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  1. Ok, so Tuesday night is Chishuru. Wednesday night is Brat in Shoreditch. Thursday night, going with Cavita. Friday night, 40 Maltby. Looking forward to it! Last time I was in London was 2019.
  2. Headed to London on the 29th for a work trip. Holy shit with airfare. I am doing the day flight from NYC, so flying Prem Economy becuase it was still 3k (business was 8k, from NYC...ridiculous). Staying at St. Ermin. Our office is in Victoria. On Friday, will move to Bermondsey as I am heading to Chiselhurst on Sunday to hang with friends. So I am making a list of places in London. Victoria is a good base as there are lots of good links out of there. Definitely that Friday night, going to hit 40 Maltby. Then will breakfast at Borough berore meeting my friends in Greenwich to hang for the day on Saturday (touristy things and pubs). Have bookmarked a few places, but wanted to get the thoughts of our resident Londoners. 1. Chishuru looks very, very interesting, and since it is only an 8 minute tube ride from Victoria station, thinking that might be a good place during the week. 2. Ikoyi - Looks interesting. Closed until September 1, so that Thursday would be my only opportunity, but not sure if I want to do something that formal. 3. Kiln - Always a sucker for good Thai. 4. Noble Rot - I know there are two locations. Is one better than the other? 5. Paradise - Sri Lankan in Soho 6. Evelyn's Table - Traditional British 7. The Barbary - Northern African in Neal's Yard 8. Gymkhana - Excellent Indian 9. Cinnamon Club - More excellent Indian that is close to the office - might hit this at lunch one day I am definitely really intrigued by No. 1, thus it's reason for being at No. 1. The rest, I am just interested in finding out more, since they all seem to be highly recommended. I am not sure I can even get a reservation at Evelyn's Table, but I am going to see. Thanks in advance.
  3. Henry/Harry I have Harry Styles, Henry Cavill, and Henry Golding. Marry Henry Cavill, Date Harry Styles, and Fuck Henry Golding.
  4. That is hard. But probaby Fuck Chris Hemsworth (he is so hot), marry Chris Pine (just something about him), and date Chris Evans (he seems so nice). I guess we also have Tom's. There is Tom Cruise, but he is older than the others, then there is Tom Holland, who is a lot younger. But in the same age range, you have Tom Ellis, Tom Hardy, and Tom Hiddleston. This one is a lot easier IMO. Fuck Tom Hardy, Marry Tom Ellis, Date Tom Hiddleston.
  5. Guys have the Jennifers, we women have the Chrises. I leave Chris Pratt out... Then I have Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans. Um, yes?!?
  6. I personally think that they have evidence of him selling shit. I think they are just dotting i's and crossing t's, since to convict, it has to be beyond a reasonable doubt.
  7. So I thought I would include my list of places that I am eager to try. 1. Saigon Social - Vietnamese in the LES (https://www.nytimes.com/2022/07/05/dining/saigon-social-review-pete-wells.html) 2. Zaab Zaab - Thai on Woodside (https://www.nytimes.com/2022/06/28/dining/zaab-zaab-review-isan-thai-food-nyc.html) 3. Studio 151 - Sushi in a clubby environment (https://www.theinfatuation.com/new-york/reviews/studio-151) 4. MAM - Vietnamese in Chainatown (https://www.theinfatuation.com/new-york/reviews/mam) 5. Sushi on Me - Sushi in Jackson Heights (https://www.theinfatuation.com/new-york/reviews/sushi-on-me) I have a much longer list, but these are must trys for me. And I have found that if I have a longer list, it takes me too long to get through it.
  8. Well, worlds aren't colliding just yet. Unfortunately, @Bama Chick's trip coincides with me being in London for work, so alas, that Surly meet up is delayed.
  9. LOL, ok. It is a similar concept to the movie, but it is not the same characters. It is the same period, the founding of the All American Women's Baseball League and a story about some of the players. I think it is pretty obvious you are completely ignorant of the LGBTQ history in this country.
  10. Dropped on Friday on Amazon. Based on the movie, but Abbi Jacobson of Broad City fame is behind this. I am 6 episodes in. It is really entertaining and smart. Also covers some of the social issues at the time like racism and the underground LGBTQ community (it is a show about women baseball players, so duh).
  11. Headed to Le Dive to meet up with a friend in town from Copenhagen. Then we have reservations at Cagen, my favorite sushi place. Will probably head somewhere after dinner for drinks. Since it looks like hellish summer is sort of over, I'm probably going to head to Woodside tomorrow night for some Thai. Zaab Zaab got 3 stars from the NY Times.
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