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  1. That's my hand size but I'm 4 inches shorter and a dork. (I can palm a basketball as long as I don't try to move much.)
  2. A decent gamble and only cost us a spot for a year. With some people, you can only point the way.
  3. Foster's a freak. I really want him in this class.
  4. Instead of Herman, maybe Okam was the one biding time.
  5. Boulware's a strong hire and also creates good redundancy--and thus resiliency--for a number of coaching spots.
  6. I was driving the first half and had the Utah feed on sat radio. The Utah sideline reporter was listening to the DL group after the first drive and said they were confident because they thought the Texas o-line was “tentative and scared.”
  7. Coburn’s hat comes off a bunch. He needs a better, customized helmet and extra-strength chin strap.
  8. After the last decade, I have no expectations but I am now living in a Missouri state of mind. Show me.
  9. Looks like every bouncer in the movies that gets beat up by the 5’9” 165 lb lead actor.
  10. I very occasionally watch the NFL and track pro Longhorns, but any passion for the NFL went away with the Oilers. I don’t care because I don’t have a team anymore. I also rarely say anything bad about others, but fuck Hell-dwelling Bud Adams.
  11. I won't like Yurkesh until I do. Which means I won't, but I might.
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