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  1. Now that NYC is slowly coming back thought I'd bump this. Thursday, we went to a late lunch at Dante then had magnums of Veuve on the rooftop at Mr. Purple. The drinks at Dante are fantastic. Food is not bad either. Definitely get a res.
  2. Doesn’t Portugal still have its citizenship deal? Buy a 500k house, and BAM! Citizenship for you.
  3. Queens positive rate is the highest in the City, followed by the Bronx. Manhattan is below 1%. Manhattan, leading in social distancing complaints, smallest percentage positive. Interesting. I think a lot of the complaints are coming from NIMBYs. They are all over NextDoor.
  4. Where are people going to stay? Hotels still are not really opened. And I would think that if someone from Texas checks into a hotel, that is an easy way to quarantine them. People just need to stay the fuck away from NYC at this point.
  5. Well, overseas tourists cannot get in, for the most part. And other states all have to quarantine. The Met is supposed to open end of August. There should be plenty of short term rentals. Also, school is going to be mostly remote.
  6. New York State is testing approximately 40-75k per day. Average positive rate is still below 2%. At City Med all the tests are free, and some people have had multiple tests. I am not sure turnaround, but I am hearing 2-3 days on average.
  7. New York in a way is lucky that we had a terrible wave early. It meant people took it seriously, and so compliance about things lilke masks etc.. has been very good. We still wanted things to reopen, but cautiously. So far, so good. Stage 3 just started here in the city. The proof will be in the pudding in a few weeks, but elsewhere in the state, we are not seeing the case jump. Granted, we are still seeing quite a large number of new cases, but we are testing out the wazoo, so the positive rate is still only 1% or so, and the hospitalization rate is very, very low.
  8. If he runs as an independent, he could still get on in a number of states. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/07/05/kanye-west-says-running-president-2020-348903
  9. Yeah, I’m confused by why she is being lumped in with Breonna Taylor and Elijah McClain.
  10. He is talking about Queens. I’ve only been out in Williamsburg and Manhattan. All the tables are well spaced apart (6 ft min). People are masked up on the sidewalks, and I’m not seeing the random groups congregating.
  11. Texas Med Center is at capacity. What happens when you run out of room to treat? Oh yeah, I know. But honestly, the second cases started rising, the bars should have been dialed back. There were places in Houston (Spire) where no fucks were given. Thanks, assholes.
  12. Maybe you guys should have learned from ours.
  13. Well, thanks a lot assholes. Due to the hotspots, NYC will advance to stage 3, but that no longer includes opening back up dining rooms. Sigh.
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