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  1. You then follow him on the course and not only does he cheat at golf, but messes with your ball. Then, drives his cart on the green. You then have steak dinner with him and he orders his steak burnt to a crisp and douses it with ketchup.
  2. That is a lucid, intelligent, well thought-out argument.
  3. Here are the list of past Republican Presidents… Putin Cheney HW Bush Nancy Reagan Chevy Chase
  4. Thats gonna ruin him when he’s overthrowing Kai Money
  5. Yeah I know. I've stored up rather a large amount of pee to piss on his grave.
  6. She’ll get a consulting gig if she becomes a state leg
  7. McConaughey-Williams-Nelson Field at UFCU Disch-Falk Stadium has a nice ring to it.
  8. I wouldn't know, Dude. I deal in publishing, entertainment, political advocacy...
  9. Lifetime fan. First autograph was from Bill Doran. Maybe have shock from when Denny Walling led the team in homers one year with 16 or something and Glenn Davis was the 2nd coming with 28 and seeing what they are now is too much. Thats a joke. I didnt escalate this thread (one reference in OP) and I dont have the stamina to deal with the Homers. The MLB cheating goes beyond Stros so this should probably be about the current news as MLB tries to cleanup another mess.
  10. On this thread, the histrionics are clearly emotional Astros fans. I agree that there’s cheating throughout baseball history and always has been. And real-time sign stealing using technology was not invented by the Astros. But the Astros did it longer and were more efficient at it than any ball club ever. It was flagrant and pervasive throughout the lineup and throughout the regular season and postseason over the course of several years. That is what has been rare. While you’re welcome to bitch about it being overhyped, this scandal is not contrived or “completely absurd”.
  11. The 4th - the people who organized the event and sought to stage a coup. They also set the stage for lack of protection and delayed protection. Then engaged in a coverup after the fact.
  12. You mean the Mike Scott who until he scuffed the ball as an Astro, sucked? No it’s easier to believe a vast conspiracy against the Astros than admit that they engaged in an organized scheme to use technology to signal hitters in real-time at levels never seen before.
  13. No because its not that simple. Its clear in the analytics that the Astros were ahead of the curve in enhancing pitcher spin rates when they acquired Gerrit Cole - that they turned a good pitcher into a great one. And people pointed it out immediately. It was Exceptional. When baseball ignored what was happening, it’s clear that the practice was widespread. Baseball needs to be more pro-active and Vegas Casino their security up. Baseball is about numbers. In the regular season look for statistical anomalies and in the post-season, lock the shit down with airtight security.
  14. I’m guessing 2009. But I checked some and it looks like 2012. That would correspond to the last time we had a plus offensive coordinator in Bryan Harsin. Everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the mouth. Too often that’s been Texas, where we’ve had to scramble midseason to simplify schemes or integrate personnel.
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