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  1. So late to return to this thread but I didn't see a lot or any Helado Negro "This Is How You Smile" on the lists, but that one is up there on mine. Enjoyed the Big Thief and Moonpies recs
  2. Oprah is like the NFL. She ain't gonna do shit about shit unless it benefits her. And if there's a buck to be made, she'll jump right into any cause even if she has no business being involved.
  3. This is the big 12 we're talking about. They'll probably suspend the entire KSU team and name De Sousa the player of the week.
  4. Remember when we were all so excited about Shaka and his Navy Seal training sessions? L-O-L
  5. Hepa on defense is just cringe worthy to watch.
  6. HOAs are like voluntary prisons. Fuck that shit. I will never live anywhere with an HOA again.
  7. A gun is a tool. It says a lot about the mental makeup and maturity of these people that they treat guns like toys.
  8. It would be a real shame if the strain of all of this is taking a toll on him.
  9. I thought we switched to regarded. Which always makes me laugh when someone on tv is described as highly regarded.
  10. We went to Trudys North Star a year or so ago, and I realize that nostalgia is bullshit. Because the place was dirty and terrible. When you're a broke ass college kid, a lot of things seem great because you're stupid, drunk and/or high all the time, and have no taste.
  11. Forgot about them getting Flacco'd
  12. Barca was the Champions League loss to Liverpool. Up 3 after the home fixture, they lost 4-0 at Liverpool. Definitely a deserving entry.
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