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  1. You will like the fit. I’m on my 4th pair now, the runners are a little chunky but really comfortable.
  2. Titty babies now whining that the TXOU move should bork the 12-team playoff: https://247sports.com/college/texas/Article/Anonymous-Power-Five-ADs-worried-SEC-dominance-College-Football-Playoff-Texas-Oklahoma-leave-Big-12-expansion-168464576/?fbclid=IwAR03kLx39qt3T1x9qZazeXBJ0qLYZ91yNewlfbGU9fctx4bCISIZhnk8QK8
  3. Email from UT President Jay Hartzell. Someone needs to educate him that there is no such thing as "Texas Aggies." Dear Longhorn Nation, I am sure many of you have been inundated with news and speculation about the future of UT athletics throughout this long week. While I wanted to address the stories sooner than now, I needed to wait for our Board of Regents to weigh in on any conference actions. Today, our Board of Regents met and gave unanimous approval for one of the most monumental moves in our storied history. I am thrilled. It’s official! The University of Texas at Austin will be joining the Southeastern Conference in 2025. Throughout the week, you have probably heard references to the “changing landscape of collegiate athletics.” Recognizing this reality, and with a commitment to position the university’s tradition of athletics excellence for generations to come, Board of Regents Chairman Kevin Eltife, Athletics Director Chris Del Conte and I made the decision to look beyond the expiration of our current media rights contract with the Big 12. We asked the SEC to consider allowing our historic programs to compete in their unmatched conference. We are honored and grateful that they welcomed us. During the past quarter of a century, we have enjoyed so many memorable moments in the Big 12. Our players, coaches, and alumni will be forever grateful for the fierce competition and glorious championship moments we experienced with our conference peers. Looking ahead, I know many will be most excited about the return of time-honored rivalries with the Texas Aggies and the Arkansas Razorbacks, historic series that have given us some of our most exhilarating athletics moments. We will also be able to continue our rivalry with the University of Oklahoma, another key benefit to this transition. As our Vice President and Athletics Director Chris Del Conte explained, “This will be the best move for our student athletes, as they will be competing on the finest stage in collegiate sports. It will allow them to play in the best time slots on the largest television networks, give them unmatched visibility and prepare them for a potential future in sports beyond UT.” For now, our programs will focus on competing and winning in the Big 12. When our current contract expires, we will make the transition to the SEC, and I am confident that the level of competition we face in every sport will further inspire all of our sports teams to perform and compete at the highest level. I extend a debt of gratitude to the SEC and to you, Longhorn Nation, as we celebrate some of the most exciting news ever announced from these Forty Acres. Our most exciting sports memories are ahead of us. Hook 'em, Jay Hartzell President
  4. TBH I understand the bitterness. I'd be that way too if I were an ISU booster. I feel the most sorry for ISU, TT, and actually KState...those are programs that were trying to get it done but their geography and circumstances of alumni base aren't big enough to support what their most ardent fans want. Texas is doing what's right for Texas, but that will screw some of these smaller programs that we have formed some fun series with. I don't blame them for feeling screwed, except for Baylor, fuck those guys.
  5. 1st timer here with LHF, we went baller style Section 4 row 57, close to the 50YL and under the overhang. My wife (no pics) is a fair skinned ginger and wants to be able to duck into the A/C sometimes, but you can't buy touchdown club access unless you sit down there. LHF told me that the club on the west side *starts* at $15K donation (!!!). Are there any other options or is it just cross the street to the alumni center?
  6. If you're into Allbirds, they're very comfortable https://www.allbirds.com/products/mens-tree-dashers-diablo
  7. Wait, wut? We're going to have a SEC-only playoff before the CFP playoff? That seems...unwise and unlikely. Top 2 seeds go to SEC CCG. Fewer losses in the SEC top tier = more CFP eligible entrants. Why would SEC shoot itself in the foot by adding losses to the top 4 teams w/ semifinals? The SEC champ will not need "additional data points" to get into the CFP, all that does it hurt SEC's #2-4 chances. Money isn't it either, as the money made from extra CFP participants would dwarf the money made from add'l SEC-only games.
  8. We should all take the move to the SEC as the opportunity to ask ourselves as fans: "How can we be more arrogant?"
  9. Agree, they blew it on the final episode of Loki. And I love the series, but they mostly ignored the personal stakes they setup for Loki and Sylvie and we got 30 minutes of He Who Remains talking at us to give us exposition to setup Phase 4. Also agree w/ the confusing terminology re: multiverse and timeline. Does each universe have its own timeline? Or are the branches on the off the old sacred timeline now the different 'verses?
  10. @cactusflinthead once I murder the nutsedge with Certainty and it goes to brown, is it safe to pull at that point? Or will that still re-seed it?
  11. You know the drill, quote and say "buy" or "sell." Then add your own. Buy/Sell - Texas wins 10 games this year.
  12. Sure but that extreme due process is the point of why shit is so expensive to build here. Compare to China where some CCP flack decides a train line is going thru your house, they just build it. And they LOL at environmental impact studies. I’m kinda OK with the tradeoff.
  13. Self-quote alert! @cactusflinthead any ideas?
  14. No one tells the truth when it comes time to raise prices. Because if you're pricing correctly, you're pricing based on what people are willing-to-pay for the product. You blame your costs when raising prices because that is what the market accepts. It's why the airlines always point to fuel costs when raising prices even though they've hedged their fuel cost 20 years out. Prices aren't raised to pay CEO bonuses and shareholder dividends. Those things are the effects of higher profitability not the causes of pricing increases. Companies who over-shoot pricing increases are either beat by competitors who undercut them or the market who refuses to pay for their products and they aren't paying big money to shareholders for failure.
  15. Next time try watching with your wife, she'll explain the rules to you.
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