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  1. Anybody know if he can still be added to the playoff roster? You would hope things with the virus have started to settle by then.
  2. Based on how the decade went for these teams, that was probably a mistake
  3. Sorry man I thought of it, and I couldn’t suffer alone
  4. Nope

    Uniform Pron

    Stumbled upon this, HUGE fan of these unis
  5. He’s right, the cost of yellow paint is through the roof these days
  6. She’s clearly on her mother’s aging schedule
  7. Over/under is at 2 hours, for how long it takes their talking points to leak after the meeting ends
  8. He may want to like, not point that directly at his wife. But then again she also points her gun at him; they deserve each other.
  9. Can’t imagine whose side Trump will take on this...
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