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  1. I'm not surprised that conservatives would love Tik Tok. The depth of their knowledge, understanding, and worldview could easily be summed up in 10 seconds.
  2. Ain't never been any real person named Ivanka Gomez I can't guarantee you that.
  3. If the cops are given more money, they spend it on more toys of violence that are misused or overused to justify their purchase, and they put citizens in danger. If the cops are faced with less funding they retaliate by refusing to do their jobs and they put citizens in danger. If the cops feel they have support and protection, they act entitled to overstep the rules of law and simple decorum and they put citizens in danger. If the cops feel threatened or unloved, they use that as an excuse for acting with wanton disregard for human life and safety and they put citizens in danger. There is no path that I can see in which police depts suddenly become an entity that protects and serves the citizens, because their mission statement is to protect and serve themselves.
  4. UT *could" use an international airport, Mr. Fondren.
  5. Sometime needs to put that Boris clip next to the one of Rob Ford playing football.
  6. Sometimes for just a minute I get Doug and Drew confused, and thankfully I realized my error before I absolutely roasted this comment.
  7. Wait until you find out that a large chunk of our eligible voters would have cheered that move on. It's funny how many of these folks claim to love America but don't seem to have any interest in the principles, laws, and rights upon which the country was founded.
  8. I joined HookedIn. My company isn't doing recruiting this year, as I imagine is the case with many companies. Gotta be rough for the upperclassmen. I have been consistently impressed when returning to campus to meet undergrads and I am happy to try to help them virtually if at all possible.
  9. Sorry, I was being lazy in referencing "UT". As mentioned above, quite often when we're getting stuff from 7 separate entities, in our minds it's all UT. I'm not surprised that some enterprise managed by Texas Exes is a complete clusterfuck. But good for them, hope they made a lot of money. I'll remember that when they want me to pay $50 to go to some lame event that has a cash bar.
  10. That's even worse. I thought UT hired some contractor to help clean up the records. This is just a data mining activity for a third party and doesn't have anything to do with UT whatsoever. Good, if UT is getting paid and the third party is incurring costs to keep sending these postcards out then I will gladly continue to wipe my ass with them.
  11. I can't believe the school is paying a contractor to do this bullshit.
  12. It's fucking ridiculous that the only way to do this update is to call a number and talk to someone who will inevitably try to sell you something. It's 2020, why the fuck would anyone need an alumni directory. Google them.
  13. I wish I had a fraction of his money. Well, not anymore, but you know what I mean.
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