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  1. And evening headlines are they are arguing over terms for additional funds. NoCR
  2. ...maybe this is all a dream and Marty is still in Chicago?
  3. Jesus Christ, its the fucking Political Cartoon thread. Don't be a cunt.
  4. Who the fuck needs to go to the store "3 or 4 times a week" to buy milk?
  5. I'm not saying he isn't trading, or trading real money. However, it is all about promotion of barstool sports. He has absolutely gotten value out of this.
  6. Portnoy’s day trading is a publicity stunt.
  7. Anyone point me in the direction of detailed information on the 6 month SBA loan program? Is it deferral, or forgiveness of 6 months of payments? All the second hand articles I am finding are using both terms interchangeably.
  8. I heard about this on the radio this AM. https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/928160 Unfortunately, its paywalled. Anyone with better google-fu or other access? Basically, there is current medial thinking developing that PART of the reason behind high fatality rates on respirators is they are being used with high-settings.
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