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  1. Was my initial thought as well. I'm not even a star wars fan. But I kinda know how to differentiate between the two sides. They got it all fucked off. GS should be seen as the Sith/Empire based off their past. Or I'm a dumbass and don't know shit bout fuck.
  2. Knocked the Kidd hire at first but he's redeeming himself and then some so far. Another guy that deserves a ton of credit is Jared Dudley that was a huge hire.
  3. Dinwiddie picked the perfect game to finally wake TF up.
  4. Truer statement has not been said. Booker is a walking pussy.
  5. Well lucky for them they don't gotta get a statue for Kyler. A chia pet is a good representation in his honor
  6. Suspended for the last game tho. Unfortunate.
  7. You just gotta keep on keepin on, life's a garden dig it
  8. Gotta give it to Dinwiddie too. He's becoming a legit 2nd option. Like many I damn near vomitted when I saw the trade Dude is balling the fuck out with Luka
  9. Yeeeeeeah his stats against the clippers are pretty fucking nuts lol Damn near 40 PPG on 55% from the field and 45 from deep.
  10. What s dogshit penalty lol the fact that results in a first is disgusting.
  11. Warmed over dogshit lol every time they get to the playoffs they shit down their legs. Fucking idiots
  12. No place comes to mind. He's the unquestioned starter at OU. (Evers will be his back up?) Unless he's truly dead set on following Riley which you probably won't hear about til after the bowl if anything at all. Even then he still has to compete with Dart. OU got pretty lucky on that front with USC having a stud freshman of their own to build around.
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