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  1. This is legitimately better intel than we’ve gotten from any of the 9.95ers. If he’s recruiting then he’s locked in.
  2. To quote Dubya, “that was some weird shit.”
  3. The many faced god strikes again
  4. Putting our best recruiter on Samples is a heady move
  5. I’ve seen this Michelle Herman tweet mentioned a few times now. Can someone post it?
  6. Lol Apparently I need to recalibrate my understanding of fireable offenses...
  7. Or he watched aggy get blown off the field by a certain common opponent
  8. He definitely seems locked in to me. He was throwing the horns up (like always) on IG right after the Tech win.
  9. We should reach out to Dan Quinn if the Falcons end up canning him.
  10. Why? LBs don’t appear well-coached and he doesn’t recruit.
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