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  1. So what you are saying is... we may have one leaving in June?
  2. damn.. this is sad.. I'm lucky that the X pills i experimented with back in the late 90's were before this Fentanyl shit. #RIP Jake
  3. he's arriving in June.. plenty of time to hit the weight room and focus on the playbook
  4. I know it was an old saying at shaggybevo..or maybe it was the shag.. but it goes..Futureman me once... shame on him.. futureman me twice... you can't get futureman'd
  5. didn't they say south? Perhaps they too got confused with the DMV area which clearly the little apple is a part of
  6. yeah i still love Austin..born and raised there but man it's way too expensive for me (not surly 95%er).. Houston has been great to me so far one month in coming from VA
  7. my steelers also had a tomzack/kent graham era.. awful.
  8. these young men would be 1000% better off if they listened to us (Surly)
  9. guess this means Stewart will commit to ou since Sark has no momentum---sataya
  10. i hope they suck as bad you think..I bought tickets for Fayetnam last week
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