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  1. I don’t get the Nebraska hate. We owned them. Yeah they bailed and were bitches but I put that more on Osborne. I’ve always found Nebraska fans to be great and I really enjoyed my trips to Lincoln. Winning helps that.
  2. Only there's a lot more older alumni of LHB than younger. Well, depending on how you define old I guess. I'm 42 so I'm definitely old I see LHB as a service organization, and that's how Paula Crider who was Director during my time in LHB clearly positioned it to my class. If you're in service to the University, and the University has gone through all the negotiations with stakeholders to come to conclusion to save The Eyes as the school song, you play it. If you have a personal issue playing The Eyes, you should stand on your principles and quit LHB, fight for justice, whatever. My $0.02
  3. I hope that interview was done and article written before the players and administration came together on their plan. Otherwise, they need to find a new drum major. And if you are in LHB and won't play The Eyes, you shouldn't be in LHB. What is the point of having a band if they refuse to play the school song? When I was in LHB 20+ years ago, there were more people interested in playing than they had spots. Not everyone made it. I'm sure if people don't want to play, there are 3 more people willing to take their spot.
  4. Not sure how we didn’t get some foul calls on our last 3 drives in Q1. Nice to see Patty hit some 3 balls. He keeps going under screens and leaving shooters open thou.
  5. I'm interested, but how are they not compatible with your system? Are they also refurb? Apparently the Carrier Infinity system the prior owner put in has proprietary wiring that is not like everything else on the market? It only works with its thermostat. Bummer. Yes, I bought the refurbs. Coronavirus is free! Yes, in Austin.
  6. Not that he looks that different but I never realized that John Ratzenberger was in Empire Strikes Back...
  7. This seems very un-CDC like to roll out a big announcement like that without having all the various stakeholders already looped in and standing next to him. Either that, or Austin and the Travis County Commissioners were verbally on board and wanted to let CDC float the trial balloon announcement so they could come out later and be "surprised."
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