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  1. Yeah but it's all still just window dressing. None of this shit fucking matters. The name of the Washington football team isn't going to change a single thing about institutionalized racism.
  2. And the ones that did jump ship did so by simply retiring.
  3. Maybe he'll eliminate the minimum wage as a further attempt to try to lose the election.
  4. As usual, the full on counterattack by Trump and his usual band of idiots on this issue confirms that this was a colossal fuck up by the Commander in Chief.
  5. At our current rate of Idiocracy, this guy will ascend to the presidency after a similar diatribe is delivered to his opponent in the 2028 Presidential Debate. "President Buttercream Dream today announced a new plan to extinguish the fires that have raged on the Mississippi River for 18 months following a series of oil spills and now-legal industrial waste dumping. Mr. Dream announced via the President's Emergency News Info System that oil company executives are "fagets" and that Twinkies were found to be effective to soak up and dispose of floating oil on the river. Millions of cases of unused and inedible Twinkies remain in storage throughout the nation following the end of the 2023 Food Famine. These hastily produced food items were found to contain a high level of industrial sponge pieces, which are lethal if consumed by humans, but highly effective when repurposed for large scale toxic cleanup efforts"
  6. I always enjoy when some protestor, who is among thousands in the streets, individually starts an offensive chant, and immediately that person represents the entire group. But cops kill an innocent unarmed man and they're just bad apples. You shouldn't judge them all on one bad cop. Fucking idiocy.
  7. The words "I'm not a racist, but", or anything of the like, have never been followed by anything intelligent or constructive.
  8. His podcast is called "Opinionated Much?" That really says all you need to know about that dork.
  9. To be fair, Trump doesn't listen to any sentence that does not include his own name.
  10. It's ok you guys. There haven't been "many attacks on us". Very good people on both sides, I'm sure.
  11. I see that our fake president has flooded his Twitter timeline with the pictures of hundreds of alleged status attackers, like he's some kind of two bit city council member.
  12. I'm shocked that a guy who would name a place "unbarleivable" is a complete dumbass. Shocked.
  13. Christians don't exactly have a stellar history on this planet.
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