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  1. I’ve mostly enjoyed it but the editors and Jeff have been really focusing on trying to force sappy “inspirational” moments which has been pretty cringey.
  2. I didn’t hear Dwight’s name brought up at all. Did I miss something or was this just a terrible edit?
  3. Affirmative action might the best example of the difference between textualism and originalism. I think reasonable minds can disagree on what exactly "equal protection" means from a textualism perspective but there is absolutely no honest originalist argument that the equal protection clause prohibits corrective race-based programs when the same Congress that enacted the 14th Amendment also created the Freedman's Bureau.
  4. I thought they were setting her up too much with the edit and that Jeanine was going to play the idol for her.
  5. Jeanine was the one who actually went through his bag
  6. There really weren't any apps that did what it did (Vine had been the closest but had gone defunct), which is why it became so popular (a pandemic keeping people home and bored also helped).
  7. Yeah, there’s the off-screen battle at the end of season one where Tyrion gets knocked out just as it’s starting and we wake up with him after it’s over.
  8. The first battle was Season 2, Episode 9. The second wasn’t until Season 4, Episode 9.
  9. Seems like the producers perhaps underestimated how easy it would be to get beads from one’s tribemates.
  10. So you think season one of GoT suffered from a lack of sufficient table setting?
  11. I’m literally asking for the opposite. What the fuck are you talking about?
  12. This. Trying to avoid unanimity because Ruth, Mays, whatever weren’t unanimous is dumb, but if I think 11 guys are worthy, I’m gonna leave of the guy who doesn’t need my vote to get over the top.
  13. This has been the longest prologue ever. I guess we’ll find out if it’s been worth it once the show starts in earnest, but I doubt it. If GoT had been set up like this, we would have had a first season just rushing through Robert/Lyanna/Rhaegar, the Ned/Cat and Jon/Lysa courtships, Littlefinger’s history with Cat/Lysa, Robert’s Rebellion, Jaime’s king slaying, the Robert/Cersei wedding, Ned taking in Jon Snow, and Jon Arryn’s poisoning. Instead we started out in media res, spent some real time with people and let the story breathe, and just learned these things as needed as we went.
  14. The competitions play a significant role in who makes the final two. They mean power, they mean safety, they can lead to and/or destroy alliances, etc. If competition performance is important to the jurors, it can also play a significant role in who wins the jury vote. But there’s certainly no requirement that the jurors care about competition performance.
  15. Of course it's true, and it always has been true. Fortunately there are literally countless other TV shows you can watch that don't involve a winner being declared by the judgment of their competitors.
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