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  1. They still don't have the votes but it's a fairly thing margin. Assuming this next special goes nowhere, Abbott is going to call them back after the new year in the middle of primaries to really try to put the screws to the holdouts.
  2. At some point they're going to have to account for losing a person unexpectedly by either doing a non-elimination week or a battle back of some form. The first two evictees are for sure done since Julie told them about Cirie and Jared.
  3. They also require local counsel and the mailing of paper copies of motions and responses. They’re a scourge (as are pretty much all Dallas lawyers).
  4. A Dallas federal jury is going to draw from Ellis, Hunt, Johnson, Kaufman, Navarro, and Rockwall Counties in additional to Dallas County so yeah, it's going to tend to be a lot whiter and a lot more conservative.
  5. Why would a Southwest ticketing issue create a TSA backup?
  6. i can't speak to their homeowners claims but on auto liability claims, I have to sue Allstate insureds more frequently than any other insurer so if you carry Allstate and hit someone, you're likely to find yourself in a lawsuit.
  7. I said it sounded like he was making a narrative up and asked where he'd heard those things. You then acted like listening to earnings calls is some sort of normal activity. But now you've got me curious. So when was the earnings call where they issued a denial that they've ever encouraged password sharing? Was it on that same call that they scolded people for doing it or was that a different call?
  8. When did they pretend that? And when did they scold anyone? This feels like a narrative that exists purely in your mind.
  9. Final four fire making (and having a final three) continue to be shitty twists.
  10. I think it's possible that vote goes differently if local control hadn't been on such constant attack this session.
  11. I was rooting for Frannie but she's one of the dumber smart people to ever be on this show. I don't think she really anticipated being good at challenges and got so excited about the prospect of winning them that she got her boyfriend sent home by winning one she should have thrown and then got herself sent home by winning a worthless award challenge.
  12. U.S. Supreme Court lets Texas death row inmate Rodney Reed seek DNA testing | The Texas Tribune
  13. Large trucks and SUVs use more fuel, can make parking lot a pain in the ass when they can't fit inside the lines, and are significantly more dangerous to other vehicles and pedestrians.
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