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  1. Cole's choice: great money on a good team or good money on a great team?
  2. He can’t even score on half his carries. Do not want.
  3. Nothing much to add. Grew up in the 70's worshiping the Oilers but no longer an NFL fan. Only occasionally check in to see how pro Horns are doing. Oh, and fuck Bud Adams. Piece of shit. I trust he's having fun hanging with Hitler and Pol Pot in the depths of hell.
  4. The way Bijan moves in traffic reminds me a little of Tony Dorsett. Similar bend and glide.
  5. DB and OL. That's the joke, bad as it is.
  6. I hear we're in on a name player, but the pull of an out-of-state program promising immediate starting time and comparing him to a cross between Mel Renfro and John Hannah may be too much to overcome. We'll see if their high school coach can bring some clarity to the situation, but there may be other factors. If so, things could start to look up for Texas who worked their way to strong second place with good home visits.
  7. Cosell commenting on Oiler/Earl highlights during halftime was as good as it got for teenage me.
  8. Welcome, my son Welcome to the machine Where have you been? It's alright, we know where you've been You've been in the pipeline, filling in time Welcome, my son Welcome to the machine What did you dream? It's alright, we told you what to dream You dreamed of a big star So welcome to the machine
  9. I like how everyone on offense runs to the net. Solid plan if you're hitting at Jimbo. Only a freak return bounce off his face will find the backcourt.
  10. I kinda liked West Virginia in that hey, I'm not a fan but they're a cool team to watch occasionally way before they joined the conference. Now, fuck 'em.
  11. Watching Conner club people and throw them down with one hand is both hilarious and great. He'll have to work on his technique, sure, but watching him maul high schoolers is fun. Some of them want nothing to do with him.
  12. I thought the double reverse throw was a great throw on a tough angle.
  13. Reese Bennett

    David Beaty

    The video coordinator has to talk to the coach so the coach can then tell the players what the video guy just said. Is that abut it?
  14. You think he ends up at guard after a couple of years with Yancy?
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