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  1. It really brings up the risk/reward question for an otherwise healthy person. Especially, as I understand it this is his second(?) dose with associated after effects. I could see many people starting the first dose and then not taking further doses because of side effects.
  2. A fairly large buck on I-90 east of Bozeman back in the no speed limit days. Came up a hill and there he was standing in the middle of the freeway. Slowed down(still doing mid 40's, but felt like a crawl) and got way to the right and the fucker turned tail and ran right into the drivers side bumper. Did some good damage to the front left quarter panel, but somehow didn't shatter the headlight. So for the next few days the front left headlight was knocked into a sort of hi-beam position at all times. Senior year of high school had a skunk run right out of the bushes and directly under front right tire. My pick-up stunk for a long time.
  3. I like to think that his spirit lives on in the shark.
  4. I really hope this was a Rage Quit scenario
  5. This phenomenon has always intrigued me. Obviously, it is based on studios trying to outdo/spy/compete with each other but, I have never encountered any insider type articles/discussion on the dynamics that create it. Which you would think would make fascinating stories.
  6. Congrats on becoming a father. Hopefully it all goes well for you daughter and wife. Legit thoughts and prayers for you and them. Wife and kids health during childbirth scared the fuck out of me. It’s a unbelievable thing when you think about it. My wife had a bleeding issue right after our second was born. They handed me our second and informed me of the issue saying it was, “serious” then left the room. That was heavy duty shit for a few hours.
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