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  1. That's a different promotion. The free line promotion clearly states in the advertising and in the contract that the line is free for the life of your sprint account. As long as you dont cancel any lines for the first year, you get to keep the free line indefinitely. This was a targeted promotion. They were also offering a separate free service promotion that was in fact limited to year of free service.
  2. What face do you make when someone proposes to the American people that taking bleach would be a good idea to battle coronavirus?
  3. Check the date on it....Irony from 2014
  4. I don't know. It seems that several of our coaches over the past few seasons have held non-recruiting positions.
  5. Sorry but the web site seems pretty shady. That tells me that it hasn't actually been approved for Coronavirus but rather "viruses like" Coronavirus. Later on it says which once again tells me it isn't approved for coronavirus. And just because it can be used against coronavirus doesn't mean it is effective. Furthermore, there isn't anything indicating what the little * means next to 2019-nCoV. Not saying this is necessarily the case here, but there are a lot of scammy websites out there trying to capitalize off of people's ignorance/fear/whatever with all kinds of snake oil. I don't see anything on here indicating FDA approval for any of the claims made.
  6. So what's the penalty for "common law fraud" and who is going to prosecute that?
  7. I'll take them if you still have them. Me and the family are flying cross country the last week of Jan. PM sent.
  8. There are still tickets available for the Exes tailgate - I think it is $30 which includes food and beer. It will be in the Green lot. Link is: https://www.universe.com/events/texas-vs-wvu-tailgate-bus-tickets-QG9BR0?utm_campaign=Washington+DC+Chapter+9-11-19&utm_source=sfmc&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Buy+tailgate+and+bus+tickets+here!&utm_term=20190913_7588016_317430127 They have chartered three buses from DC. The Green lot is right by the stadium and it will be filled with tailgaters. Bought tickets to the Exes tailgate last time but the trailer broke down on the way to Morgantown so no tailgate in '17. We ran into another group of Texas folks and they let us join them and shared their food. This year, we'll be driving in from Northern VA and we're hoping to get there around noon for the 3:30 game. My son and his two roommates are planning on bringing their own grill and we'll be cooking something up. Any Surly folks out there are welcome to join us. We'll share what we have, or if you have something you want to throw on the grill you're more than welcome. For anyone driving, WVU is still selling parking passes for the Green lot for $40. From there, it's a short walk up to the stadium
  9. Bevo in VA

    NCAA Week 5

    I hope they hedge the shit out of that because the Redskins are terrible.
  10. We went two years ago. No issues - everyone super friendly. Of course my son is a junior there and was with us wearing his WVU stuff so we might have gotten a pass! Even then, none of the Texas fans I spoke with had anything negative to report. In general, I've always found the WV people to be really nice and friendly. I don't think there is the level of hate for UT as other schools such as Pitt. Even OU is higher on the hate level than us after what went down with Mayfield a few years ago. The DC Texas Exes will be tailgaiting in the Green lot right by the stadium.
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