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  1. My guess is he is easily in his early twenties or mentally dwarfed with a fat gut and small peen. Dude has serious issues.
  2. There was a trailer for the original Team Fortress 2 and I remember thinking it was bad ass. Instead of the red/blue soldiers the original TF2 was going to be soldiers in traditional BDUs more realistic than cartoonish. Looked badass and then years of disappointment went by before the actual TF2 was released. From what I recall, Valve ended up having to rewrite the entire game.
  3. Awesome. Best investment I ever made was setting up my home gym with equipment for compound lifting. I have kettle balls and a bunch of those of other things that my ex wife would use and kids used for sport specific workouts but the barbell, squat rack and bench is where the magic happens. 14 is when I introduced my son's to weightlifting and they all still lift. The high school years are a little tricky for multisport athletes. Baseball players don't lift like football players, particularly pitchers. Between 14 and 16 you will feel like Superman and then around 17/18 you are impres
  4. F250


    My daughter tried it out for awhile but got bored with it.
  5. F250


    Anyone play Minecraft in VR? It is a trip.
  6. I used to run a clan for Team Fortress back in the late 90's. Ended disbanding it to start one of Counter Strike. I remember when TF2 was one of the longer running vaporware games.
  7. Novice gains. Once you move beyond the beginner effect and the increase in strength becomes very gradual that is where the grind of lifting starts. A lot of people get discouraged once the quick rewards fade out. Congratulations on grinding it out for 6 years.
  8. Last Spring I injured myself doing box jumps with my sons. I had already lifted during the day and they were talking trash so I gave in and did the box jumps. Finished the workout but ended up pinching a nerve near my hip. I was out of it for a couple of weeks. My ego was put in checkmate. There is a lot of shit talking when they lift with me and I don't have an issue keeping up with them on the weights but anything beyond that I don't even try anymore. Afterwards, I'll do a light run and hit the shower, they will play basketball and try and get me to play. "No, I am old and tired, leave
  9. Do a lot of research before starting any program. If you are out of shape spend the learning period acclimating your body to resistance training with simple self resistance exercises and some basic cardio. If you are the age of the average Surly poster your muscles, ligaments and tendons will revolt if they have been sitting on the shelf and are suddenly thrown into strength training. I am a fan of Rippotoe so I would recommend his beginner program but take the time to learn before starting his or any other program. Focus on understanding the purpose of each lift and the proper form and p
  10. One of my son's just started a cut after bulking for the last 4 months. He was on a clean bulk for the majority of the time but then went on a dirty bulk for the last 6 weeks. I warned him about the dirty bulking but he just went on about "it's all just a calorie surplus, bro." He definitely added a shit ton of mass and the accompanying belly which is to be expected. While he is right that any calorie surplus will result in gains the transition off a shit diet is going to suck. Now that he is cutting and eating clean he is having some withdrawals from the junk food. Greasy salty simple c
  11. Who will think of the wealthy New Yorkers! lulz
  12. Yeah, I picked up on the slight of hand implication in her first post.
  13. I am pretty sure Brazzers is too vanilla for these people.
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