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  1. For all the speculation that Pence will be replaced on the ticket for November, Trump's running mate will be COVID-19. He is fucking done.
  2. It's just a slightly more Master Race-ish spin on the classic Dogs Playing Poker painting.
  3. He must be the world's shittiest bible teacher. Probably because he's dreaming about dicks all day.
  4. Just remember you're a living organism on this planet, and you're very safe. You've just taken a heavy drug. Relax, stay inside, and listen to some music. Do you have any Allman Brothers?
  5. I've been working on some material about ventilator shortages but my test audiences are very sensitive about that topic for some reason.
  6. I trust and hope that Rush is relying on Trump completely for his medical treatment advice.
  7. I won't neg you but your words are nonsensical in the sequence that you presented. Do you mean that the FDA is Trump's current scapegoat for his myriad of failures with covid-19? By all means spell that tale out for us.
  8. Genius! Let's kill 2 birds though, by formalizing cruise ships as the optimal coronavirus exposure environment and prop up the industry while we're at it. C'mon Federalist readers, buy your coronavirus cruise today!
  9. To our credit, we haven't burned anyone accused of witchcraft recently. We're not savages, after all.
  10. We're also going to be #1 in survivors too, hopefully. But no one talks about that. Cut Donnie some slack. He can't comprehend how a 98 % success rate could somehow draw criticism, when this is a time for unity or whatever. Amen.
  11. They were handed out during Infrastructure Week. Did you not get one?
  12. Respectfully, that sort of cliche is what enables both siderism appeals to thrive. Yes there are 2 parties. 1 has demonstrated that it's many orders of magnitude more dangerous than the other. There's only false equivalency.
  13. Apologies like self-quarantine are a sign of weakness.
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