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  1. Just how long do you think a country can continue to be in economic lock down and recover ? Shut down the economy and how many more people die as the result of that ? Reports are stating the depression caused just by the last couple months has driven suicide/ depression rates up. Tie that to a nationwide depression, and those will skyrocket along with crime, families losing their homes.
  2. This ^^^but they're gonna come back, and say economics is political. When you think everything is political you have issues with reality, and probably several layers of tin foil on yer balls.
  3. Over my skis ? I made a statement that a young guy obviously had something else going on. I should have said he probably had something else going on. Is that Better ? Make everyone feel the i's and t's have been dotted and crossed properly ? I don't live and die by what I or anyone else posts here.
  4. Dude, separation of church and state !!!
  5. He's just a straight shooter, with upper management written all over him.
  6. Yeah that's what it was. The cabal just wants to play the typical blame game where they can somehow feel superior. Politicking the shit out of it ? Hardly, there were political comments made, I made a few, and either edited them away or got called out on it. The humor was every few days the CR boys made a run at the thread, and tried to get in to a slap fight with someone ....... anyone as long as they could spout off their political views. The CR is no fun when it's an echo chamber, circle jerk. You start eating your own (SEE: multiple Bad teammate attacks).
  7. Nah, many posters are sick to death of the CR cabal hijacking every thread with their unique brand of politics that just everyone needs to hear about, and bow down to. Poor bama chick was used to be the it girl of the cabal. That only works in that little insular world.
  8. Waaaaaah I can't tell people about my political views.. waaaaahhhhh.
  9. How many people have had to have a leg amputated as a result of corona virus ? I'd say that's a big indicator something else may have been going on, unless he just coincidently contracted something else in the hospital that caused the need to remove a limb. The removal of his leg was why I stated there obviously (my fuck up for using the word obviously, apparently that has some pretty damned specific triggering mechanisms for some of y'all) was something else going on with him. But hey you don't like many of my posts any way so carry on...
  10. Yeah because before 1950 most families only had one parent.... Just a cursory look thru at statistics points out the issues faced by single parent kids especially in a modern society.
  11. Yep happening in my city for over 3 weeks straight now. My studio has been right in the middle of a couple of the marches, I've been at the sites where mo aments were torn down or attacked. I've seen some first rate, unhinged, assholes, and some genuine protestors who didn't act like dumb asses.
  12. Thanks they are low, that's called statistics., And many of them had something else that contributed like poor health, poor medical treatment or yes bad luck. Not sure what's so tough about that to grasp. My comment wasn't meant to be an absolute, it was a generally factual comment about folks in his age group.
  13. Statistically speaking it is fairly obvious. The death rate for folks in his age bracket is small compared to older people, and folks with other other issues.
  14. Uhh oh wildcat can't deal with symmetrical realities.... That's all right you can always just hang in your echo chamber CR space.
  15. They have a great helmet with the R on it. The Washington Redacteds.
  16. I beg to differ, they're the gold standard for states that suck ass.
  17. He obviously had some underlying conditions that contributed to making him a high risk person. Doesn't diminish his too young to pass from this Earth death. EDIT: Dahobbs how the hell do you function in life ? You're always confused. They guy more than likely had issues that contributed to the covid virus. What's hard about that to understand. The reality of covid is it rarely kills normal healthy folks, what's so confusing about that ?
  18. Jesus Christ mental unstability ? try walking thru a BLM riot. The mental instability fairly wafts from the pavement.Christ, the one side shit (when the poster is being dead serious) is about as lame as it gets around here. Congrats brah.
  19. No he'd rather outlaw English or anything that smacks of caucasian or capitalism, or freedom, or security or normal life in general.
  20. Really sucks for for you and the family. Hope she's on the road to recovery.
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