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  1. What political purposes are those? If anything, seeking to stop the execution of someone who, even if innocent of murder, has possibly committed multiple other abhorrent crimes, is harmful to anti-death penalty politics. Someone approaching innocence claims with a political purpose would only stick their neck out for the most egregious cases and for choir boys.
  2. I also saw the original cast on Broadway and absolutely loved it. Possibly even better than seeing the original Hamilton cast.
  3. What women aren't being believed? By whom?
  4. It is in fact possible for him to both be a monster and to be innocent of murder.
  5. It's hard to imagine this changing a single verdict. Do you really think there are jurors out there handing down guilty verdicts in capital murder trials who are thinking, "well, I do have some doubts, but those doubts aren't reasonable, so guilty it is!"
  6. Because only weak women feel sexually harassed?
  7. It is? The difference between the 30th best team and the 44th best team in most systems is going to be about a field goal.
  8. Yeah, I meant as coach. They finished ranked twice when he was QB, so that’s be 9/14.
  9. He signed an extension a few days ago where he's now making $4.6m per year and he has to pay Minnesota a $10 million buyout if he leaves in the next 14 months.
  10. Their AD revenues are over $40m per year more than Oklahoma State's. They made the Sugar Bowl in 2010 and finished ranked #5 in 2011. It's certainly not an elite program where you can compete for national titles year in and year out but it's not a worse program than Oklahoma State, which is really only a decent program because of Mike Gundy (7 of the 14 times they've finished a season ranked were under Gundy).
  11. I saw it at Alamo South Lamar
  12. Saw it this afternoon. It was very good but holy shit that was a long time to be sitting in the theater. The de-aging effects look pretty good but there are times it takes you out of it because the actors still move around like they’re senior citizens. In particular there’s a scene where DeNiro beats up a guy that looks terrible because his kicks and punches look like an 80-year-old.
  13. Well that was about as weird as it was boring.
  14. Saw it at Alamo this morning. Excellent.
  15. God I wish we would give up on that dumbass idea.
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