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  1. Man is shit hot right now.. from being BCs assistant to an on field coach position in Dallas. Now an assistant HC? Shit hot, congrats.
  2. probably going to get negged, but I think Epps has a big season then goes to the NFL as a mid round pick.
  3. https://247sports.com/Player/Domonique-Orange-46100297/
  4. Yeah the 247 guys were hinting this on their pod last week. I'm actually surprised that Maalik only dropped one spot overall after listening to them. Guess his showing in AZ this past weekend really did impress them.
  5. #EwersEffect BTW I'm laughing at that quoted tweet from Harold Perkins with the Hookem emoji.. it was about 3 weeks ago where he gave the super excited tweet of "Texas re-offered".. Calculator.
  6. Does Ketch even show up to the games anymore in person? He made it seem like a lot of his own subscribers don't like him.. I know OB has tailgate gatherings, wonder if he shows up for them.
  7. 247 is just driving up some offseason discussions with the portal rankings. I'm sure the longer this goes, they will be rated better.
  8. It will continue since the GORs and current conf deals are expiring soon.. SEC just re-upped their deal.. BiG is next followed by the PAC and Big 12.
  9. The first big indicator if something will happen is if FOX renews it's tier 3 RSN deal with ou. PAC really can't add anyone, and they certainly don't look as good as they once did to Dodds. So as always, it's up to the Big12 to either stick as is, expand, or implode.
  10. FCB has a good interview up with Casey Thompson's dad
  11. Then he follows all that up with.. something about the 147th ranked player not being a big deal.. recruiting services have fooled you.. 90% bust rate or some shit.. like dude, you know how you get paid right?
  12. yeah Ketch def caught feelings over Gerry RTing his Forecast pick that the Texas Crystal ball account put out there. He went into a long rant about how he doesn't care and he just looked at his profile, yada yada yada.
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