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  1. Fat Hamm and Looch get on texaggy radio to talk about how Chapelle is "criminally underrated", compare him to overrated tay yew players that recruiting services stump for, and how Jimbo has outsmarted everyone with his elite talent evaluation again. Starts at 1:30:00 if you feel like losing brain cells today. http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/TexAgsRadio/~5/2Niklx2sKUY/0131544-dvsm.mp3
  2. Don't forget North Zulch and Iola.
  3. Watched it opening night to support ol' Billy Blockbuster. Not surprisingly, Pete Davidson was the worst part of this movie.
  4. Hot take incoming: The Graduate is a good movie Simon & Garfunkel. Hot, seductive milf Anne Bancroft. Even a baby faced Dick Dreyfuss in an uncredited role. Check it out. Especially til the end. Then you'll get it.
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