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  1. our 2020 class is 14 already? Rivals gonna Rivals
  2. I would be happy with that but I'm ready for the bitching about Brick lol
  3. Reading that rundown on Odom, he seems he would be a great hire. Instead of trying to out scheme defensively, he just puts the athletes in best positions to succeed. Also seeing him have no issues to change his defensive front from a 3-4 at memphis to a 4-3 while at mizzu shows that he can adapt unlike our ex DC.
  4. onlyfans should do a unlimited membership instead of paying per model..told by a friend of course
  5. damn it.. we are about to miss out on Harrell who obviously does..Real.Recruiting.
  6. If Clemson and tosu play in the semi-finals.. Clemson is gonna "shock the world" by beating them. Clemson looking shaky early and not playing anyone..is exactly what they want the narrative to be. I see why LSU and tosu fans are going tit for tat on who should be ranked #1 overall..
  7. TBH I'd prefer Kerk as the C.. he does well there.
  8. Truth be told, they would rather have Tom and his merry men at the helm..luckily for us CDC is a much better AD than Swann was.. Bohn is in a tough pickle
  9. The greatest trick ever pulled was Jaylon Jones convincing aggy he is a CB
  10. Could Traylor really get the Lamar job this early into his CFB career? I know he can recruit ETX, but I only know of his recruiting chops, not coaching ones.
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