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  1. tosu is going to have an unexpected loss, so it will be a battle between them and the SEC #2 school to get in
  2. Do you have inside sources in the bldg at CS too??
  3. ah yes.. another reason for them to leave the Big 12.. BIG would have taken care of them, SEC too.. I know they have for Nebraska and aggy
  4. with the numbers they are enrolling, these salty aggys are going to have a stroke when they see much more diversity on campus for years to come
  5. Kenyon Green is now getting some run at Center??
  6. She is a pain to listen to at times.. I have to forward her segments when she joins the Big 12 today or Big 12 this morning on siriusXM.
  7. Don't do it @Longhornfrenzy she wants bulletin material for her son to post in the locker room.. Watch out Arkansas!!
  8. been a rough year for her.. it started out with Jlo and Shakira doing lesbo porn right in front of her cataract having eyes..
  9. My buddy told me the school Azle was supposed to play backed off and now they are playing All Saints (Fuck the Brocks).
  10. it's what makes him so aerodynamic when it comes to foot racing in parking lots. He's like Michael Phelps, on land.
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