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  1. It'll take that ship with it when it goes for sure.
  2. Guam !!?? Guam !!? Man if that place gets to the tipping over point we're in deeeeep shit.
  3. Anybody come across a site called Cask Cartel ? They keep popping up on my FB feed. Only $229 for a whole bottle of actual 7 yr aged Buffalo Trace.... Thinking about a case......... anyone wanna goes halvsies...
  4. So is Joe gonna get up on stage and say look what I did during the coronavirus to help the country. See what I did to help us move thru this difficult time. He isn't gonna have much to debate Trump on after this passes (that people are gonna focus on at least). People are only gonna care what is going be done going forward. He'll have 2 things: the economy, and how the admin. handled the crisis. Smoking ruin of an economy ? Certainly could be if this thing goes into the Summer and Fall, but I'm going the optimistic route, and say people are gonna be so cabin fevered they're gonna go nuts when this does pass, and get out in public, and try to pick up their lives. I don't see any drop in the Real estate market (yet), construction is still booming when it can get thru building inspections offices, and crews can work. The construction industry fuels so many related industries in the country, as it goes so goes the country (it's a storm barometer industry). The Trump admin. could have done this better for damn sure, so could the rest of the western world. What did the democrats propose back in December that would have headed this off ? Short of a total shut down of travel anywhere but to the grocery store not a damn thing was gonna stop this from exploding on our country, and the rest of the world.
  5. That would be pretty cool, ya know, because it's OUR FUCKING MONEY to begin with. Or maybe our great grandkids' money. Hell I don't know. Well, it's for damn sure gonna be their debt.
  6. Yeah of you can get it for the 30-35 range plus shipping that's not a bad deal. We pay $32 in Va. and I can find it at several stores fairly regularly.
  7. The report: Suspect had a sudden coronavirus related incident, and died at the scene. END REPORT
  8. If ever there was a legit time for a body cam to "fail", I'd say that incident qualifies.
  9. Hooooooly fuck wrong is right. Floyd was gold, he never failed to deliver. His delivery was so unique.
  10. I'd say Schwimmer made the character that much better, because it's so easy to hate Schwimmer. Somebody in casting was thinking.
  11. "Get Yer Ya Yas out" has had to have been mentioned already
  12. I came here to post about something really trivial..... damn... it's..... it was........ I can't....... it must have been really trivial....
  13. Can you post something more idiotic. Life isn't politics to everyone sport. The thread has been civil for the most part because the BS of CR has been banished, now be off troll. It's interesting that every war ever studied can be discussed without politics ever being mentioned. That must blow your mind, and profit margin.
  14. Yep did Bayeux for 2 days at the Churchhill, and Normandy for a day, 2 days would have been better, but we spent one day at Mont St. Michel. Easy train ride from Paris for sure.
  15. I'd say any POTUS would be in an almost 24 hour duty cycle right now, catching sleep when they could.
  16. Yeah results vary, but they didn't get that nickname for being an evil, Hell dwelling, demon..... they just made you feel like they were named after a Hell dwelling, demon....
  17. And a big ass shoe horns, and some KY.
  18. That commute to the sofa can be a bitch though.
  19. Gov. Northam of Va. just issued a mandatory stay at home order for the state. Shit.... who's gonna cut my grass now ??!! InKaUtexas beat me by a millisecond.
  20. My rent, utilities and internet run around $1,300 a month Gas $100 or so Meals $150 or so I'll save on the meals and gas, still got rent right now.
  21. Needs some spinners, and 24's.
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