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  1. Bomb threat...? Just kidding... kinda.
  2. Has there been a change to Round-Up? I use the big bottle of concentrate from Home Depot and haven’t noticed any change yet. Latest bottle to probably 2019 vintage.
  3. I was 15/15 before getting 3 of 5 incorrect to end at 17 out of 20
  4. Trailer Tires and Steak. The answer is Costco.
  5. Sorry, I LOL'd. Seen more than a few of these over the last year. Miserable fucks.
  6. Aren't they supposed to make you a sandwich? Literally and figuratively.
  7. While the number people who literally don't want it to end are infinitesimal, the number of decision makers(politicians, health officials) who have literally ZERO appetite for risk and the people affected by those decisions is a huge percentage of the population.
  8. Anyone have any update or opinion on the timeline to verdict from here?
  9. If you lived or spent time in Portland from 1970-2005 you know.
  10. Surly answer is strippers and coke, of course. Real answer is take the windfall and pay off your debt. That's the exact same a clipping a 2.6-2.95% dividend(actually better because your not paying taxes on the dividend)
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