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  1. The travel ban is a perfect Trump move. It's an almost completely pointless act, when done so simply, and it was full of workarounds and holes due to the slipshod and rushed nature in which it was rolled out. But it can be distilled down to a catchphrase "Travel Ban!" and that makes sense to people who don't know better or who don't think for a single minute about how it might work. Also, it's a ban on something, which Trump always wrongly associates as a power move, like tariffs. Meanwhile people could just connect through Narita or something and stroll right on ib past our flimsy layers of incompetent bureaucracy.
  2. I was going for the sheer incompetence and lack of self awareness angles
  3. It's literally the first time he's had to be President in three years and fell on his fat face.
  4. I enjoy the admission that nothing was done to fix the system for three full calendar years.
  5. Everybody's got time to give their opinion, but nobody's got time to learn anything.
  6. Scores big with all the other Uncle Donalds out there ranting and raving on Twitter and Facebook.
  7. How long are these press conferences? Are 1+ hour daily briefings really the best use of anyone's time?
  8. It's both sad and hilarious that these incompetent fools have just now gotten around to making this a priority. They can't even figure out how and when to look after POTUS, why should anyone believe they can figure out how to look after 320 million Americans.
  9. Once the floodwaters have broken the banks, it's too late to start packing sandbags.
  10. I forgot. how much. I can't stand. Her stilted. Manner. Of speaking.
  11. I only have one theory as to why Trump is taking this suddenly so seriously. He has it.
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