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  1. Damn dude, I only go there because it was my birth place and need to visit family, why would you live there as an adult by choice?
  2. Thank God for Baylor sloots. Back when I used to coach Little League Baseball, I had a player whose parents were a mix of aggy and Baylor. Dad was an aggy and mom was a Bear. Early in the baseball season, the mom wearing a Baylor sweatshirt approaches me with her husband wearing an aggy hoodie. I'm wearing a Longhorn hoodie. Baylor mom proceeds to explain that their kids knows nothing about baseball because aggy dad knows nothing about the sport. I mean it was sad how bad the emasculating was with these two. It actually became uncomfortable because it felt like mom was attempting to cuckold aggy dad with the Longhorn coach. The Baylor mom was cute and from my experience, probably a freak if someone wanted to exploit her holes but I wasn't down with that shit. I was raised Southern Baptist and I know how dirty those sloots can be. Point being, Baylor girls are sloots, same with BYU girls. Religious coeds are always down for dirty deeds.
  3. Well, there was that one time 10 years ago.
  4. Relying on others to beat OU is not our standard. Fuck you Tom Herman and your prick tease wife.
  5. Riley taking pics with the top strip club owner in Oklahoma.
  6. Fuck Baylor and fat ass Matt Rhule wearing a basketball Jersey over his hoodie. We all know you have man boobs you fat slob.
  7. Shit is retarded. I miss the days of the Big 12 South winner kicking the shit out of Nebraska in the conference championship.
  8. This is true. Oklahoma is the historical cupcake of the NCAA postseason.
  9. Demand a coach that will get down and dirty as Switzer, Stoops and Riley?
  10. The Big Twelve is very dysfunctional.
  11. The only thing worse than a cocky asshole is an unjustifiable cocky asshole. Fire Herman!
  12. Is the Chipotle cook on this commercial Special Ed? Not sure what to think of this guy taking pride in cooking at Chipotle.
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