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  1. Yeah and BloU and aggy should rehire Switzer and Slocum again.
  2. Regarding children, does it make a difference if the parents get the vaccine? I thought vaccinated people can still get the virus and be an asymptomatic spreaders. The vaccine protects the individual but doesn't contribute to herd immunity. Is this correct?
  3. Yeah, nothing tops tens of millions of people actually voting to continue the Trump era. "As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly
  4. I just want Austin to go back to the Austin seen in the movie Slacker. I'd also like my teenage virility returned too. Not really asking for much. I'm not asking for a return to the days of Comanche raids like Army Brat grew up with in his youth.
  5. Ted Cruz is a massively annoying dork and he can only be removed like this.
  6. This is the plot to The Hangover: White House edition. These aren't even the bad things and it's like Trump was a blackout drunk the entire time.
  7. You definitely need to get the monkey drunk for sex.
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