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  1. They need to start giving him Hollywood’s snaps at WR too, dude was not good at all.
  2. Nope

    Michael Dickson

    Another high one that died at the 4
  3. Nope

    Michael Dickson

    67 yard tank a min ago
  4. Not sure, but grateful I didn’t have to sit through them replaying it 20x during a review
  5. OT against a lower tier conference opponent is a total Shaka move
  6. They are on social media no more than the teams they routinely underperform against.
  7. Too late to opt out of the season as a team?
  8. Nope

    Chris Ash Defense

    He actually had the makings of a decent cake until he decided to use the “other oven” because he “trusts Maytag.”
  9. Nope

    Michael Dickson

    I think it was Chad Hastings who said that by the time they are both done, Texas may have both the greatest place kicker and punter in NFL history. SPECIALIST U
  10. Download the Reface app if you haven’t already, it’s pretty damn fun
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