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  1. That can easily be done behind the scenes. Musk has some Rocko in him and clearly loves attention whether it's good or bad.
  2. More than likely he will hold office in Texas and threaten to get rid of "fake Texans" you know the people born and raised in Texas.
  3. Those outfits are required uniforms for aggy alumni. From what I can tell most aggy do their shopping at Academy.
  4. No one is dismissing hard work just saying it isn't a sufficient condition for success.
  5. F250

    The Supremes

    Definitely a rat fucker.
  6. Here is an article discussing the background of the NC GOP machine's fight with Cawthorn. Basically Cawthorn thought he was big enough to go against the establishment in NC and got his peepee whacked. Apparently switching districts without permission and refusing to back out when told to do so brought the knives out. https://www.themountaineer.com/news/cawthorn-s-uncivil-war/article_07d5d7ba-59e4-11ec-9988-bf942e1cd4b1.html
  7. Taleb's paper isn't much different than what Krugman is saying. The link to his paper is in his Tweet below.
  8. The Asian category seems to be the most diverse category than any other one in the U.S. Indians, Japanese and Malaysians seem to be pretty different. It makes zero sense to treat them as one group.
  9. F250

    The Supremes

    Your ass will likely be repatriated to Mexico before you have a chance to collect.
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