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  1. Add the tens while peeking at the ones to see if I’ll be carrying a one. Then get the last digit from the ones 4 + 2 + (is there an extra +1? Yes. Then +1) Tens place is 7 8 + 7, last digit = 5, so ones place is 5.
  2. He said standing. That’s a law word. What more do you want?
  3. I wonder how approaching the police went. It is a pretty delicate situation to go to a cop and say I was trying to bribe public officials and I’m a Colombian drug lord, arrest this other guy.
  4. i don't think diversity and inclusion is supposed to stretch to stripper heels.
  5. I hope Lincoln didn't sound like that weenie.
  6. yeah, hispanic was my go to for a while before someone pointed that out to me.
  7. G Elliot was trashing it this morning based on the methodology.
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