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  1. Isn't this just confirming what we already suspected? Not enough of the population has been infected to create herd immunity and the world will be turbo fucked if we actually have enough of the population infected to possibly create herd immunity.
  2. I watched some Tucker Carlson tonight out of curiosity, holy shit, this guy is so intellectually dishonest. You could teach a course on logical fallacies and use him as an example. The part that bothers me the most is the disregard for nuance (rational thought) in favor of common sense which is simply willful ignorance. He is also preaching a lot of fear. White people should be afraid to leave their homes. He keeps insinuating that black people are incapable of being in positions of leadership. I could see how regular viewers of this show would end up with a very skewed view of the world.
  3. Intentionally creating uncertainty about the virus. That is very fucked up considering Houston is on the edge of a Covid shit storm.
  4. George Will nailed it when he called them Vichyite collaborators. No principles or sense of honor at all.
  5. I picked up on the not so subtle reference. Others tend to be a little salty, never mind them.
  6. This is funny because it's true. The inmates are running the asylum in the GOP. A few years ago Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were warning the party that Trump would reshape the party into an insane asylum. Now those guys are actively participating in the insanity.
  7. I've been using that line for years. "Hey baby, smell my pickle."
  8. Little sad seeing Isiah Austin playing good enough to make an NBA roster considering his background.
  9. I was confused the first time it happened in a game I was watching. Once I figured out the rule it made a lot of sense and does seem to make the end of the game a lot more interesting. I always hate the way the last couple of minutes of a basketball game gets dragged with constant fouls and free throws.
  10. We will be lucky if a President Biden restores us to the status quo. Unfortunately the status quo is what got us into this situation.
  11. Anyone watching this tournament on ESPN?
  12. Live by the Twitter, you die by the Twitter. Looks like George and Kelly Anne are harvesting the crops they planted.
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