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  1. Yeah I don't like this analogy. Jessup was a bad guy, but at least he stood for something. He just did it in a detestable way. The only thing Trump has ever stood for is himself.
  2. The defendant is not guilty of murder, your honor, because we can look at the calendar and find many, many other days where he did not commit murder. Murderers commit murder, amirite? What about the day of the alleged murder? WITCH HUNT!!!!
  3. The good thing about Yeti for tailgating is when lazy stupid fucks inevitably decide to sit on the cooler, they won't fuck up the lid. I have never understood when people decide that's a good place to sit. Bonus points to the ones who get annoyed when they're asked to stand up every fifteen seconds.
  4. McElroy is ok, and he's not bad on his satellite radio show either. But now they have him paired with that windbag Kannell, which makes McElroy appear far smarter by comparison, but brings the show down as a whole.
  5. This thread is drawing offsides the exact people I expected it to draw offsides.
  6. TornACL

    NCAA Week 12

    Somewhere there's some dipshit teasing that game up to Rutgers +59.5 And they're still going to have to sweat that game out to the finish.
  7. When Klatt came onto the scene as an announcer, he caught my ear right away. In one of his first games he was breaking down in great detail some of the intricacies of qb throwing mechanics, it was shit I had never heard on a broadcast before. I immediately looked up who the hell was broadcasting this game, and it was Klatt. Football announcers should be there to make you smarter about football. Joel Klatt makes you smarter about football.
  8. The only problem is Danny Kannell is an idiot, and Joel Klatt is awesome.
  9. Clearly you don't understand how driving works, brake rider.
  10. I'm far enough away that I can carefully judge you as a bad driver.
  11. You should be able to assess the situation upcoming at the intersection without braking unless you drive too fast or unless your brain works too slowly.
  12. I'm highly concerned about the direction of things.
  13. We've gotten so bad that pro Shaka posters are flexing after wins over (checks notes).... California Baptist. Good job, good effort.
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