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  1. Pretty pics, but every one of those shade covers should be solar panels.
  2. People always forgetting about this guy, who I think will only get better.
  3. Pretty sure that in high school, Leon O'Neal was a 10 star.
  4. Well, we know who the bitch is in that relationship. (This whole notion is bad and I feel horrible for contributing to it.)
  5. Wait, what exactly happens at the end of this clip?
  6. Is Austin ready for slug life?
  7. What kind of unAmerican crap is this? Communists just want to watch the world burn I guess.
  8. I'm on board. I originally thought Shaka was the right pick, but he's proven me wrong. Bring me a new guy who can recruit and coach. I'd like for the conference and NCAA tournaments to mean something again. Went to grad school at UVA (way back when). Charlottesville is a college town, not a college city. Some people like towns, some like cities. That said, a lot of money can make town people move. Bennett would be a great get.
  9. Evans rumored to be setting up a Florida visit in March. Sounds like Brewster is taking the lead.
  10. Unless "ton of energy" is code for "massive douchiness," I'm OK with it.
  11. I come to this thread for discussions about manly footwear.
  12. Evans is going to end up in Huntsville isn't he?
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