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  1. Really silly that Foster went to aggy. If you throw in the 70s as a high school kid, that has to be a priority. Go somewhere you'll get good coaching, win gold for the US, and make a fortune playing Mungo and villain types in Hollywood. Football should be an afterthought.
  2. Now, which one of these kids are we recruiting? Hard to tell.
  3. Edited as I just read the rest of the thread and don't think this topic is relevant right now.
  4. Since nobody asked, let me just state that I hate it when people use "skill players" or "skill positions." It's a slight to linemen as if a center, who calls the blocking scheme and puts his hand on the ball every play, has no skill. Or a tackle, who has to be able to read defense and counter players who are both fast and strong. No lineman can get by on just athleticism. They have to continuously improve their skills. Every football player is a skilled player. We've seen what happens when you don't have skilled players in those skill positions called tackle, guard, and center. Call
  5. There's a video somewhere of Sweat dunking in high school and he looked significantly more athletic. Of course, he was probably 75 pounds lighter at the time.
  6. Hmm. He'd have to be a brother to his mom or dad, right? Probably dad. I'm pretty sure this has come up in the history of English royal families.
  7. Snap out of it! You're no longer a hostage. It will either be really good or pretty good.
  8. I only signed up for classes/professors I liked so studying during the summer would not be a chore. Also took a "new sport to me" PE class every summer.
  9. Why would you root for one player over another in a position battle? Wouldn't you just want the best one? At this point, I trust our coach.
  10. Sounds like you may have a union problem.
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