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  1. It's the crossover porn network. Newsmaxxx seamlessly blends opinion based journalism with titillating images and innuendo. It's sure to get a rise out of you! tm
  2. These are valid. Yet the OP was called a cunt in this very thread with seeming impugnity. If you're an impasive arbitor for Both Sides that wouldn't require pointing out. Cunt also shouldn't be considered derogatory but as a Henry Miller admirer I'll let that one slide for a separate discussion.
  3. Which is why "desperate" was among my initial descriptors. You and I would never dream of withholding support to an ally nation in exchange for favors against a political opponent either, nor suppressing votes, nor discouraging the use of masks during a pandemic because you perceive it's a threat to your own narrow political interests. There is no bottom. Everything is on the table in operation re-elect Trump. I'm speculating that although Kanye as VP surely isn't option 1a for Trump, he's one of many thrashing tentacles deployed by cornered demonic Don.
  4. I see Kanye as serving multiple purposes. Elevate the legitimacy of a well known black Trump supporter to highlight Dotard's tolerance, siphon youth votes from Biden, and in general to trivialize the seriousness of this election. Trump is most at home in a chaotic carnival atmosphere. Informed people will not entertain Kanye as a serious choice, but that still leaves a vast potential constituency.
  5. GOP has been boycotting intelligence for decades. Palin and Quayle out front should have told ya.
  6. The OP is a petri dish where Republican victimology thinking can observed and cultivated. An imagined resentment from a hypothetical scenario in which unfair cultural forces limit Slorch's right to choose. Good stuff.
  7. Trump knows this too, which is why Kanye's crazy ass has been marched out there to announce his candidacy. Desperation. Write-in Kanye might steal Biden votes while incurring virtually no bleed from the Trump base. And if you have to break the glass in case of emergency perhaps swap Kanye for Pence on the ticket. I joked about this possibility in recent months but Kanye's madness and celebrity make him a tempting gambit to Trump.
  8. If he loses in November it's a certainty Dotard will seek to undermine the election results. Donald Trump does not lose contests, he wins them or he quits them because they are unfair. Surely such a scenario has been contemplated by top brass, even if just silently in their own heads. They must see that Trump's corrupt, erratic nature is clearly a danger to the country they swore to protect. Trump's oath of office meant as much to him as his wedding vows. I need to read up on what constitutes an unlawful order before he makes Nuremberg Great again.
  9. Are you suggesting that JFK wasn't killed by a weather balloon?
  10. Just catching up, but damn if "we" won world wars from Private Bonespurs doesn't make me chuckle.
  11. It we didn't have a mortal stake in this, it would be entertaining to watch the GOP's anti-science ideology in the cage match with indifferent, empirical science.
  12. Rooted in denial or not, I can't regularly indulge that sort of despair. But I will admit to moments lasting days-weeks-months of it. How do other people with progeny and the presumption of a horizon for them reconcile this outlook with hope for the generations to come? I'll hang up and listen.
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