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  1. Congrats Chris, Shaka set the bar really high with 0 tournament wins in 6 years. Sounds like a tall task to overcome that but I have faith in you.
  2. Survival mode is all they know. They was a keystone to the Herman Era
  3. Welll to be fair. I'm pretty sure he's the only healthy TE rn. Liebrock is injured for sure and I think Wiley was dealing with an injury. Could be wrong on him though
  4. Thread title should be "Only Shaka Smart can fuck this up"
  5. #34 is the goofy kid that shows up to the court. But will work everyone
  6. Dennis Smith Jr is killin it for UNT./katfid
  7. Rutgers is like our farm system for coaching hires. Who woulda thunk?
  8. They sorely miss Urinal Stalker. Peronni is bland and comes off as a clueless dipshit.
  9. Case Mccoy laughs in his general direction.
  10. He's obviously already rethinking his decision. /Satya
  11. I think he knows Casey's an athlete. Tua took off and ran a few times under Sark. Instead of a designed QB run or Zone Read. It's probably going to be more of, if you see green grass take it approach and don't take unneccesary hits. Just guessing though.
  12. This. That rumor was perpetuated by the same Aggy dipshit who claimed Ewers was gonna commit to them.
  13. Names were good but left alot to be desired for sure.
  14. Think the CB coach he's referring to is Raymond. No idea on the DC. Every DC we've heard about has been actively interviewing for other jobs (Arnett, Freeman etc.) Guess the DC at Wisky but as someone said before seems like he's a lifer
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