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  1. decided to do some loss harvesting last month and chose twtr. womp womp
  2. "what, you think we're so innocent?"
  3. there's not going to be some global boycott of an oil rich country for any meaningful length of time.
  4. unexplored plot point is the technology that makes a white van turn to a gray sedan
  5. lol. never noticed its a knock off casio. cant afford the real thing
  6. i don't see 7 hours missing. i see the big gap at insurrection time, from his speech ending at 1 until his telling everyone they are beautiful but go home at 4, then 2.5 hours after that. i think 5.5 hours are missing.
  7. Ignorance is the response. A federal judge just held yesterday that Trump's communications are A/C privileged because he likely committed multiple felonies. Find out how many are even aware of that.
  8. glad they didn't take a wrong turn on the way. how embarrassing would it have to be to pull that thing into a mcdonald's drive thru and ask directions?
  9. that's a good close look at all the b.s. it also serves as a nice focus on the populist side of the right. you can have these educated people up there, but the most prominent split is between those actively courting votes because their ego says they should have higher office, and those that don't have direct interaction with voters. the latter can tend to have some decency and say 'this is a bridge too far,' while those in that are beholden to their retarded voter base have to keep up the act no matter the cost to the country.
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