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  1. What you want is proactive testing along with the ability to track isolated outbreaks. We’re not in that spectrum. We’re in the reactive testing because members of a household or co-workers tested positive and so on and so on. Therefore, comps at this point are useless.
  2. We will play the same number of exhibition games that they do before the season is cancelled.
  3. Well you cannot wear masks to eat or drink for indoor dining. And cloth masks do not solve ventilation issues for employees/students working together in enclosed spaces for days and days or travelers in subways or airplanes. And the US doesn’t have a great PTO access and in March we had very limited testing capacity. Employees would need to come to work with the sniffles to earn a paycheck. The economy was going to need to contract and did virtually everywhere. Just ours is one of the more severe recessions so far. The order of shut down/restrictions needed to be: International Travel Non-essential Domestic Travel / Mass Transit Leisure/Entertainment/Dining Schools/Churches Retail/Non-Essential Business Essential businesses Something like that. Including zip code hot zone mapping and coding guidance from CDC, WWII-like mobilization for PPE, testing, treatment, vaccinations, contract tracing, volunteers, temp housing for medical/nursing home staff, etc. Had we had a single, sustained, and robust strategy that was developed and implemented, we’d be much better off. But masks are only part of public health mitigation.
  4. “I’m 75, a cancer survivor, I’m on all sorts of pills. I’m going to travel to a place unmasked with thousands of other individuals unmasked during a pandemic where I could get a deadly disease from an asymptomatic person just for breathing near me. What could possibly go wrong? How often do I get to visit Tulsa?” In all seriousness, this is a man who grew up in poverty, in segregation, and accomplished a lot. And despite his foolishness that probably claimed his life, I’m sure he’ll be missed and his death is a tragedy.
  5. https://www.kxan.com/sports-general/holding-ut-football-games-in-the-fall-not-really-in-the-realm-of-reality-austins-top-doctor-says/?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_medium=referral&fbclid=IwAR19uqMw5LOuj_zjemoR2mRl6Rlz8uFtkksDEsbwpNco2SaMZ0p2FXu4fJU
  6. Forget libaries. Where will his gravesite be? And does dropping urine from a mountain dew bottle count as “pissing”? Because while I’m fully committed, I don’t want to go to prison. Maybe I’ll just dance. In any case, Trump’s family plot is located at Lutheran All Faiths Cemetary in Queens. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance soon in order to save billions of people’s lives.
  7. Having a raw nerve, a babyman, an intellectually incurious and ignorant neophyte, a repellant diseased hypocrite, a pathological narcissist, a flippant blabbermouth, a lying sack of crap, an unapologetic and malignant reptile as leader of the free world is a disaster of epic proportions. I appreciate adults in charge of the bomb.
  8. Not sure if it’s just me, but Facebook knows I love slow-motion shots of women jumping backwards on mattresses.
  9. My Dad was getting assessed by a VA doc to possibly bump his disability, which could increase if a determination of dementia was confirmed. He had already had two docs diagnose it. There came a part where they asked him what he had for breakfast, and without missing a beat he answered “eggs, bacon, toast, coffee.” The doc looked over to me but I had no idea what he ate for breakfast. He was trying to show off how sharp he was by just making up shit. All the while, not realizing or remembering why he was actually there. Its a good thing my dad wasnt running the country!
  10. Trump has no idea about a video game called “fortnight” or what a fortnights means. Fortnight to him nighttime on a military base. As in, the Air Force One will land at Andrews in a fortnight under the cover of darkness and without reporters taking pictures of him being helped down the stairs by a Marine.
  11. Im reminded of the classic SNL sketch with Phil Hartman as secretly brilliant and energetic Ronald Reagan.
  12. ...and um...Texas Longhorn football rules!
  13. The economic consequences are dictated by a novel coronavirus that is made a more effective killer of humans by being asymptomatic in many. Attempts to forge ahead with activities that fuel the spread of the virus have been problematic, to say the least.
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