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  1. I'm behind. Sorry. Will try and play catch up over the weekend.
  2. This is the giant sell off. Convert what you can to cash. Take the lumps.
  3. Welp, AAPL calls in the red. I bought in on the slide (I still think it is undervalued), so am in for 40 calls with an average price of $0.7836.Of course, current market is at $0.54 for a nice $974.33 loss. If we could get a nice bounce tomorrow, I could be ok. The longer it takes on the bounce, the worse off I am.
  4. Welp, TSLA triggered my stop loss, so it sold. It was a >50% return on it, but still. Hurts that at one point it was over 100% return.
  5. I got in last March. Right after the big dip. So it was a nice ride up. I did well. The last three weeks however....fuck.
  6. First time in years. I stayed out at first due to getting burned badly in 2007/2008. Then, by the time I was starting to get back in, I had to liquidate for Independence issues (Was executive level at Big 4 and that is no joke). Just got back in this last March because I had free cash. It is addicting.
  7. I did put a stop loss on TSLA. I have held off, but the swings are just ridiculous.
  8. Since opening on February 11 has been killing me. Total portfolio value of about 32k to 22.5k. So almost 10k in losses.
  9. Bond yields and Powell are killing me. However, probably a massive opportunity coming if you can free up $$$.
  10. You are an absolute moron. There were a number of us that were not happy with Cuomo. This one side vs. the other side bullshit is getting fucking tired.
  11. Gotta love the after lunch to 3:00 market bullshit. Gets tiring. Down over 10% since noon. Fuckers.
  12. Paxton not a public employee? Are you shitting me?
  13. Honestly, a large part of the problem is there are a shitload of people in this country that SHOULD NOT BE PARENTS. This is a larger issue than just the economic system. It is a travesty that any child in this country goes hungry. It is a travesty that we do not have a better system for removing kids from bad situations. The whole fucking system is broken. FYI, my stance on this mom is it is unfortunate that she has to work 3 jobs to make ends meet. However, based on the blame she assigned (all the school's fault), I doubt that a UBI program would end up with her being more involve
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