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  1. Where does one order a TCU dancer?
  2. Could just be a timing issue. Just pay attention to the timing of his stride/swing and make sure he is syncing it to the pitcher. You bring up a good point about the variety of pitchers at that age, especially those kids that have a herky jerky delivery.
  3. I assume he is right handed. Frequently drilling the ball to right field is definitely a sign of a late swing. Is it a timing issue or bat drag? I had a kid that developed a late swing one season when he was 10. His timing was all messed up because he switched from a no stride to a stride and it took a few weeks for him to figure out the timing.
  4. Well, I didn't want to make it seem like I was coach Buttermaker from the Bad News Bears sitting in a pile of empty beer cans. But yeah, beers.
  5. lulz Jimbo is a 100 year decision. They will be in massive debt to him forever.
  6. It would be amazing if, after he establishes success at msu, he publicly announces he'll move to aggy for 50% of what they're paying dumbo on the condition that they permanently change the corps to dress like pirates instead of soldiers (since it's all dress up anyway).
  7. I had this conversation last night with an aggy friend. He started off bitching about Mond starting as if they had some better option on the bench. I just asked "who would be a better option?" LOL he just said, "hell if I know but Mond sucks ass." He then went on about being tired of this shit. The shit being annually disappointed. I had to slip in a "Just enjoy each game at a time and accept things as they are, stop expecting a championship that will never happen." LOL He actually agreed then told me to fuck off after realizing it was a jab.
  8. Take a tablet with you and stream the game. That's how I survived high school Fall baseball. Find a nice shaded spot, stream the game on your tablet, watch the baseball game as well and use your phone to talk trash on the Surly game thread. If you are going to be at the fields for a really long time and it's an early kickoff having a beer on hand really makes it enjoyable.
  9. Okie State was seriously good that season with Weeden. Tragically, that ISU loss was probably influenced by the plane crash. I was pulling for y'all that year.
  10. F250

    Miami v. FSU

    A lot of teams have been tripping over their own dick against bad teams. Miami dismantled FSU like they were supposed to.
  11. F250

    Miami v. FSU

    Miami looks good again.
  12. Why not done? Do something!
  13. F250

    Fire Tom Herman

    This team is not good.
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