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  1. lol he's gonna be in the tent if he continues to hit the way he did on highlight #1 there
  2. thinking a few will get serious PT on Special Teams
  3. Seems like it's going to be the competition throughout the summer, fall camp on the defensive side of the ball. I'm hoping we can have a breakout season from one of those players or maybe even Prince Dorbah.. We need to get consistent pressure out of that position to have success
  4. oh man he really had me thinking he wanted to be at Texas
  5. UNC isn't going to hire Beard.. This wasn't a retirement surprise, I'm sure they have been knowing this
  6. Burton likes him but he would have been an odd fit at IT.. he just isn't snarky enough
  7. can you and @closetojumping do a raffle so us less fortunate surly posters have a chance to experience a regular Carton & CTJ gameday?
  8. same here.. had the UM game, tosu game and the MNC game all on my Tivo. Then when I switched to cable, they only had DVR boxes, no tivo
  9. i'm 41 and I haven't been cleared for the vaccine yet... Doesn't surprise me that the players have yet to get theirs either... hell the senate is trying to make it mandatory for the military to get the vaccine.
  10. So this means Stewart is not coming back to the fold later in the year?
  11. damn.. i frequent Food Lion during the week when I forget something on Sundays (Kroger shopping).. had no idea that happened. Also as I'm in the process of moving, I too had nachos bell grande for dinner last night as I ate alone in the upstairs playroom
  12. You and EJ Holland would make an epic podcast when it comes to food joints
  13. i think all the kids who have committed will still be taking visits over the summer.
  14. didn't she go on a rant awhile back ago about her previous employer (OB) being "pigs" and that IT respected her the way a woman should always be respected?
  15. how long will it be til she starts her onlyfans page?
  16. Since Murphy is having a spring season starting this month in CA, how well does he need to perform to quiet some of the "he hasn't thrown a HS TD pass" crowd? Or is it at a point that even if he avg's 4 TD passes a game this spring, the same narrative carries over the summer?
  17. just want to thank you for the pod.. just cameback from house hunting in Houston.. very entertaining.. Also you were correct.. candy glazed ribs at Pinkertons>>>>>>>>
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