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  1. 18 to top 5 with a bullet by Looch next update
  2. Wait..he is an all SEC talent, yet the biggest players for him were USC, Oregon, ND and Texas?? Advantage aggys for sure
  3. Didn't someone say Mario tweeted out that his "dream school" LSU had recently offered too?
  4. CDC has been vocal in his support for Tom Herman. Yurkich is getting paid 1.7 or so mil? Chris Ash is a big name DC too.
  5. Wow he went from 225 as his max to now doing 40 reps of 225? I feel like my max has continued to fall since I graduated high school in 98
  6. Guess this means that we won't see him at DE this fall in spot duty?
  7. Mama Brock isn't splitting up her boys for one to go to Tusca fucking loosa. Texas better win 10 plus games.
  8. It's alright, Bijan chose us because Texas is better
  9. Yeah man.. damn I should neg myself into oblivion for even typing that
  10. Iwunnah sounds like the backup plan for Turner. Jones and now Abiara are now the focus after Smith went North.
  11. Pac will have football or Scott might as well clean out his office in San Francisco.
  12. Who needs Tommy, James is the real prospect here!!
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