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  1. OK, but he’s on super-secret probation.
  2. Fucking aggy. There is nothing not stupid about that.
  3. Damn it! Now that goal post is out of alignment. How hard is it to turn the stadium so that both goalposts are centered?
  4. I, for one, am excited about watching the D-line this year. I think the Horns will have the top group in the conference. Ossai in his natural position will make a big difference and I expect all the interior guys including Coburn to make a huge jump in play. I hope Sweat has the kind of breakout year to where it's obvious he'll only be on campus one more year. It'll be interesting to see what kind of difference Hagen makes. If things don't play out the way I want them to, I'll blame him.
  5. Where's the tailgate party?
  6. How has nobody remarked about how Sweat just tossed 291 lb Ghirmai like a rag doll? That was impressively violent.
  7. Okafor wears my HS number, so there's that. #78forlife
  8. Uh, Cosmi would have that opportunity regardless of whether the Duck guy played or not. Technically, so would every draft age offensive lineman in the country.
  9. I see no UTEP chicks. Isn't this where we should see UTEP chicks?
  10. Let's not hector the posters who don't know Greek history.
  11. I always liked the Wyoming helmet. The Cincy logo always make me think of German letters with umlauts.
  12. I am very worried about Port Arthur. They haven't really recovered from previous hurricanes and are about to get blasted again.
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