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  1. Arkansas is not on our schedule. UT is Texas, Tennessee is Tennessee. Shame! Shame!
  2. Chuck thinks there will be bowls. That’s hilarious.
  3. Washington Patent Clerks Washington Librarians Washington Statues Washington Apparatchiks Washington Archivists Washington Tour Buses Washington Smithsonians Washington Circles Washington Adams-Morgans Washington Bike Paths
  4. At this point, Foster should just pick the best track school--which is Texas--and concentrate on throwing. When the COVID-19 shit is over, he can come back to football. (The most recent shot/discus/hammer Olympian from Oregon was in 1992.)
  5. Plus, you don't normally think of defensive players putting up insane numbers.
  6. If you play it without crowds and have to move it, play it somewhere it will never be played under normal circumstances like a good high school stadium.
  7. Texas State Fair has been cancelled. https://bigtex.com/
  8. If (when) the season is cancelled, recruiting will be wild as offers will have to be made to sophomores and juniors without a sophomore or junior season. At some point, the negative recruiting will also have to get around to a university's viability as 2-3 semesters of no sports and no or very few students on campus will sink the finances of some schools.
  9. So looch had an article ready to go 7 minutes after the NCAA announced the penalties?
  10. University of Arizona just announced it will not reopen to students. The comments to this tweet are worth a glance.
  11. Morehouse just pulled the plug on football and all fall sports.
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