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  1. Hell, I remember when she was the Channel 39 News co-anchor, they had her on billboards and TV commercials selling her sex appeal. I guess Alan Hemberger wasn't gonna draw eyeballs.
  2. In case any of you are still on Manny’s side on this:
  3. In honor of throwback Thursday (h/t @Longhornfrenzy) :
  4. He's throwing UT under the bus just to be a 2nd rate Skip or Stephen A that no one cares about. Yea, I'm tired of this hot take artist too.
  5. I wouldn't mind putting some sugar in her coffee if you catch my drift
  6. Sad that when I hear his name I’ll always associate it with him having that scary crying episode on MNF when being wheeled off in a cart after having another concussion. Hope he stays in football somehow.
  7. I hope Brown really needs help from the police some day soon and they juuuust get there a little too late for him. Would be a shame.
  8. Kylie Jenner. For what reason I do not know.
  9. Ah, so it's like a European soccer environment. Wear the wrong colored jersey, and you may leave in an ambulance. Neat. This is why I'm not going to Baton Rouge next September.
  10. Damn, the chronicle is really coming after him now
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