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  1. Everyone except for-profit colleges.
  2. Protecting free speech on college campuses by restricting free speech on college campuses FTW.
  3. From what I've seen, Trump followers are much more likely to be sedentary shooters.
  4. My takeaway from this toilet flushing nonsense... Trump doesn't know how many flushes are normal because Trump doesn't flush. He just leaves his shit sitting there for the next person to take care of. First Trump makes the person fawn about what a great shit it is, the best shit ever. I've seen his cabinet meetings.
  5. Republicans offer safe harbor to the brown-hating racists, that's for sure. The right's cliche retort would be that Dems hate the white man, but given their demonization of the libz & willingness to cut off lady liberty's nose to spite her face, I think Republicans lead in white hate too. In that sense they're equal opportunity haters.
  6. If they're taking suggestions. I recommend narrowing the wheelbase.
  7. Facts aren't important. It's the victimhood that matters.
  8. Your assurance notwithstanding, if they did fully grasp it we'd see mass marching in the streets. Unfortunately an individual's understanding is highly predicated upon whether they've been captured by propaganda outlets. Many of our fellow citizens are only too happy to abdicate their powers of perception and thought.
  9. If he was absent due to cramps, Steube is a natural for the LSU football staff
  10. Clearly it's wrong to invoke a pol's minor child by name, especially in a charged atmosphere like impeachment hearings. I'm not proud to admit that part of me doesn't care. That part knows the GOP could give a shit about what's wrong, remembers Chelsea the family dog, and is tired of any semblance of playing nice. Trump gleefully skullfucks what's "right" at every turn. That doesn't make it right or smart though. If the point was important, it could have been made more artfully.
  11. Worse than that: It's not that we can't tell right from wrong, it's that many of us no longer care.
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