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  1. I also think the testing is not that widespread. If you are mild, you most likely are not getting a test.
  2. If I am in the grocerystore, I wear a scarf that I can wrap around my nose and mouth. I also carry packs of clorox wipes to pick things up, pay, etc... When I am out walking my dogs, I do not wear a mask. 1. I am outdoors and stay very far from anyone else and 2. On long walks, we walk pretty far (3-4 miles) and relatively briskly. A mask would be uncomfortable as I do not like having my airways restricted (breathing through something is very, very uncomfortable to me).
  3. Fuck off. You are an absolute beating at the best of times, but you have taken it to a new fucking level.
  4. The model posted upthread shows that New York should peak around the 9th of April. I am hoping it comes a bit sooner than that. Cuomo said it again today, need widespread home based antibody testing. The not knowing is really a lot of the issue here. I would be happy to run next door to my Duane Reade, pick up an antibody test kit, and bam. Hell, I am happy to fucking pay for it myself. There needs to be SERIOUS pressure to get these antibody tests readily available, easy to use, etc.. and out to market lickety split.
  5. I am looking at stabilization and decline starting much sooner than 30 days from now for NYC and NY State.
  6. I would assume, but I think that depends on if all the pharamaceuticals things they are trying here are working. We have been trying the hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin (sp) combo as well as antibody injections. Would be nice to start seeing more of the trial antivirals being used as well. It would be great to see how the antibody plasma transfusions work (Houston Methodist is doing that) for the most critical patients, and then also start ramping that up. I am strongly in the camp that with viable pharamaceutical treatment plus antibody testing, then we will be able to get back to as close to normal as possible faster. Seems like a lot of other folks are on board with that throught as well.
  7. Some US locations just ramping up. Others, holding steady. NYC yesterday added 3,684 cases. that is just under 1,000 cases less than the number added the day before. Ultimately, it is increase of just shy of 10% of the prior day total, and a reduction of 20% of the prior day increase. On deaths, NYC added 182 deaths, or a 20% increase on the total. The 182 is an increase of 32% over the number added the day before however. The worse single day for NY has been March 28 when 222 new deaths were tallied. Since I live in Manhattan, Manhattan added 479 cases yesterday which is only 1 more case than was added the day before. Deaths added were 10, which was 6 less than added the day before. Brooklyn is also slowing significantly. Queens and the Bronx are worrying.
  8. I read this article the other day and also watched Dr. David Price's video. https://medium.com/@paulanderson_73765/nyc-lung-doctor-tells-his-family-how-to-protect-themselves-from-covid-19-fb0b117b3472 @ChiTownDoc, thoughts?
  9. I do not agree, especially on the eating and drinking in public (sorry, but restaurants and bars are a vital part of any economy, and they need to be able to resume, especially since they are key to a sense of normalcy). Further, masks all day while at work? Fuck that. Further, if you are going to make them "mandatory", which you will most likely NOT be able to do in the US, the supply would have to increase and everyone would have to be given them. I do not see that happening in a lot of European countries or the US at all.
  10. Cuomo said as much. Said things can start going back to normal once there is widely available antibody testing. I also think of the various treatments prove successful, then April is going to suck, but we will start seeing some light starting in May.
  11. Actually, that depends. It is almost impossible in NYC. Demand has grossly outstripped supply.
  12. Yes. Which was confirmed in the twitter thread already.
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