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  1. Yes, although I don’t think you could carve California into more than 2-3 without creating a couple of red states (at least not without slicing metro areas into different states).
  2. This is pretty much where I'm at. I'm someone who is predisposed to value institutions and norms and the rule of law but Republicans are willing to tear those down and I don't really see what the alternative is at this point but to fight fire with fire.
  3. Turns out the answer is yes, KRS 503.120 It doesn't matter if everybody within 10 square miles could hear them say they were the police. The cops who shot her wouldn't even be permitted to argue self-defense at trial so it's absolutely ludicrous that it was presented to the grand jury. The only questions for the jury would be whether the cops killed her by acting wantonly (second-degree manslaughter) or recklessly (reckless homicide).
  4. I have no idea why it's being reported as local government officials because the Big 12 rules require 14 days quarantines after exposure (Lincoln Riley has been complaining about it this week).
  5. It defies logic if the exposure was 12 days ago but he conspicuously doesn’t say that
  6. Cubs have thrown the only two no-hitters at Miller Park
  7. I'd gone to some high school games but my first college game was the 1994 Texas-Colorado game. Rashaan Salaam ran wild.
  8. Only if you "demand or obtain any money, paper, document, or thing of value" while doing so.
  9. Agreed on Billy and Mandy but I’d put Chris Sarandon alongside Mandy as the two doing the most acting. That was a fun time.
  10. For dinner, drinks, and a movie? I would ordinarily spend quite a bit more than that.
  11. Why is the “BUT MY FREEDOMS!” crowd so bad at analogies? Mountain climbing is only dangerous to the person taking the risk. Unlike say, driving while intoxicated, which is illegal because of the risk it poses to third parties. If you think driving while intoxicated should be legal, well, you’re quite the anarchist shitbag but I guess at least you’d be logically consistent.
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