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  1. I don't really drink. Yeah, well now's not the time to pretend.
  2. Trump is a lowife mobster, a pussy, a cheap bastard, a dumbass, and a narcissistic sociopath The plan for Jan 6 was classic mob boss behavior when they wanted to shut down a construction site. Tell the union rep that it would be a shame if the site had some issues on this day. Thats all. What about the security? “Security? It’s a joke. I’m the midnight to 8 man. I’m the commandant.” Sound familiar? Thats from GoodFellas. Trump would have been fine had some OathKeepers bagged a few senators, but allowing for chaos to ferment was the goal to delay the certification. Be a shame if something happened that day. Trump was responsible. But also is never precise in his language, doesnt text or use emails, and only cooperates when absolutely necessary.
  3. My mom’s from Minnesota and sounds like Louie’s impression of his mom. This hits close to home.
  4. I’m not sure what to call all the bragging of all the other teams that have packed the Erwin Center besides Texas. Like Philly natives bragging about how tough crime is in their city.
  5. Merge with XFL Relegate bottom 8 teams and set up a 2nd tier with Europe. Relegate and Promote 2 teams each year Teams that miss playoffs have their own playoffs to determine draft position. Meritocracy and expand the league for real! The league gets a % of every owner transfer. End complacency and owners playing GM.
  6. Rough childhood. His brother was a thief wanted by the FBI.
  7. My sense is that this will further the divide between the dauntless and the rule followers. Unless the NCAA has a plan to uniformly enforce rules, they should consider the unintended consequences of rule changes. CSB - I took a tour of the Ohio St football stadium (kind of a dump). Their band facility was also a dump, but I noticed they gave band members 24-hour access to practice. I can only imagine the red-asses practicing at all hours until their lips bled, so they’d get the privilege of dotting the i.
  8. Like Brisket at a Bangles concert, he’s now our hot, sweaty mess
  9. Might of had some script changes regarding looks. 90’s Davis > Winger / Kelly > Petty
  10. For public health purposes, restaurant cooks washing hands in tepid water for 3 seconds is better than nothing. You repeat that 50 million times, its much better than nothing. 5 billion times. For the individual case, you got a sick cook who barely washes their hands after each restroom break, then that can be an issue. You got a sick child sneezing and coughing in a public space, you want them with a cloth mask and covering their cough rather than spraying it all over. Its not a difficult concept. Omicron has changed the formula, but the fundamentals remain. Rogan and others focus on their individual protection rather than public health protection. They’re most wrong when discussing public health solutions, but also misinform with individual advice.
  11. And your boyfriend’s name is…
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