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  1. F250

    Ozark- Netflix

    And why keep it a secret?
  2. This is all good but what happens when Frank Tagliano returns to Lilyhammer after visiting NYC?
  3. Yeah my wife rolled out a basket piled to the top and said she felt like a hoarder compared to most people in there just chilling like it was a regular trip to the store because they were bored or something. Yeah, I suspect people are going to the store out of boredom. Fucking go for a run or some shit if you are bored don't go shopping for comfort food.
  4. Fuck nuts probably need some chocolate or some other inconsequential items.
  5. Watching Chris Cuomo describing what it's like to have COVID-19.
  6. I don't usually care for Stephen A. Smith's takes unless they support my opinion. “I have to say Tim Duncan, with all due respect to my man Kobe Bryant,” said Smith. “When you consider the model of consistency that Tim Duncan was able to put forth — David Robinson has a title because of Tim Duncan. Tim Duncan is a five-time champion, as that chart just showed, just as many titles as Kobe Bryant, more NBA Finals MVPs. You’ve got to take that into consideration the fact that he is universally recognized as the greatest power forward to have ever played the game, a 10-time All-Defensive First Team player.” https://clutchpoints.com/nba-video-stephen-a-smith-claims-tim-duncan-had-a-better-career-than-kobe-bryant/
  7. Everytime I check the latest Covid news.
  8. F250


    She was also in Maniac.
  9. I like it better than MitHC because there was a time in our history where we were undecided on where to stand. The show reveals part our history we don't spend much time discussing.
  10. That and as mentioned above, he played Chibs on SoA.
  11. I appreciate how despite your name being hate and Duncan being your avatar you take a reasonable approach to explain why Derka is wrong. My immediate reaction is to pick up a baseball bat and start smashing shit after seeing Timmy left out of Dereka's list.
  12. F250


    No, the show's attempt to remain mysterious just leaves the viewer in the dark.
  13. For those with kids that haven't hit puberty yet, familiarize yourself with Osgood-Schlatter and Severs disease, particularly those that are catchers. All 3 of my son's had issues with O.S. around 13 years old. Actually a good portion of their teammates had issues with it. It seemed the basketball/baseball players struggled the most with O.S. disease. Anyways, baseball puts a lot of stress on the joints, ligaments and tendons. To keep your kid who is going through major growth spurts on the field long term, make sure to keep an eye out for any budding health issues and don't be afraid to temporarily pull them from playing.
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