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  1. There aren't many center-right Republicans who want to ban guns or tell you what size slurpy you can order at 7-11. He's a big government guy, he's liberal on many issues and the only reason anyone would think he's "center-right" is because the Democratic field has swerved so far to the left that they knocked over the guardrail on the way to Sweden.
  2. Still hopes he tears his ACL, MCL, PCL while getting run over by a car swerving to avoid a crashing helicopter.
  3. I think we all have seen experienced similar. In my experience HOA boards forget that they're not JUST about enforcement, they're also about making reasonable judgement calls - in fact that is their primary purpose, or should be! When I see HOAs veering too far over to enforcement it's usually for one or more of a few reasons: People on the board get off on control or conflict and are using it as a power play The "noisy 5%" of the community has taken over and is terrorizing the other 95% via the HOA (aka little old lady syndrome) There are one or more lawyers on the HOA board who enjoy shit like Robert's Rules and writing nastygrams The HOA was set up incorrectly to start with and requires insane requirements to change anything; I was in a HOA once that required 80% of the ENTIRE community to vote in favor of any rule change. Average voter participation in the board meetings: 2%, average vote by mail participation: 5%... Effectively the rules were frozen in place for eternity. I just don't buy the argument of "but if we make an exception here that locks us into making exceptions elsewhere!" ...because it simply isn't true. Exceptions are just that, exceptions. A functional HOA can and should be empowered to make exceptions as needed. The residents have the power to address those exceptions by replacing the HOA leadership each year if they don't like the judgement calls that they make. My $0.02.
  4. Um, the elected HOA president and the elected members of the HOA board? Don't we have representation for exactly this reason, to make reasonable rules and apply human common sense and judgement in situations exactly like this? If not, we don't really need HOAs, we just need computers since every rule is now black/white.
  5. They made good work of the weakest (but still good) book in the series so far. Can't wait for next season.
  6. You got the AT4 trim? How's the ride in that, looks like the off-road tires. Also, how did you option it out?
  7. Really nice truck, and the same one that's been on my mind. Come back after driving it some more and give your impressions!
  8. Yeah I flipped on FSSW and it was beautiful. I think the DDR 3-pointer was the biggest cheer of the night. Seeing Kawhi cry and toss his hands up in frustration was beautiful. Fuck that guy so much. That sting will never go away, if you want out just do it the right way and don't burn the fucking house down on the way out the door. I hope he tears his ACL, MCL, PCL on the same play and then strokes out.
  9. 🤮🤮🤮 that reads like a quote from the Onion. That said, JFC, we're not declining a bowl game nor are we firing Herman after Tech. We're Texas; we're going suffer through another year of shit, and end NEXT year 6-6 and THEN fire Herman, but we'll stretch it out into recruiting season to make sure we do maximum fuck up to the program first. Then we'll settle for another "up and coming" coordinator or head coach of a smaller program. We're Texas, we don't swing for the fences. Maybe 40 years from now the stars will align again.
  10. Under two minutes left and we jump offsides. Dumb and preventable but it’s done. They’re now inside the 30 with downs to burn and an easy FG. Why not let them run it in? We get the ball back with a chance to win...or we can do what we did and let them milk the clock to zero and kick the chip shot to win.
  11. I’m curious what the liberal response to China is these days. Seems to me we have tried the “play nice” appeasement route, also the globalist route via WTO. It hasn’t worked because it assumes rational honest actors on the other side of the table. That’s not China. They have a whole different frame of morality, ideas around intellectual property (there is none unless we made it), and theft. I don’t like the sanctions and trade war but I ask what the alternative is at this point? Asking nicely and harsh language hasn’t worked. TPP was shaping up to be a disaster.
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