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  1. Holy shit, that Big XII commercial was hot garbage.
  2. Eh, the Braves did it too, so since my grandpa was a Braves fan, I do not think it is that bad.
  3. Boomer Sooner is the aboslutely worst fight song in the history of college football.
  4. It could always be worse. We could be Nebraska.
  5. No, because their shitty fans still do not acknowledge the fuck up, similarly to Penn State. They are less than self aware. I am laughing at Blow U. But fuck Baylor.
  6. I cannot root for either of these teams. I am hoping for a giant sinkhole.
  7. A. I am a CPA. And yes, it is easy. B. There is no longer an apprentice CPA. You have to have the equivalent of a master's degree to even sit the exam.
  8. I agree the system is broken. I think it is a sad fucking state of affairs that it takes an absolute idiot like KK for people to pay attention. Like I said, people in this country are fucking stupid.
  9. To all our lawyer buddies, if KK passes the test and becomes a lawyer (what a fucking dumb rule, seriously), you guys should rise up in protest. That is just fucking unbelievable.
  10. Sigh. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/kim-kardashian-west-death-row-035105373.html We as a country are so fucking stupid when this person is considered a "role model" and taken seriously.
  11. I would prefer to get back to the top without selling our collective souls. And that is what hiring Urban Meyer is equivalent to.
  12. That looked horrific. She was knocked out.
  13. When I saw it in real time, I thought he caught it in the end zone. Shocked that they actually gave it to us though.
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