within the priest ranks. They have ZERO moral standing.
  2. That is correct. Same in France. However, double check the definition of fully vaxxed.
  3. Osteen uses his church for profit, so it should be taxed. He’s not political, but yeah. He’s the Gemstones.
  4. Cancelled Granite. Still too full. Getting a mani as my cuticles are in shreds.
  5. The weather was pretty if a bit hot (much hotter than NYC). Today, it is raining so I am using my breakfast time to catch up on a bit of work before heading to Le Petit Palais (given the rain, I will be taking a cab!). My sleep last night was shit. I came back to Paris right after that marathon lunch, and crashed, taking a 2 hour nap. Then I could not get back to sleep until really late (2 AM or so). On tap today, starting at Le Petit Palais for the Boldini exhibit. Then to Le Grand (Jean-Francois Piege's flagship) for lunch. Then will stay in the 8th and 1st, wandering around until I have my Goyard shopping appointment at 3:30. Then will head back to the hotel to drop things off, change, and head back out. Want to stop at Danico for a pre-dinner drink (since I did not make it back Thursday night as I had intended), then it is dinner at Granite at 8. I hope I am hungry by then. I think the weather might be a bit chilly tonight (which I am all for!), so if it is, might do a little wandering to catch some cool sites at night.
  6. Agreed. His seems aggregious. I also look at churches and organizations like Joel Osteen's and think they should seriously be looked at.
  7. I am going to guess that if men had to go through childbirth and all the fucked up things it does to you, no man would think this. Forcing a women to carry a baby against her will is disgusting. Par for the course that you are for that.
  8. Hell, for some adult women who have irregular cycles, they might not know at 10 weeks. Even still, some women continue to have periods for a month or two, or something that resembles a period. Every person’s body is different.
  9. How about this. How about ALL men, as soon as they have viable swimmers, are given a vasectomy. It can only be reversed when they and a partner decide to have a child. Also, your "belief" isn't in line with the Bible (says life begins at first breath). Let's see how you like others dictating what you can do with your body.
  10. Either way, was fucking fantastic. That was a 4.5 hour lunch. Headed back to Paris for a nap.
  11. And...last night, I couldn't sleep. So I scrolled Tick Tock. Now I cannot get that ear worm of..."My money doesn't jiggle jiggle, it folds" out of my fucking head.
  12. Caviar and the best potatoes I've ever had. Probably more butter than potato. Also, Krug paired with.
  13. Ok, cancelled Ruinart for the afternoon as I'm doing the full tasting and champagne pairing at L'Assiette Champenoise, and I was already squiffy from a tasting at Veuve Cliquot.
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