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  1. That thing has been a flop since its creation. The government desperately needs to figure out how to build out an organization with elite operators without forcing those operators to succumb to a standard military structure. Plus there is a constant brain drain due to the talented ones being poached by the private sector. It should probably be a separate branch made up of mostly reservists with much looser rules and higher pay.
  2. Are people really clutching their pearls over a Joe Rogan endorsement?
  3. She sounds a lot like Bad Teammate while being a lot more interesting.
  4. Minorities seem to really like Biden. Warren getting a big boost from Hispanics with that Castro endorsement, oh wait...
  5. I happened to catch that show right before the elevator scene and my first thought was that it was the transitive properties of Obama at play. My guess is that Michelle Obama would have elicited the same reaction if not a bigger one.
  6. Wow. Should have pistol whipped the wannabe Ty Cobb when he stopped by your house or at least run him over with a truck. Even if it wasn't 6 feet in the air, anything over a foot is wrong.
  7. Mostly slow and inaccurate. Some of the better ones might cruise in the mid to upper 50's.
  8. The Palestinian Chicken episode from Curb Your Enthusiasm comes to mind.
  9. Greenwald is being hit with the same thing the U.S. said Assange did, guiding the hackers into revealing state secrets. This is pretty bad and I don't think the U.S. is going to fight very hard on behalf of Greenwald.
  10. I don't think any of us are in a place to make fun of people that use call signs.
  11. I've always associated these kind of bombings with Europe. In the mid 90's, I was in Madrid when ETA set off a bomb about 2 blocks from a restaurant I was eating at, I heard the explosion and saw the aftermath. Then, shortly after that I was in London when the cops evacuated several buildings one of which I was in when an IRA bomb threat was called in. There was also the time I flew out of Heathrow to Madrid a couple of hours before the IRA started firing mortars at the airport. The mortars were duds, I assume that was intentional. Anyways, I spent a little under a year over there and being bomb aware was certainly a thing back in the day.
  12. That was the equivalent of aggy setting up a BlowU will never be Cotton Bowl champions thread on Shaggy after the 2013 bowl game. People would react negatively to that too. Not liking aggy isn't an endorsement for Oklahoma.
  13. This. Your siblings or their kids just need to take the test to discover previously unknown nephews/nieces/cousins that may have resulted from your wilder days.
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