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  1. Off sides on offense? Is that like defensive holding on Poona?
  2. Nope

    Magic mushrooms

    *ahem* Sure would be the perfect time to stumble upon some shrooms...
  3. Meh, I hear the “test them after they die” approach is significantly more accurate.
  4. Library? He’s just going to open up the Trump Internet Cafe.
  5. True...I’m formally entering the race, effective now.
  6. I need you guys to convince my sativa-fueled brain that it’s overthinking this. First Putin installs Trump to soften Americans on authoritarianism. Next he installs Bernie to soften them on socialism. Next....well the arithmetic isn’t hard from there, and the pendulum always swings back. I’m wrong though, right?
  7. 11 Ks for Elder through 7 Is that good?
  8. Heard a while back that most journalism isn’t printed at above an 8th grade level. If you go too far most of your audience ends up tuning out. Example of some 11th grade level words: coalesce, aberration, commiserate, ameliorate. How many presidents do you recall using words like that?
  9. Opening scene from the next Purge movie
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