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  1. It's been a complete clusterfuck. I have seen simple direct exposure situations that have caused loss of workforce and issues, but the majority have been 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. The flow of information is completely fucked. I have had health department notifications that are more than 14 days after positive test. Rumor mill about cases and positives has caused significant wasted time and effort. Compounded by outright dishonesty/"forgetfulness" by employees, subcontractor employees and other organizations employees. Its been fucking exhausting and I see significant apathy in follow-up at this point.
  2. one of the chapters has to be titled, "the fuck tent or: how I learned to stop worrying and enjoy a rock in the rear"
  3. totally agree. Its a fucking awesome looking car.
  4. I think roving the countryside and visiting WalMarts weekly is the EXACT opposite of what he is trying to accomplish.
  5. If I don't smoke I do the following for a pack(3 racks) from Costco. Fills up the oven so cook time may adjust with smaller amounts. Salt, pepper and garlic both sides. 425 for 20 min bottom up brush with preferred sauce, then flip brush top 350 for 30 min brush again 350 for 30 min nice and tender with still some tooth.
  6. Do you honestly believe that other countries "more or less have the virus under control"?
  7. Gimme Bean Snappers over Cruisin' Chubbys for rural Wisc strip joint.
  8. My grandfather(now my uncle has) had a 64. It has a "Wildcat 445" which as a interested observer I always took to mean the Cubic Inches but based on googling this morning is the ft. pounds of torque produced and is actually 401cu in. The standard engine fitted to the earlier Rivieras was the 401 cu. in. 325 hp engine that produced 445 lb ft of torque called the “Wildcat 445” V8
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