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  1. +1 to all of these The Sulak race is a poster child for why the party needs to get rid of the ability to just pay your way onto the ballot.
  2. Yeah, Natalie had to sell it to the other tribe. Maybe she just thought it’d be good to activate Sandra the chaos agent, particularly since the idol was likely to expire before Nat can re-enter.
  3. Who the fuck are you arguing with? I didn’t say or even imply that he wouldn’t run. I said it’d arguably be a demotion.
  4. I think Gina is going to fight him for it. Honestly, I’m not sure it’s not a demotion for Eddie. He’s got seniority, good committee assignments, and the House is way closer to flipping than the Senate.
  5. Roy, Izzo, and Coach K have won championships before. Lute Olsen is the only coach in college basketball history to win his first title after age 60.
  6. Welp, that is an opinion.
  7. Not as convenient (or as scenic) as Heavenly but Kirkwood is the best skiing around Lake Tahoe
  8. I didn’t think 1917 was boring but defending a movie‘s boringness because the subject matter isn’t action packed is stupid. Plenty of great movies have been made about unexciting things, including some of the best from the last decade (The Social Network, The Big Short, The Martian, Boyhood).
  9. Saw it at Alamo this afternoon and thought it was really good. It dragged a bit at times but as someone who went through divorce recently, it was a pretty accurate depiction IMO. I was a little worried going to see it having been divorced so recently but I was mostly ok until the scene where the kid finds the letter.
  10. You don't have to personally use mass transit to benefit from it.
  11. He's only the third NBA MVP ever to die and the first to die so tragically young (Moses died at 60, Wilt at 63). So while I don't see any need to change the logo here, it's not hard to see why others might feel differently.
  12. Because Americans have such a long history of hyping up foreign films?
  13. It's dumb and ridiculous and thoroughly enjoyable just like you'd expect if you enjoyed the first two. It's a step below 2 but on par with 1.
  14. I saw it today and largely agree with this. Worse than pointless, the celeb cameos actually took me a bit of it. I’m curious how it would hold up to a rewatch once the novelty of the cinematography wears off. I was surprised to see someone call it boring. This is the first time since Road to Perdition that I haven’t been incredibly bored during a Sam Mendes movie.
  15. According to Landomatic, they should get rid of division champ spots and only have wildcard spots.
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