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  1. Honestly, the concert was amazing. Not a dry eye when they opened with Times Like These. They introduced Dave Chapelle as everyone's favorite Dave. And they played one disco song which was a lot of fun. We stayed out after until almost 4 AM, which is the first time since the Pandemic started back in March 2020.
  2. And honestly the one song they played, wasn't bad.
  3. Because it's NYC and everyone was emotional. Seriously, 2020 was fucking rough. The sounds of ambulances 24/7 in April were a fucking beating.
  4. I'm at Foo at MSG. Not a dry eye in the house.
  5. Sold on Friday. Apologies for not updating sooner. Been kind of a nutso weekend. And not in a bad way.
  6. I am seriously contemplating the Greek Isles. Sifnos and one other one.
  7. I like the gnudi the time I had it. How did you like their wine list? I find it really well curated
  8. Good boy, Champ. Say hi to Abby for me!
  9. Mike Pence would be a sympathetic figure in this if he hadn't lied in lock step with Dotard and his lackies prior to the election. Also, that whole imposing his personal beliefs on people is a no go for me.
  10. I understand. I also hate the attempt to legislate morality. Fuck that.
  11. Shouldn't that have been a free kick?
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