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  1. Texas - 48 Kansas - 17 Kansas with 350 total yards
  2. UT - 34 Baylor - 10 275 total yards for Baylor
  3. Texas - 27 Alabama - 21 350 yard for Bama
  4. BRLA

    Fuck Big 12 refs

    Man - I have got to stop reading this thread. My blood pressure shoots through the roof and puts me in an actual crappy mood.
  5. We don't appear to be active in the transfer portal unless I have missed some news. I follow on SwimSwam and see almost daily articles on good/great swimmers entering the portal. Any insight as to why it looks like we are not participating in the portal action?
  6. And if memory serves me correctly - they bitched about UTIMCO and how it was named. Initially it was the University of Texas Investment Management Company. After aggy complained, they altered the name to be the University of Texas/Texas A&M Investment Management Company. Truly little man syndrome on display.
  7. Weren’t there some renderings distributed a couple of years ago regarding a new scoreboard on the north side end zone upper deck along with - I think - some new club seating? Any news on this project?
  8. I may have missed it upthread, but has there been any information on what happens to the annual funds due to UT from the remaining years on the LHN contract?
  9. What is your expectation for men's indoor? They were ranked #13 in the initial poll - should they move up as the season progresses?
  10. Wow - I was there for that game. If memory serves me correctly it was cold, wet & windy....and I stayed until the end. It was like watching a train wreck occur in real time and over a 3 hour period.
  11. Wow - amazing news! Floreal doing some great work - he’ll have a National Championship or two in the next couple of years.
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